- Toshiba Notebook Hard Drive Problem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by mary wei, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. mary wei

    mary wei Guest

    Hello Everybody,

    I have a Toshiba 1605CDS notebook with a Fujutsu MK2048AT hard drive
    running Windows ME. When I boot it up, I'm getting the error message,
    "Operating System Not Found". If I put in the Windows ME, CD, the
    drive spins but the CD doesn't come up.

    I keep getting a message on the bottom of the screen telling me to
    press F2 to go to setup. I go through the settings in Set-up, which
    seem to be OK, and then I either exit or save & exit. The hard drive
    keeps spinning, but the system never boots up. I get the same error
    message, "Operating System Not Found".

    Is there another way to get the system to boot up?

    Thanks so much!
    mary wei, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. mary wei

    joe Guest

    -- reinstall windows and / or have your BIOS looked at.
    joe, Oct 10, 2003
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