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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by News Reader, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Dear All,

    Re: Finarea / Betamax (Voipcheap, internetcalls, etc.) et. al., VOIP
    Services - Top-up / Credit Methods

    I have a quick question about which Finarea / Betamax (Voipcheap,
    internetcalls, sipdiscount, voipstunt, etc.) services allow which top-up
    methods. Specifically, I am trying to identify, which if any, still permit
    either telephone top-up (at around £1.50 credit per time / call) or lower
    than the standard 10 Euro / £10 minimum.

    If anyone is clear which if any of the various services offer either
    telephone top-up (below the standard minimum credit of £10 or 10 Euros) or
    any other top-up method below the usual minimum of £10 or 10 Euros please
    advise! :) Thanks. Perhaps a list like the following might be helpful:

    Service <£10 Telephone Top-Up? <£10 Top-up Other Method?


    The answers I have filled in below represent my current knowledge / belief
    about a few of the services:

    Service // <£10 Telephone Top-Up? // <£10 Top-up Other Method?
    VoipCheap // N // N
    VoipBuster // N // N
    Internetcalls // N // N

    I look forward to and appreciate any / your feedback / input, etc. :)

    Thanks and best wishes,

    News Reader
    News Reader, Apr 10, 2006
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