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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Leythos, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Leythos

    ozzy Guest

    To keep you in the dark longer........ LOL, sorry couldn't resist...

    Contact me at phantomshroom(at)hotmail{dot}com
    to obtain my real email address. Spammers shot
    on site :)
    ozzy, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Leythos

    Leythos Guest

    Well, here it is, Saturday. While the review site has had many hits (I
    log all site visits to a DB) the Trackers have not sent me much in the
    way of postable info or email.

    After posting the first chapter I was informed that it was actually more
    than one chapter. I was also sent another, larger, email with 4 sections
    to it - these were identified by Tracker as 4 of the 5 I would need to

    I wrote Tracker back and said that the content was only enough to make
    up one chapter. I also mentioned that I didn't think this was what we
    were looking for - we have seen the first 3 parts many times and it has
    not changed.

    After seeing it posted in a newsgroup last night and due to the lack of
    email by Tracker, I'm getting the feeling that she/they are not up to
    the challenge.

    Tracker - I asked for your best work, 5+ pages from 5+ chapters, and I
    got about 1 page of content from what appears to be something other than
    a chapter (I'm not sure how you could define the content as chapter
    material). If you read this (and I'm sure that you will) you need to
    send me some quality content or I'm pulling the site on Sunday evening.

    At that point, when I pull the site due to lack of response by Tracker,
    I will join the pool of people that report you for abuse each time you
    post your book as being for sale or otherwise. Your way around this is
    to put your type where your mouth is and send some quality technical
    information from your book for us (security people) to review to
    validate your claims.

    Leythos, Sep 13, 2003
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  3. Jim Watt Spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed
    Good thing I'm not selling anything on my site then.<G>

    Oh, BTW, anyone notice that a good number of the IP addys making
    port 80 attempts (That's the log I look at the most) are mainly (70%
    or so) are listed in Spamhaus/etc?

    Thund3rstruck, Sep 13, 2003
  4. Leythos

    Jim Watt Guest


    Nice try. I've tried a number of aproaches to newsgroup pests
    in another place, being nice is always worth a go.
    Jim Watt, Sep 13, 2003
  5. Leythos

    Leythos Guest

    As I've said before, I have no connection to Tracker and don't support
    their methods or anything else. I have provide them with a method to get
    a sample of her work validated by our groups as a means to get them to
    understand - I've been in these groups for years and nothing else has
    worked with them. Since I have my own server farms and nodes I thought I
    might try this as a way to educate Tracker(s) and to provide
    "constructive" feedback to them.

    Earlier the Tracker(s) sent me 1 large email, and then revised it into 4
    small sections and I've posted them at for your

    At this time I've updated the site to include the responses from 6
    reviews that I feel should be posted (I'm trying to NOT censor anything,
    but I will not post anything I feel is not constructive).

    I have one outstanding email waiting on the Tracker(s) to reply asking
    for material that is both TECHNICAL and that is MORE THAN ONE PAGE IN
    LENGTH, no response has come from them at the time I posted this.

    I will post constructive feedback on the site - and email it to Tracker
    (s) too - through the weekend.

    You should know that the site is CPU throttled and bandwidth limited -
    it many be slow, this performance limit is intentional on my part (not
    knowing how people may react).


    PS: if this doesn't work I will discontinue the site and posting about
    it Sunday evening.
    Leythos, Sep 13, 2003
  6. Leythos

    donut Guest

    Still, the best approach is the ignore. Everytime Tracker posts here, there
    is an outburst. Voila! attention! just what she wanted.

    If there was no response at all to her posts, eventually she would give up.
    donut, Sep 13, 2003
  7. Leythos

    Jim Higgins Guest

    What *hasn't* been tried before is just plain ignoring her - a
    100% shun. The "constant flames that appear" are *proof* that
    this approach hasn't been tried. It took 4 years or more to
    convince alt.pets.ferrets to take that approach and we have been
    essentially free of her since the shun began a bit over 6 months
    I'd agree if you could just make that decision for yourself
    without affecting others. Problem is, that decision does affect
    others. The tried and true approach to getting rid of trolls
    and/or nut cases is to shun them. By all means carry on any
    private correspondence with this person you desire, but please
    consider leaving the rest of us out of it by keeping it out of
    this news group. Start a damn Yahoo! Group fer Chrissake!

    This pest and those who fed her daily all but ruined the apf
    newsgroup for several years. If you want it to happen here, just
    keep validating her nonsense by replying to it and just keep
    feeding her ego by acting like her "book" is even remotely worth
    comment from folks who know what they're doing.

