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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Murray Cooper, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. "It's has seen grown..."? Was this book originally
    written and published in a language other than English?
    Murray Cooper, Sep 30, 2003
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  2. Murray Cooper

    Tracker Guest

    Remember, we’re talking about Windows Platforms (excluding 2000,NT,XP)
    and my book was written for basic home computer users only. It’s has
    seen grown into a book which will help three levels of computer Windows
    As mentioned before, there is not a logical reason for a "hacker" to do
    this and make themselves obvious. It poses no advantage whatsoever.

    ME: Just letting people know that on occasion, my screen would ask if I
    wanted to change the daylight savings time. My guess is the hacker was
    just playing games with me and my computers. What reason would anyone
    else request this behavior but hackers.
    See A

    ME: Tracking computer time is very important if you want to track down
    a hackers malicious activity. The same applies for your clock time
    changing regularly on your system. You have already seen a copy of the
    hackers firewall log and how the dates and time change from month to
    month. Can you imagine having an IP from Seattle appear in your log
    which was posted one month prior to today’s date. Think about it!
    Common Windows bug. Corrupted explorer file, faulty hardware (NIC card),

    corrupted registry. No hacker purpose. See response to A.

    ME: One day the Network Places Icon is on the desktop for a few days and
    then it disappears for a few days. May be a week later this Icon again
    appears for a few hours and then it disappears. We never could connect
    this icon with any network mapping of drives. It’s just a sign to look
    for when your computer is hacked/owned.
    Can be caused by full logs and OS errors. System setting can force a
    reboot if logs are full or if OS does not load properly. Installation of
    wallpaper and images on the desktop can cause unusual activity at start
    up especially if the items conflict.

    ME: This activity is something to watch for because the system would
    also reboot on it’s own after the computer was loaded. You have to also
    remember that we were changing between DHCP, PPP and dial-up every few
    minutes or every few hours and the owned system was running two Virtual
    Private Networks. Same applies to E!
    See D. Possible BO or Netbus installation.
    Software error. Communication issues between your ISP and Yahoo. The
    term "hacker safe" implies that the system had been reloaded or
    repaired. Reloading software would replace corrupted software allowing
    normal access.

    ME: As stated, when the system was hacked I found myself being booted
    out of Yahoo games on occasion. After the computers hard drive was
    formatted, applications installed from CD-ROM only, Windows services
    disable, anti-virus and firewall installed, I wasn’t booted out of any
    Yahoo games from that point on.
    Corruption in the kill file database, erroneous entries in the database.
    Email spoofing to newsgroup.

    ME: All I can fess up to is that after the computers were secured,
    e-mail addresses in these applications and other e-mail applications
    were able to be filtered out. Other ferret owners wouldn’t give me
    their permission to post their e-mail addresses to verify my statement.
    One ferret owner wasn’t even able to filter out or block certain e-mail
    addresses in their e-mail application.
    There is a wealth of information available about anyone on the Internet.
    A bit of searching can reveal very personal info. Social engineering may
    have been used as well.

    ME: Believe me, there is a ton of information a person can discover
    about any one who uses the Internet and posts to it. What I’ve
    discovered on this topic is very "scary". Private information means -
    What you type on your computer keyboard at home that "no one" in the
    world would be able to view except you or your family. But, all of a
    sudden you find other Internet users posting your personal adventures
    and life experiences. This is in my book so I will discuss it here.
    BTW- The Trackers made me write this personal information in my book and
    the story written is a bit embarrassing. How
    Dag & Cate (ferret owners) were discovered is because I write prisoners
    and their letters are written on my computer. They made a Usenet post
    about this and this is how I discovered their hacking activity.
    No logical reason for a "hacker" to change dates on files. Serves no
    purpose unless it is to prevent shareware from expiring and normally the
    dates on those files are moved forward not backward. Many system files
    have old dates as the dates on the files indicate when they were
    originally created. MS still uses files that were created years ago and
    the dates on the files were not changed. You can verify this by
    exploring any MS CD.

