Toshiba Corporation today reconfirmed the flexibility and expandability of the HD DVD format with th

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Company: Toshiba

    Title: 30GB Dual-Layer HD DVD-R Discs Confirms Formats Larger Capacity

    TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation today reconfirmed the flexibility and
    expandability of the HD DVD format with the announcement of a 30GB
    dual-layer HD DVD-R (recordable) disc that extends the capacity for a
    write-once next generation DVD disc.

    The new disc was approved as Version 1.9 at the September 14 meeting
    of the DVD Forum's Steering Committee and its technical information
    will be made available as the Version 1.9 specifications.

    Toshiba targets completion of Version 2.0 of the specifications book
    by the DVD Forum within this year, and aims to bring to market next
    spring an HD DVD recorder that supports the new disc.

    The DVD Forum approved a 15GB single-layer HD DVD-R discs as Version
    1.0 of a write-once HD DVD disc in February 2005.

    Toshiba continued development toward the newly announced 30GB
    dual-layer HD DVD-R disc, which uses a new organic dye jointly
    developed with a dye manufacturer.

    The dual-layer HD DVD-R disc is based on the same disc structure as
    current DVD discs, HD DVD-ROM discs (read-only), and HD DVD-RW discs
    (rewritable): back-to-back bonding of two 0.6 millimeter-thick

    The new disc also shares key manufacturing processes with DVD-R: use
    of an organic dye as the data storage medium; and a spin-coating
    process for depositing the dye. As a result, disc manufacturers can
    minimize their investment in disc production equipment for dual-layer
    HD DVD-R by using already installed DVD-R manufacturing lines for mass

    Toshiba and disc manufacturers will verify compatibility of dual-layer
    HD DVD-R discs in round robin testing at the DVD Forum, starting on
    October 17. Toshiba targets finalization of the specification book by
    the DVD Forum within the year.

    Note: Capacity of a disc is calculated with a basis of 1-gigabyte (GB)
    = 1-billion bytes

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    Allan, Sep 25, 2005
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