Toshiba Throws in the Towel on HD-DVD

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by T.B., Feb 16, 2008.

  1. T.B.

    T.B. Guest

    T.B., Feb 16, 2008
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  2. Toshiba could have settled at any time--
    But they wanted to make it a "pride" issue, and Greek tragedy resulted.

    But at least we know a bit more about Microsoft now than we did before
    it started... -_-

    Derek Janssen
    Derek Janssen, Feb 16, 2008
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  3. T.B.

    Kuskokwim Guest

    Kuskokwim, Feb 17, 2008
  4. Anyone here remember June of 1999 when DIVX threw in the towel?
    There were fervent cheers in this NG then....
    The HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray thing wasn't quite as monumental as the DVD vs DIVX
    issue, but I'm glad Blu-Ray won due to the higher storage capacity.
    Joseph S. Powell, III, Feb 17, 2008
  5. (Yuk yuk--For anyone who did stay awake in high school, the "Path of
    pride leads to ruin and disgrace" parallels still hold.)
    June 16, 1999 - the National Starting Pistol.
    Like DiVX, there was a gigantic release of "The coast is clear!", and
    ALL the studios finally came out to play between July and
    September...Oh, Harriet, the release dates.

    (And maybe it was just coincidence that we got the "Yellow Submarine"
    restoration announced within literally weeks of DVD's win, but for the
    sake of providence, we'd like to believe it wasn't.)
    My whole "Toshiba of Thebes" point was to beg to differ:

    DiVX tried to sell themselves, had a won't-take-no corporation on their
    side and certainly raised a song-and-dance, but they didn't turn it into
    a war...There were no bribes, no demonizing, no taking of videogamers
    hostage (PS2 fanboys notwithstanding).
    They just naively thought in their little dreams that we'd go
    Cocoa-Puffs over the whole PPV "Wow, never go to Blockbuster!" appeal
    (yes, you *know* it sounds familiar)--And when they didn't sell,
    shrugged, said, "Okayyy... :( ), took their financial lumps and slumped
    away quietly.

    I've seen Blu threads on forums about whether Toshiba execs should be
    fired or sued, and HD threads about Our Evil Sony Overlords, and why
    Downloads Will Probably Have the Last Laugh Anyway, Nyah, and it puts a
    new perspective on historical feelings between the North and South
    during Reconstruction after the Civil War--
    This wasn't just a product war--It could've been, but somebody decided
    to Reach for Monopoly Greatness, stake their entire future/sacred honor
    on it and push their luck. And it's tragedy for them that they probably
    won't stop paying for it overnight.

    Derek Janssen (nine years, and STILL never set foot in a Circuit City)
    Derek Janssen, Feb 17, 2008
  6. T.B.

    godslabrat Guest

    It's only been over the last weekend that I've noticed a distinct
    quieting of the "Well, HD-DVD can make a comeback if we give away
    players in Happy Meals, have a bunch of Buy-One-Get-Six-Free, tell
    people the color blue will give them herpes, and convince Michael Bay
    to release Transformers 2 on HD-DVD sometime next month, even before
    the movie gets made. Yeah, it's curtains for the Blu side!"

    I've got nothing against HD-DVD as a format, but it's over people.
    Let it freakin' go, already...
    godslabrat, Feb 17, 2008
  7. IFYPFY, you top posting Usenet retard!
    ChairmanOfTheBored, Feb 17, 2008
  8. T.B.

    Bill Guest

    Absolutely...I still remember the monstrous, "Ding! Dong! DIVX is Dead!"
    thread. : )
    Bill, Feb 18, 2008
  9. What we had in the HD/Blu Wars was the villain of a *moral* crusade--
    Microsoft thinking we'd all buy Their Format if they could sell it the
    right way, that they could crush the competition like insects if they
    couldn't, and that they could distract us with Pretty Downloads of the
    Future (which they'd still own the coding monopoly on) when that Plan A
    didn't work.

    Granted, there were just as many parallels in the DiVX Wars:
    Circuit City thought we'd all buy Their Format, tried to sell us on
    Easy-Download Appeal when the techs didn't look up to snuff, got Big
    Holywood Directors to tell us all why they thought it was more neat-o,
    and did everything they could to protect the private future monopoly
    they thought they'd be able to corner on hardware sales and PPV-royalties...
    But back then, DiVX seemed more like an annoyance, and Circuit City
    aspiring to be a world-domination 007 villain seemed more like
    "...LO-sers! :p "

    Derek Janssen (heck, even *Apple* vs. Microsoft never got this heated)
    Derek Janssen, Feb 18, 2008
  10. T.B.