    ME: We’re only talking about "personal files", not system files as you
    mention. My only reasoning behind this is: the hackers were reading all
    my personal files and they didn’t want me to discover their activity.
    All I can tell you is that many of my personal files, whether recently
    created or older files, had creation dates which were 7-8 years prior to
    them being written.
    Windows and other software uses hidden files. Not an indicator that a
    "hacker" made the changes. Also possible with a corrupted FAT table.

    ME: Your correct! The hackers aren’t going to allow you to see all the
    Folders and Files on your drive which they are utilizing to store their
    malicious activity. The hackers hid on a number of systems their
    directories with pornography pictures, remailer stats, zipped files, to
    name a few. If you can’t see a hidden file "no one" knows why it’s
    there in the first place and most basic computer users don’t understand
    why one folder is lighter then the other. Off the top of my head I
    can’t totally remember the significance of the readable only files which
    were discovered. There were a number of files which needed to be put in
    archive mode and to remove the readable only status.
    Installing a VPN poses no advantage to a "hacker" aside from the ability
    to encrypt data transfers.

    ME: Believe me, I’ve physically seen more then my share of hacked/owned
    computers running Virtual Private Network(s) (VPN). In my possession is
    a number of victims hard drives which were owned by hackers. These
    hackers have installed one or two VPNs on the these drives. I will
    admit, my knowledge with VPNs is zero, but curiosity taught me a few
    things after speaking with a Network dude. Select Start, Settings,
    Control Panel and Network if your a basic home owner and verify if your
    computer is running any VPN adapters. This is all you need to hear
    about this issue, period. My words are proof enough for the basic home
    Files are updated constantly by using the OS and software on the
    computer. Most software installations contain numerous files and a basic
    Windows installation contains hundreds to thousands of files. It indeed
    would be impossible for most users to recognize all of the files. This
    exercise would not indicate any hacker activity.

    ME: When you view the files which were accessed in the past month, it
    will reveal a wealth of applications and files you have or a hacker has
    opened and accessed. Say for example you see:
    c:\msoffice\excel\(filename) and you haven’t accessed Excel in two or
    more months, this means the hackers were looking in this directory and
    reading your personal files.
    working with VPNs is almost zero. Every victims >system I’ve seen had
    two VPNs setup and they were only using a modem >to connect to the

    AOL installs along with many applications and has been included on base
    OS installations since early releases of Windows 95. VPN's serve no
    useful purpose to a "hacker" beyond the ability to encrypt the data
    transfer stream.

    ME: The above statements are for the basic computer user, not for a
    companies or corporations benefit. My point is: if your computer is
    accessing the Internet though a dial-up connection and you have one
    modem, you should only see "One Dial-up Adapter and One TCP/IP Dial-up
    Adapter" under your Network settings, period. Windows doesn’t install a
    Virtual Private Network by default (I have not tested 2000,NT/XP). So
    how do you think any VPN connection was set-up since Microsoft doesn’t
    install this by default? It’s because your computer is already
    hacked/owned by malicious hackers. DUH!
    No need to export the registry file to view it. Registry entries are not
    added to the "bottom" of the registry. Each registry area has a purpose
    and contains specific information. Making all "hacker" entries at the
    "bottom" of the file would result in applications not running properly.

    ME: When you load an application, the needed files to run this
    application will be seen in your registry. Hardware/Application/Device
    Driver information can be setup by hackers at the bottom of the file.
    After viewing all "hidden" Folders and Files, what I did was
    "incorporate" one registry entry at a time. You could see a major
    difference. Each time you save the registry file it will create a file
    called RB000.CAB and so forth, depending on how many copies that you
    have saved. If you perform the backup when the hackers are abusing your
    system, you might only see 30 lines of text in the registry, the next
    time 100 lines, and so on. This is a clear sign that your computer is
    I assume this means you are unable to select shutdown from the start
    menu. This was a common bug in 95 and 98 on some manufacturers computer.
    Patches were released to repair this bug.

    ME: Had to laugh at your remarks, but it’s cool. One of the main
    reasons the computer had to be shut down by the power supply was because
    of switching from DHCP, PPP, dial-up on a regular basis. Most basic
    computer users wouldn’t be running three different Internet Service
    Providers along with Cable. Even utilizing DHCP and dial-up also caused
    the system to hang and I wasn’t able to shutdown by any means except the
    power supply. Not being able to shut down your system on a regular
    basis is one clear sign your computer is hacked/owned, trust me.
    Removing and re-installing a NIC should include deletion of the drivers
    and ensuring that the old card is not still bound to any protocols.
    Installing a new NIC would require configuring the OS to recognize the
    NIC and bind protocols and services to it.