    To anyone who feels the same as I do, I suggest now is the time
    to speak up and support a total shun. If you want to lose your
    newsgroup to the trolls and those feeding them, all you have to
    do is be quiet and let it happen.
    Jim Higgins, Sep 13, 2003
  8. Leythos

    Peter Jones Guest

    (ozzy) wrote in
    I *must* have been hacked then; I've been in the dark for *years*... :)

    Peter Jones, Sep 14, 2003
  9. Peter Jones Spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and
    To one-up you... <G>

    I was born hacked then. <G>

    Thund3rstruck, Sep 14, 2003
  10. Leythos

    Tracker Guest

    This babe is going to make the time to review the questions others have
    asked me, but please me patient. The Trackers were involved and their time
    is also limited, so your questions may take us some time to answer.
    Just remember, my computers were hacked into by ferret owners and I had to
    find out why and how this happened. The discovery took me a long time to
    figure out what the hackers were doing. What is in my book took me years to
    learn, research and understand what this hacking stuff was all about. I
    lived my life along side hackers abusing my computers because it took me
    that long to figure out what hackers and their activity was all about. If
    you would read what is in my book, some of you will understand what hacking
    is all about, OK. I'd love to answer all your questions, but there is one
    of me and my life is exciting as it is. I'm damn proud of my
    accomplishments and one day the world will want a piece of my pie.
    Your complaints only make me stronger in my desire to help innocent victims.

    BTW- my clock and date changes from time to time, it's a hackers secret.

    Tracker, Sep 14, 2003
  11. Leythos

    NARColepsy Guest

    No, it's more likely a crappy BIOS.
    NARColepsy, Sep 14, 2003
  12. Leythos

    Leythos Guest

    While we have no additional information from the Tracker(s) I have
    posted a total of 9 reviews of the information that was sent to me.

    At this time Tracker(s), when asked for more information have responded
    as follows:


    I'm busy, so deal with it. My book was written for
    the basic computer user, not high tech skilled people.
    Granted, there is information in my book where three
    levels of computers users will understand. My "main"
    purpose was to help innocent victims and this purpose
    remains today. People just don't seem to get what I
    went through with living my computer life "along side"
    with the hackers; but that's OK. I'm not hear to make
    a name for myself and being a hacker, fame is a no no
    in my books.

    : End of email response.

    I'm sure that Tracker(s) will provide material when they have more time,
    but I will only have time for this during this weekend - next week my
    time is limited.
    Leythos, Sep 14, 2003
  13. Leythos

    Leythos Guest

    Sorry - hate to follow my own post, but the review material and
    responses can be found at for the next day or

    Leythos, Sep 14, 2003
  14. Leythos

    Ant Guest

    It would be a good idea to keep this site. When she claims there is
    nothing wrong with her information, point her to the reviews.
    Ant, Sep 14, 2003
  15. Leythos

    Cap Guest

    heh, heh, heh...
    Cap, Sep 15, 2003
  16. Leythos

    Cap Guest


    Too damn funny...
    Cap, Sep 15, 2003
  17. Leythos

    Zarggg Guest

    Hash: SHA1

    Leythos wrote On 14 Sep 03 15:20:
    | I'm busy, so deal with it.

    Not to sound harsh, but that is *not* a reply any self-respecting person
    would give to their editor (the role you are serving for Tracker,
    whether you call yourself that or not) when being asked for more
    material. If she said that to her *publisher*, she'd probably receive a
    note saying something along the lines of: "We're sorry, but you aren't
    want we're looking for at this time."

    Don't let her push you around. You're doing *her* a (?misguided?) favor,
    not the other way around.
    - --
    zarggg [at] zarggg [dot] net
    KeyID: 0xC00D540D
    Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (MingW32)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Zarggg, Sep 15, 2003
  18. Leythos

    CyberDroog Guest

    So after all of this research you no doubt have learned the secret. What
    is it?

    I'll tell you... it's most likely a crappy motherboard or a weak CMOS
    CyberDroog, Sep 15, 2003
  19. Leythos

    Peter Young Guest

    I couldn't agree more. If using Outlook Express, highlight one of her posts,
    choose Message->Create Rule From Message, and in the Action box, select
    Delete It. Now comes the hard part - when you see responses to her posts
    show up from others - DON'T REPLY. The fewer posts the better.

    Everyone needs to understand something fundamental here - this person is not
    mentally healthy. She is behaving in a rational way for her state of mind.
    It doesn't matter what you say to her - she will continue to post nonsense.
    You *will not* be able to dissuade her.

    The best way to deal with the situation is to ignore her. Eventually she
    will go away.

    You're all feeding the troll and then hollering because the troll won't go
    away. Stop feeding it and it will go away.

    Peter Young, Sep 15, 2003
  20. On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 15:23:00 GMT, Peter Young spoketh
    Unfortunately, that won't work. If the regulars ignore her, then someone
    actually looking for help may take her advice seriously, and really mess
    up their system... So, people need to warn others about the
    misinformation, misunderstandings and just pure BS that exists in her
    "advice". Naturally, there's no need for a flamefest every time she

    Lars M. Hansen
    Lars M. Hansen, Sep 15, 2003
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