Toshiba Unveils 45GB HD DVD-ROM Disc and Hybrid ROM Disc.

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    Toshiba Unveils 45GB HD DVD-ROM Disc and Hybrid ROM Disc Further
    expands horizon of future digital home entertainment (May 10,2005)

    Toshiba Corporation today announced development of a triple-layer HD
    DVD -ROM (read-only) disc with a data capacity of 45 gigabytes, 50%
    more than the 30-gigabyte dual-layer HD DVD -ROM disc already
    announced and enough to record twelve hours of high-definition movies
    on a single disc. The new disc adds a high-end option to the previous
    HD DVD -ROM disc lineup that includes the 15GB (single-layer,
    single-sided) and 30GB ( dual-layer , single-sided). These two discs
    are already approved and standardized at the DVD Forum.

    Toshiba also announced a double-sided, dual-layer hybrid ROM disc
    comprised of dual-layer HD DVD -ROM side and dual-layer DVD -ROM side.
    The hybrid disc can store 30GB of high-definition content on the HD
    DVD -ROM side and 8.5GB of standard-definition content on the DVD -ROM
    dual layer side. More than 84 million DVD players and recorders were
    produced worldwide in 2004 alone. The standard definition content of
    the new hybrid discs can be replayed on these platforms, while their
    owners will also be able to enjoy high-definition content from the
    same source when they purchase HD DVD players in the future. The new
    disc further prepares the way for a smooth transition from DVD to HD
    DVD .

    Details of these new discs will be presented at the May 11 HD DVD
    workshop at Media-Tech Expo 2005 in Las Vegas , U.S., the leading
    annual trade show for the optical disc manufacturing industry.

    All these new versions of HD DVD -ROM discs share the same disc
    structure as previously announced HD DVD formats, and today's DVD
    format: two 0.6-mm thick discs bonded back-to-back, a time-tested
    physical structure with proven volume manufacturing capability at
    little cost increment.

    Memory-Tech Corporation, Japan's largest independent disc replicator,
    has confirmed the new 45GB and hybrid discs can be produced on their
    existing manufacturing lines and equipment, which are tailored to
    produce HD DVD discs, with only minor additional investment and
    minimum additional production cost per disc.

    Mr. Shiroharu Kawasaki, President and CEO, Memory-Tech, said: "These
    new HD DVD discs will surely be welcomed by content holders, including
    Hollywood studios and game developers, as further broadening the scope
    of future applications. We have already started verification for
    volume production of triple-layered discs, and we are confident of
    early verification as they are based on the 0.6mm disc structure and
    established production technologies. We at Memory-Tech are fully
    committed to flexibly meeting variety of user requirements."

    NEC Corporation and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., both strong supporters
    of the HD DVD format also welcomed this announcement. "We are excited
    by the new discs and the way they further extend the possibilities of
    the HD DVD format," said Mr. Hiroshi Gokan, Executive General Manager
    of Computers Storage Products Operations Unit at NEC. SANYO's Dr.
    Keiichi Yodoshi, Deputy General Manager of R&D Headquarters said, "The
    new discs demonstrate that 0.6mm discs can support diverse
    applications and achieve technical excellence, while fully securing
    firm backward compatibility."

    Technical features
    1) Triple-layer 45GB disc
    The newly developed ROM disc has a single-sided, triple-layer
    structure (see attachment). Each layer stores 15 gigabytes of
    information. Triple-layer discs can be easily produced by back-to-back
    bonding of a 0.6mm-thick dual-layer disc and a single-layer 0.6mm

    In the process, a single-layer disc is first produced, using the same
    process as for HD DVD -ROM. Next, the second layer is formed on first
    layer using a one-time polycarbonate stamper, the same process used
    for the DVD -18 disc, the double-sided DVD disc that has dual-layers
    on both sides. Finally, the single-layer 0.6mm disc is bonded to the
    dual-layer disc, using standard technology.

    2) Double-sided, Dual-layer Hybrid Disc
    In December 2004, Toshiba and Memory-Tech announced development of a
    single-sided, dual-layer HD DVD -ROM/ DVD -ROM hybrid disc. The DVD
    layer had a 4.7GB capacity, meeting the specification for current DVD
    discs, while the HD DVD layer had a 15GB capacity.

    Now Toshiba has developed a double-sided, dual-layer HD DVD -ROM/ DVD
    -ROM hybrid disc. Simply explained, the new hybrid disc bonds together
    a 0.6mm thick dual-layer HD DVD -ROM disc with 30GB capacity, and a
    0.6-mm thick dual-layer DVD -ROM disc with an 8.5GB capacity (see

    The dual-layer DVD -ROM disc structure is well established. The new
    disc has a structure as simple as that of current dual-layer DVD -ROM
    discs. Today, more than fifty percent of DVD -ROM discs on the market
    are dual-layer versions.

    The new disc brings the clear benefit of satisfying consumers,
    retailers, disc producers and Hollywood studios. It allows consumers
    to view DVD content on standard DVD players and, after purchasing an
    HD DVD player, to enjoy high definition content on the HD DVD layer
    from the same disc. The new disc structure also increases options for
    content providers: they can provide the same content in two formats,
    or use the HD DVD layer for a feature movie and the DVD layer to store
    promotional videos or audio content, including the movie sound track.
    Retailers can also promote HD DVD hardware as well as maintaining
    standard DVD sales.

    About HD DVD
    HD DVD is the next generation DVD format being standardized at the DVD
    Forum, which represents over 230 consumer electronics, information
    technology, and content companies worldwide. HD DVD players and HD DVD
    video software are expected to come to market in late 2005, and will
    allow consumers to enjoy video content, including Hollywood movies,
    with crystal-clear, high-definition picture quality.

    In November 2004, Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home
    Entertainment, Warner Home Video, New Line Home Entertainment and HBO
    Home Video announced their official support of the HD DVD format.

    With 0.6-millimeter thick discs bonded back-to-back, HD DVD discs
    adopt completely the same disc structure as current DVD discs. Because
    of that, disc manufacturers will be able to utilize their current disc
    manufacturing lines with only minimum upgrades.

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    Allan, Jul 11, 2005
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