    ME: This is correct! In the case of my hacked computers, two different
    Network Interface Cards were installed on a number of occasions. If an
    individual configures a NIC properly, there should be no problems after
    the fact. I can’t remember off the top of my head all the problems we
    ran into, but there were significant enough problems to mention this in
    my book.
    Possibly and indicator of Netbus and/or Back Orifice installation.
    Potential "hacker" activity. Can also be caused by a defective drive.
    Possible system alert or Netbus/BO trojan installation.
    Bad video card, loose video connections, BO installation
    Registry corruption.
    CD set to Autoplay or BO installation. Application running in

    ME: Q-T and V deals with having a Trojan Horse on your computer and some
    of the tricks these Trojan Horses can play on you.
    Correct about the mouse driver. Can also be caused by lint/ dirt build
    up o the mouse rollers or on the optical sensor as well as by a
    defective mouse.

    ME: If you find you have updated the mouse drive, cleaned the lint/dirt
    build-up, but your mouse still has an imagination of it’s own, your next
    best bet is your computer is hacked/owned. Do your own research in
    Google/Yahoo concerning the questions people ask about mouse control.
    Just remember, "most" Windows users don’t realize they need to disable
    Windows services before they stick their computer on the Internet. By
    that time, a malicious hacker has probably already infected their
    system. Deal with it, learn my ways or stay the victim; it’s your
    ?? Makes no sense

    ME: When your computer goes on the Internet for the first time and you
    haven’t installed a hardware or software firewall, expect to spend extra
    time trying to get them to function properly and configure them. By
    this time, the hackers have probably already installed their Virtual
    Private Network(s) and they have to make the new hardware and software
    function with their settings in their VPN(s). You will find at this
    point that your computer will re-boot itself from time to time. Hackers
    aren’t all that smart and they do make their own mistakes when they try
    to configure hardware and software to function with their VPN(s).
    Sort log by time and not even type, port, etc.

    ME: Zone Alarm and Blackice Defender report alerts by date and time in
    order if your system isn’t hacked or owned. If your Windows Platform
    system is hacked or owned the hackers are abusing it to hack into other
    computers, networks and servers. Other criminals are also using your
    computers for their illegal activity, whether it be to set-up a murder,
    purchase drugs, guns, explosives or identity theft. So they have to
    change their date and time so their "tracking activity will be harder to
    track down".
    Possible OS fingerprinting attempt although crude and ineffective. As
    port 0 is reserved for special use as stated in RFC 1700. Coupled with
    the fact that this port number is reassigned by the OS, no traffic
    should flow over the internet use this port. Pings and port scans are
    two separate items. Many services on the internet, including your ISP,
    will ping your system to ensure your system is still online. If you
    system is properly secured, port scans, at worst will result in a DOS

    ME: For one, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) pings your
    computer, the IP addresses would be similar in nature. For example: my
    IP address is, if your ISP pings your computer, their IP
    address would be like Your firewall log pings wouldn’t come
    from say,,,,,,, My examples
    deal with a hacker coming in using a Trojan Horse versus a Backdoor.
    When a Backdoor is installed, certain hackers don’t necessarily need to
    ping your system because once it’s online the Backdoor alerts the hacker
    that the system is online. Hell, here is an excerpt from my book which
    was one way we caught NCF, a ferret owner who was discovering what was
    on our hard drives. Notice the change of the computer IP addresses and
    ask yourself how a computer can go from having a 38.x address to 168.x
    address. An individuals firewall log tells so many stories, but only if
    you know how to read and understand them. If your on a Windows Platform
    (minus 2000,NT,XP) and you didn’t disable certain services then
    installing a firewall isn’t going to keep your computer hacker secure.
    BTW- The only Newsgroup I had visited for years was alt.pets.ferrets and
    NCF was the only user using Suite224.