    Alpha Guest

    Blu Ray has shot itself in the foot...many times. It is now fatal. I have
    no hope that any HD optical will make the slightest dent in the market.
    Alpha, Feb 18, 2008
  11. T.B.

    Winfield Guest

    What overheated balderdash.
    You're such a TOOL, Derek. =)

    Blu-Ray is/will turn out to be the modern version of Circuit City's
    DIVX! D'oh.

    Winfield, Feb 18, 2008
  12. Well I have yet to read any official announcement. The only this I've
    seen are the same old "source who asked not to be identified". I'm one
    of the many who has sat back and waited for a victor before buying a
    HD player. I don't favor either format, IMHO they both fall short. The
    one thing I can be glad of when/if Toshiba pulls out that all the
    bickering over who is better and who is losing will be over.
    Jonathan Brisby, Feb 18, 2008

  13. Yes, and it is still mind boggling how much damage Circuit City's DVE
    (Digital Video Express) did to Region 1 DVD in less than a year.

    The DIVX proprietary digital video disk rental system employed the use of
    exclusive titles as its main marketing strategy. Some DIVX titles were not
    available on DVD in any region. However, when DIVX exclusive titles were
    available on DVD only in regions other than Region 1, it could safely be
    assumed that DIVX was to blame.

    As with the DIVX vs. DVD format war, the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray format war
    involved exclusive titles. The format with the best arsenal of exclusive
    titles would become the winner.

    Eventually, Blu-ray will begin releasing Blu-ray exclusive titles (not
    available on DVD) in order to force the sale of Blu-ray disks and players.
    But that probably won't happen for at least a year.

    Here's the list of DIVX exclusive titles that were unavailable in Region 1
    when DIVX died:

    8 Heads In A Duffel Bag
    6th Man, The
    12 Angry Men
    Air Bud: Golden Receiver
    Albino Alligator
    Apartment, The
    Baby Boom
    Bachelor Party
    Bad Girls
    Barton Fink
    Before and After
    Best Men
    Best of the Best: Without Warning
    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Brassed Off
    Bridege At Remagen
    Brothers McMullen, The
    Buffalo '66
    Cadillac Man
    Chain Reaction
    Children of the Revolution
    Commitments, The
    Cool, Dry Place, A
    Courage Under Fire
    Crucible, The
    Dead Man
    Desperately Seeking Susan
    Dirty Work
    Distinguished Gentleman, The
    Dunston Checks In
    Dying Young
    Ed Wood
    Edward Scissorhands
    End of Violence, The
    Everyone Says I Love You
    Evidence Of Blood
    Father Of The Bride Part II
    FernGully: The Last Rainforest
    First Kid
    Fly, The
    French Kiss
    From Dusk Till Dawn 2
    Full Monty
    Gang Related
    Gone Fishin'
    Great White Hype
    Guadalcanal Diary
    High Art
    Hot Shots!
    House Of Yes
    I Love You Don't Touch Me!
    I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
    It Came From Outer Space
    Jackie Brown
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Jungle 2 Jungle
    Kiss Or Kill
    Krippendorf's Tribe
    Last Dance
    Last of the Mohicans, The
    Life Less Ordinary, A
    Little City
    Locusts, The
    Longest Day, The
    Love and Death on Long Island
    Madness Of King George
    Married To The Mob
    Miami Rhapsody
    Mighty Quinn
    Misfits, The
    Mrs. Brown
    Mo' Better Blues
    Monument Ave.
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Mulholland Falls
    My Cousin Vinny
    Next Stop Wonderland
    Night and the Moment, The
    Office Killer
    One Fine Day
    Operation Condor 2: The
    Paperback Romance
    Picture Perfect
    Point Break
    Preacher's Wife, The
    Price Above Rubies, A
    Prophecy II, The
    Pure Luck
    Rage, The
    Raising Arizona
    Rapid Fire
    Senseless Shall We Dance?
    She's So Lovely
    Since You've Been Gone
    Six Degrees Of Separation
    Sleeping With the Enemy
    Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, A
    Some Like It Hot
    Stargate SG-1
    Stealing Beauty
    Summer Fling
    That Thing You Do!
    This World, Then The Fireworks
    Three Musketeers, The
    Throw Momma From The Train
    Truce, The
    Truth About Cats and Dogs, The
    Turner & Hooch
    Two For The Road
    Ulee's Gold
    Up Close & Personal
    Verdict, The
    Walk In The Clouds, A
    Walking And Talking
    Wall Street
    War Of The Roses, The
    Washington Square
    Welcome To Sarajevo
    Wide Awake
    Working Girl
    World Of Henry Orient, The
    One Shot Scot, Feb 19, 2008
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