    FWIN 5/25/2000 11:46:40 AM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 5/25/2000 11:46:40 AM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 5/25/2000 11:56:48 AM -8:00 GMT 2037 79 TCP No
    FWIN 5/27/2000 11:09:10 PM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 5/27/2000 11:09:10 PM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 5/30/2000 10:46:32 AM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 7/3/2000 11:22:56 PM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    FWIN 7/3/2000 11:22:56 PM -8:00 GMT 0 0 ICMP No
    Most port scanning software will randomize the order the ports are
    scanned. A skilled "hacker" will not scan all ports since there are not
    services running on all ports nor are there potential vulnerabilities
    associated with all ports.

    ME: Port scanning applications normally will randomly scan port numbers
    in order. In a few of the sample firewall logs shown in my book you
    will see port numbers not in any random order. "The Trackers" weren’t
    able to figure out why a hacker would scan port number
    1,10,9,8,6,12,6,43, versus having them scanned in a random order. Basic
    computer users, take a closer look at your firewall logs and see if you
    also have port numbers being scanned as shown above.
    IF ZA is misconfigured, some applications may be unable to communicate
    and access to external systems (the internet) may not be possible.
    Indicative of poor configuration and not "hacker" activity.

    ME: The only applications which were running at the time was Netscape
    4.7, Nortons anti-virus and Eudora 5.1 when Zone Alarm had to be tamed
    down to a "medium setting" for these applications to run. The only
    exception may have been because we were also running Blackice Defender
    Spooler files are used by the system. Not sure what other use you
    believe they have.

    ME: All I can say is that a file spool*.* was accessed on a regular
    basis and it appeared on a weekly search of files accessed.
    Illogical for a hacker to install a firewall that would eliminate or
    limit access to your system. Possible indicator of improper installation
    or a cross linked directory structure.

    ME: The additional Blackice firewall proved to me that it was probably
    connected to the Virtual Private Network(s). Blackice firewall on my
    computer proved that one firewall was mine and another belonged to a
    hacker. A few of the logs had other computer IP addresses which weren’t
    owned by me.
    It is not "illegal" to run any of the servers mentioned above. The above
    demonstrates a lack of understanding of the difference between a ping
    and a port scan at best. It is not an uncommon occurrence to have
    multiple ports scanned by multiple sources. Cure is to install an
    properly configure a
    firewall to block these scans.

    ME: There was no mention of running these servers and them being
    illegal, which wasn’t my point. It was confirmed that my computer was
    running one of them "anonymous remailers", but for legal purposes, most
    of this information had to be removed from my book. From all the
    evidence in my possession, there is no doubt in my mind that malicious
    hackers install and set-up the above listed servers on innocent victims
    computers. Once the computers were hacker secured, very few port scans
    appeared in the firewall logs from the above listed port numbers.
    Missing firewall log so interpreation is difficult. Firewall logs may
    indicate your local machine as, as well as by the IP
    address. A properly configured firewall would not permit entry to allow
    "hackers" to use your system to attack others.

    ME: EE is only a partial excerpt from my book which is helping computer
    users learn about Computers, the Internet and Hacking. Many basic
    computer users don’t install a firewall until after their computer is
    hacked and owned. By this time, installing a firewall is useless,
    period. You were already informed that my computer was running Zone
    Alarm and Blackice Defender; what good did these do for me, nothing.
    Every computer on the Internet is assigned and IP address and this
    address will appear on the right side of your firewall log. If your ISP
    IP bank of numbers is, let’s say 12.231.xx.xx, then your IP address
    listed in your firewall log would be 12.231.xx.xx. If your computer is
    hacked or owned you may see that your IP address to the right of your
    log is say, or If you need a more
    technical answer, visit the below Website.
    As stated above, a firewall may identify your machine in the logs in a
    number of ways.

    ME: A firewall has nothing to do with performing a traceroute on an
    IP. I had many interesting talks with security and network techs and
    they were very interested in seeing these traceroutes. In the first
    example, you can see that my IP address is and my ISP
    routers used to target In the second example, my computer
    doesn’t even exist at all and neither are there any routers to pass
    through to get to the target IP. In the third example, my computer does
    exist, but none of my ISP routers are present to get to the target IP.

    address. Target:
    Nodes: 15

    Node Data
    Node Net Reg IP Address Location Node Name
    1 1 - 47.404N, 122.311W c1577824-a
    2 - - Unknown No Response
    3 1 - Unknown
    4 1 - Unknown
    5 1 1 Unknown
    6 1 1 Unknown
    7 1 1 Unknown
    8 2 2 Unknown
    9 3 2 Seattle
    10 3 2 Atlanta
    11 3 2 Atlanta
    12 4 2 Unknown
    13 3 3 Unknown
    14 3 3 Unknown
    15 3 - Unknown

    Nodes: 2
    Node Data
    Node Net Reg IP Address Location Node Name
    2 1 1 Unknown

    Nodes: 2

    Node Data
    Node Net Reg IP Address Location Node Name
    1 1 - 47.404N, 122.311W c1577824-a
    2 2 1 Yonkers

    To summarize this chapter:
    Many of the items here are not indicative of any "hacker" activity but
    instead indicate a misconfigured or corrupt OS and/or installed
    software. Some items can be attributed to faulty hardware. The couple
    of items that may be indicative of "hacker" acidity involve annoyances
    caused by a BO or Netbus installation. BO and Netbus have been
    detectable by anti virus software for years. Proper use of AV software
    to scan the local system as well as any email attachment would prevent
    infection by these trojans. Numerous references display a lack of
    understanding of ICMP (ping) traffic and port scans by confusing one
    with the other. A lack of a basic understanding of TCP/IP and firewall
    log entries are indicative in a number of the items as well. There is
    also a complete lack of knowledge of registry configuration and layout
    as well as the purpose for entries in the registry. Poor grammar and
    sentence structure is apparent throughout this chapter.

    This poster made one of "The Trackers" pissed off and since they aren’t
    being paid to respond to these reviews, I don’t know how willing they
    will be to answer the other reviews. They only read the first six pages
    and they decided to respond without reading any further.

    THE TRACKERS: You know I could spend the rest of my life giving
    examples of what I’ve found on a number of computers. My finds and
    research on these items are at a basic computer user level. I have
    proof of all the material, my research and found facts.
    You review my material and come up with it could be this or that. This
    is what I’ve been saying, you show no proof that in fact, it could be is
    in fact the reason for the fault.
    It seems that most of your remarks are your assumption of facts with no
    back up of where you came to these conclusions; no backup of these
    facts. Ten people can read a page of material and if two people would
    agree on their finds, I would be surprised.
    I wrote what I found, how I went on to discover the cause and who was
    doing this. So why do I have to agree with other finds? There is no
    rime or reason to facts like it could be, may be. I never wrote that
    this may, could be, these are my facts, my research and my finds.
    Books are written for information of certain facts. How these are used
    is up to the reader. I’ve said many times before of the hacking books
    I’ve read and each author’s fact start out the same and do in fact
    arrive to different conclusions. Example: She found a penny, she found
    an old penny, she found a 1930 penny, he found a dirty penny, he found a
    rusty penny. Each describes what they found which is a penny. How a
    person chooses to describe their find is up to the person. I chose to
    write my finds in my own words, so why should I need to be advised how I
    should state the facts by a computer expert, specialist, or engineer.
    You come along and say it could be a dirty penny, but have no proof of
    the condition the actual person found it in. I’m the actual person so I
    felt I could write what I did with facts, the proof I found and back-up
    of these. So how can what I say be called wrong? Ten hackers break
    into ten computers, each using different ways, their ways. Hackers
    break into hackers computers ten different ways, each method of hacking
    works best for the individual. How can any one individual know all the
    different tricks of the trade. I wrote of my experience in my own way.
    Each authors book is his way, his findings, otherwise there would be
    only one book.

    ME: I gave you a key and told you the year, model and make of the car.
    I told you where it was parked. I want people to approach the car on
    your own level and decide what to do with it. Drive it or leave it

    The Best Kept Secrets of Backdoors, Cracking, Firewalls, Hacking,
    Proxies, The Internet, Trojan Horses, Virtual Private Networks, Virus,
    Windows and different types of Servers can be found at:

    Tracker, Sep 30, 2003
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  3. Murray Cooper

    Phil Weldon Guest

    Look, this is just sad. You shouldn't poke at it. It can't defend itself.
    For shame! After all, correct seen to since, and the sentence reads as it
    was meant. On the other hand, "Windows Platforms (excluding 2000, NT,XP)"
    doesn't leave much, does it?

    Phil Weldon,
    Phil Weldon, Sep 30, 2003
  4. Yay! Finally a new book to help my secure the Trumpet Winsock on my
    Windows 3.0 machine!
    Michael Cecil, Sep 30, 2003
    Hash: SHA1


    <snip crap>

    - -------------------

    The User by the name "Tracker" aka Debbie, regularly posts incorrect,
    misleading and damaging information.

    Reliance on the advice presented may result in irrepairable damage to
    your system and you are warned not to take anything seriously that
    this person posts.

    Exercise caution and DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR E-MAIL under any
    circumstances whatsoever.

    To rely on the advice of this person could result in irreparable damage
    to your system.

    <davidp />

    - --
    David Postill

    Version: PGP 8.0.2 - not licensed for commercial use:
    Comment: Get key from

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    David Postill, Sep 30, 2003
  6. Murray Cooper

    Mike Guest

    Remember also that most users are using the very versions of the operating
    system you choose to ignore. Also remember that there are less security
    problems with Windows 9x and more with 2000 & XP and this makes your book
    worth even less. It is pointless to ramble on about VPNs in Windows 9x dial
    up networking etc. when the vast majority of users with new computers will
    be using XP. Your out of date advice will only serve to further muddy the
    waters for the new user you claim to be helping.
    What three levels? Dumb, Dumber and The Trackers?
    Hilarious! Do you even know what these terms mean? Please explain how you
    might use DHCP to connect to the Internet or how you might establish the
    same connection without PPP? A proper explanation in your own words might
    just give you some credence around here.
    Mike, Oct 1, 2003
  7. Murray Cooper

    Cap Guest


    : rest of the stupid bullshit snipped :
    Cap, Oct 1, 2003
  8. On Wed, 01 Oct 2003 01:24:38 +0400, Tracker spoketh
    Only 15 people still uses Windows 95/98 ... and I know their names.
    Your computers' cmos battery might be running out of juice. Considering
    you're still running Windows95, it's not uncommon for computers that
    "old" to experience trouble with their cmos battery.
    See above. You're the only person who believes that whacky timekeeping
    on a computer indicates that the computer is hacked.
    Again, it has been explained to your that a disappearing Network
    Neighborhood icon could indicate that something on your computer has
    been corrupted. Normally when this occurs, a re-install of all the
    network components are warranted. If problem does not go away, a
    re-format and re-install of the OS is needed. There's absolutely no
    indications that "malicious hackers" are causing this. Other than your
    own personal "experience", you have no data to back this ridiculous
    claim up...
    Honey, you have to give up on this VPN trip you are on. VPN adapter are
    NOT a sign that your computer is hacked! Considering how screwed up your
    computer is (see all my previous comments regarding CMOS battery and
    corrupted files), its a wonder your computer boots at all.
    I'm sure there's hundreds of hackers out there that has nothing better
    to do than to monitor your Yahoo gaming, and kick you out when you're
    doing good.

    You have absolutely no data substantiate this claim. There could be a
    million reasons why your game "crashes". The reason you weren't booted
    out from Yahoo after you re-installed everything wasn't because you got
    rid of the (imaginary) hacker, but because you resolve your corruption
    Yeah ... the evil ferret owners really messed up my kill-file as well.

    "malicious hackers" couldn't care less who you kill-file or not. They
    rather not do anything to attract any attention to the fact that they've
    gained access to the system...
    See previous comment regarding CMOS battery. If the hardware clock
    fails, your system time may re-set to 1972 ...
    You have no evidence substantiating your claims! I've asked over and
    over again to see any evidence or any link to any other source that
    backs up your claim that hackers installs VPN adapters! Put up or shut
    Some applications may change the access date on files. This could be
    something as simple as a virus scanner, or even one MSOffice application
    accessing files belonging to another MSOffice application. There's
    plenty of reasonable reasons (sic) why the access time on a file has
    changed... And, there's little reason for a "malicious hacker" to access
    someone elses computer to use Excel...

    See previous comments regarding VPNs.
    The registry is a hierarchy, you can't just "add stuff at the bottom".
    If you had ever taken a good look at the registry, you should be able to
    figure this out. I've provided the bottom few lines of my registry to
    you before, and you still haven't told me if I'm hacked or not ...
    That's because your system is messed up, not because it's hacked. My
    computer won't reboot (it'll shut down windows, but won't actually shut
    off or restart), but that doesn't mean I'm hacked. It means something
    got messed up really bad when I had a really bad crash... Don't blame
    your incompetence and messed up system on hackers...
    There's a number of reasons why installing NICs may screw things up;
    none of them have to do with "hackers needing to configure the device
    into their VPN". It's all about properly removed and installed drivers.
    Trojan Horses doesn't "play tricks on you." They simply wait for
    instructions from someone else. Sudden "music" or sounds could be junk
    from a web page...
    Actually, if the mouse is still "whacky", either the mouse, the cable or
    the driver are shot. The fact that you installed a new "driver" doesn't
    mean it's the right one, or that it'll resolve the problem.
    See numerous comments regarding VPNs ... You are right about one thing
    though: It is a good idea to install a firewall before going on the
    internet. Unfortunately, this is often a catch-22, as you may have to go
    to a website to download the firewall.
    See numerous comments regarding failing CMOS battery.
    Geez, so you got pinged! No big deal. There's millions of pings floating
    around there, and by themselves, they're pretty harmless.
    Irrelevant. The order the ports are probed has absolutely no relevance
    whatsoever. It doesn't make a system more or less secure, it doesn't
    make it more difficult to detect the scan; it's just more meaningless
    drivel from you...
    Still, that is not an indication that your computer were hacked, rather
    it indicative of your failure to understand how your firewall works.
    Did you print anything during this time period?
    More unsubstantiated claims regarding VPNs ...
    The fact that you may see such connection attempts in the logs are in no
    way indicative that you are running any such servers. It's fairly normal
    to get scans for web servers (code red and nimda are still very active)
    and mail servers (spammers are always looking for open relays).

    Repeat after me: a probe does not mean a server is running, it means
    someone are testing if your running one.
    That gives me a DNS error. The rest of this section is erroneous as
    Oh no, my IP address never shows up when I do traceroutes... I must be

    This is what a traceroute should look like:
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
    1 firewall ( 0.83 ms 0.78 ms 0.72 ms
    2 ( 9.64 ms 9.68 ms 9.45 ms
    3 ( 9.43 ms 20.31 ms 8.10 ms
    4 ( 8.75 ms 9.14 ms 10.39 ms

    It shows the LAN address of my firewall, but not the address of my
    computer, nor does it show the WAN address of my firewall; and that's
    the way its supposed to be. It doesn't mean you're hacked...
    Debbie, I'm not saying your computer wasn't hacked, only that 99% of the
    "signs of a hacked computers" that you're spewing here are wrong.

    Lars M. Hansen
    Lars M. Hansen, Oct 1, 2003
  9. Tracker Spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed
    in <>:

    From someone that found the right words:


    Any advice from a poster using the word 'tracker' may contain
    dangerous nonsense and should be immediately deleted from your

    Do NOT contact this person by email

    Do NOT feed the Trolls, one warning is enough, further messages
    only reinforce the desire for attention that provides motivation.

    Visit the fan club at:
    Thund3rstruck, Oct 1, 2003
  10. Murray Cooper

    Tim H. Guest

    I don't understand how you "switch" between DHCP, PPP and Dial-Up every few
    minutes? That's like saying I switch between driving, the trunk and the
    wheels every few minutes. This is all so funny it makes me feel sorry for'll be #1 on book lists....under "Comedy."

    Tim H., Oct 1, 2003
  11. Murray Cooper

    W. Blevins Guest

    Languages such as Bullshitese....
    W. Blevins, Oct 1, 2003
  12. Murray Cooper

    W. Blevins Guest

    At which time you will be undoubtedly be prescribed the appropriate
    medications for your dementia.
    W. Blevins, Oct 1, 2003
  13. Murray Cooper

    Heather Guest

    Tracker shouldn't drink.......or should I say "beef's old lady' (gawd,
    that gives me such a horrible visual!!)

    Tracker can't spell or speak english properly......which was the point
    of the above email.......and which went over your pointy little head!!

    Give it a rest, ditzbrain!!
    Heather, Oct 1, 2003
  14. Murray Cooper

    The Saint Guest

    This explains a lot. BTW, how long is Beef in for?
    Your new signature? Fits you perfectly.
    The Saint, Oct 1, 2003
  15. Murray Cooper

    Tracker Guest

    The book was written in English, but I've talked to companies who may produce
    my E-book in other languages.

    The Best Kept Secrets of Backdoors, Cracking, Firewalls, Hacking, Proxies,
    The Internet, Trojan Horses, Virtual Private Networks, Virus, Windows and
    different types of Servers can be found at:
    I’m going to make an effort to participate and support the members of these
    groups in the future.

    Tracker who isnt in a good mood
    Tracker, Oct 1, 2003
  16. Murray Cooper

    Tim H. Guest

    Hey, speak for yourself. He makes a valid point. It seems as though if no
    one agrees with your "expert knowledge" then they're wrong. Kudos to the
    reviewer who took a break after a long laugh to actually reply to it! I'm
    waiting for someone to come along and get it through your thick skull that
    you're WRONG. Say it with me, "WRONG." On the other hand, if you want to
    prove your points, show evidence. Better yet, show me a person with industry
    credentials that agrees with you.

    Thousands of pages of kindling....
    Tim H., Oct 1, 2003
  17. Murray Cooper

    Tracker Guest

    You don't want to be constructive and help other computer users then don't
    waste all of our time.
    In my possession are 80,000+ computer victims running less then XP, 2000 and
    NT. Yes, 80+000! This information is in a very safe place. The information
    in my book will help millions of computer users, but the "Gold" is what we
    discovered on many hard drives. Do you think a Courthouse, a University,
    Boeing, a Hospital and so many other "Corporations" want the world to know
    their computers are hackable to the WORLD.
    The basic computer home user, the people who do know something about Computers,
    The Internet and Hackers and Bikers.
    DHCP was used on AT&T Cable, PPP= had a bit to drink to discuss this. Cable
    and DSL connections don't need a phone line to connect to an ISP, since your
    always connected. While our modems were connected, we changed settings in
    winipcfg and used the dial-up ISP address, but we were still online with Cable
    and DSL. Can't say too much more since alcohol makes ones mind wonder. During
    this time, we witnessed hackers saying "what happened to the Server". HA-HA!
    Don't ask.
    One day people will take us serious and we can't wait.

    The Best Kept Secrets of Backdoors, Cracking, Firewalls, Hacking, Proxies, The
    Internet, Trojan Horses, Virtual Private Networks, Virus, Windows and different
    types of Servers can be found at:

    Tracker, Oct 1, 2003
    Hash: SHA1


    So who knows more about Windows? Harley or Honda

    Version: PGP 8.0.2
    Comment: Because I *can* be.

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

    Laura Fredericks
    PGP key ID - DH/DSS 2048/1024: 0xC753039A

    Remove CLOTHES to reply.
    Laura Fredericks, Oct 1, 2003
  19. Murray Cooper

    CyberDroog Guest

    I hadn't heard about the disappearance of 80,000+ computer users. You'd
    think the media would pick up on something like that.
    CyberDroog, Oct 1, 2003
  20. Murray Cooper

    Mike Guest

    So pointing out that you constantly refer to an operating system that is
    considered end of life is not constructive?
    What sort of feedback would you like?
    I seriously doubt that any of those organisations would be running antique
    operating systems in any great number if at all.
    Thats four types. Maths not your strong point either?
    Correction, DSL (Or at least ADSL) operates over your existing copper
    telephone cable.

    So you were dialled in, connected via Cable and also hooked in via DSL. No
    wonder your connection, IP address and firewall logs look weird!
    Somebody send out for a long stand please.
    Mike, Oct 1, 2003
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