"to all the computers I've loved before"

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Justin, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Justin

    Justin Guest

    We were too poor for Texas Instruments or Atari 400's or Commodore Vic
    20's (along with walking to school uphill both ways):

    1984: Timex-Sinclair, learned BASIC on this toy that was bought at
    Service Merchandise? $39 or so. No cassette deck, so no way to record
    all the programs I spent hours poking in on the crappy keyboard (I
    should have spent that time learning Judo).

    1985: my older brother was given a Mattel Aquarius for Christmas by the
    folks. Really a toy. lacked a recording device. But had a really cool
    Dungeons and Dragons game and Tron. We spent hours poking in code and
    playing D and D. Oh, I got a Tomy Verbot robot that year.

    1987: Coleco Adam. Bought from a mail order co. for $60 or so. I
    finally had a tape drive for program storage! But I didn't like this
    system -- too bulky but it had a good keyboard compared to the previous
    systems. I had a ColecoVision a few years back ('85) and it played the
    same games, and this was '87, the Nintendo NES was out! Got one of
    those (NES) that year.

    1988: Tandy 1000HX.........no hard drive.......based on the orignal 8088
    CPU.......yeah a real turd.

    1991: started my Macintosh years with a Mac Plus with a 20MB hard drive.
    My first HD. Used for term papers/letters/RPG games, etc..

    1993: "upgraded" to a Mac Classic. Essentially a Mac Plus without the
    ugly brownish case.

    1994: Started using the university's PC's -- 486's, early Pentiums,
    etc.. Caught the internet bug.

    1996: Got a Pentium 120 mhz system brand new. $700! Bought from a mom
    and pop PC shop in Santa Clara, CA. Had like 500mb HD, how quaint.

    1999: Bought a new Cyrix 266mhz system from a mom and pop place up in
    Berkeley. It played 'Redneck Rampage' just fine, for a business

    2000: AMD K6/2 333 mhz system from Medialand Systems in Concord. I
    loved this PC (blazingly fast compared to the Cyrix) but sold it to my
    sister in '01 for a single Ben Franklin (along with a cool desk from
    Ikea). My nephews still use it to play games (I removed the porn and
    loaded it up with games before selling it to her). I can't believe it
    still works (my sister's husband raided it for RAM for his stupid Dell
    Intel machine; it has only 32mb ram now). Probably needs a defrag
    something fierce. I should "rescue" it and turn it into a SETI
    processor and give the boys my old Duron.

    After the Duron system, I now have an Athlon XP 2200.
    Justin, Aug 6, 2005
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  2. Justin

    birdman Guest

    I can't wait for the AMD dual core Athlon 64s to become widely available.
    Who cares if there isn't any software that can utilize the d*n things?
    birdman, Aug 6, 2005
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  3. Interesting post from my point of view as I have remained faithful and
    I am still with my first love :O)

    (Well first PC anyway, I had a Spectrum 48K and an Atari ST (still have it

    Anyhow my ears lit up at this phrase:-
    "2000: AMD K6/2 333 mhz system from Medialand Systems in Concord. I
    loved this PC (blazingly fast compared to the Cyrix) "
    as my computer is a Cyrix MII 300 which actually runs at 225MHz
    (3 X 75) and I believe I could also put an AMD K6/2 processor into
    Now it has bus speeds of 50, 60, 66 and 75 and clock multiplers of
    1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 so I think I could put an AMD K6/2 into it and
    run it at 4 X 75 = 300 MHz which is a 33% increase in CPU speed
    alone, I might see more preformance increase if the AMD K6/2 is
    a 'better' processor.
    I should be able to pick one of these up pretty cheap so I think I will
    have a go at an upgrade,

    I am not exactly sure how your "Cyrix 266mhz system" compares
    to my Cyrix MII 300 (which actually runs at 225MHz) because
    the naming of Cyrix CPU's is rather confusing.(to say the least), but
    your increase in CPU speed is only 25% and mine would be 33%.
    I could try overclocking my Cyrix but I have read they do not overclock
    well and it is possible I would fry the CPU.

    Your speed increase might have been due to other factors though.

    I might be better off with a new motherboard though to get a much
    bigger boost in performance, as I am more confident I could do this
    now, as I have taken quite a bit of my system apart and refitted it
    still working (fortunately), I got a bit worried when it wouldn't boot
    up, untill I found the power connector to the main drive was not
    fully inserted, but that was easilly sorted.

    Only thing thing is I am not sure how to release my CPU from it's
    socket (socket 7), also unsure how to fit/re-fit the CPU fan.

    Donald McTrevor, Aug 7, 2005
  4. What if by the time the software is available they are obselete?

    Donald McTrevor, Aug 7, 2005
  5. I can remember upgrading from a DX4 66 to a Pentium 200 w/MMX and
    thinking that I had reached the pinacle of PC performance. 32 Meg of
    Ram and a 2 Gig hard drive.... WOW was I impressed.

    Im really excited to see what the next 10 years bring.

    Any forecasts ?
    Gold Key Technology Solutions, Aug 8, 2005
  6. I thought much the same with my Cyrix MII 300.

    Expect badly written inefficient software which will gobble up all the
    processing power you can throw at it.
    The faster the PC gets the more resources the sooftware will gobble up.
    Net result no overall change in what you can do.
    Witness .wmv, no better that .mpeg but requires 10 times more
    processing power to run.
    Every time I have upgraded a piece of software the new version is
    miles slower.

    I know thats sounds cynical, but I used to be a programmer before
    I started newsreading.
    Donald McTrevor, Aug 8, 2005
  7. Justin

    Spajky Guest

    The last machines I upgraded from (1997)
    from P166mmx a bit OC-ed + added Ram
    to C400 50% OC-ed + added Ram + changed HD (2000)
    to C-III (t) [email protected],35G with still on w95B
    than added more ram & changed HD for 7,2kRpm one & upgraded in
    2001 to W98se & stripped it to Lite ver. (microkernel)
    - next year I fully optimised OS & programs (no reinstall for
    4years!!! (BackUp rulz, since I experimented with programs & OS so
    much, but learned also much, very much about w9x systems)
    I take very much care about installing only small (old) type
    of programs, that do exactly what I wanna do & need & not much more,
    reffering ones which work also w/o registry entries primerly!
    A bit of self-discipline avoiding bloated stuff makes its fast
    as a small sports car & not a powerful but slow truck. (my system
    partition=2Gb fat16, few others Fat32, TL 20Mb, almost half empty
    That was my consceous decision not to go a way of "nice
    looking desktop OS with a bunch of useless wizzards & animated
    assistants", even if I "enhanced" it a bit with some system files from
    other MS OS-es (looks like WinXP classic style) ...
    The biggest program suite on my PC is 602Office suite -2001
    10Mb install file & thats my install size threshold, usually I toss
    anything over that ... I rather spent some time on learning how stuff
    works than throwing money thru the window for latest hardware every 2y
    or less. And I have a very responsive system; my friends kids are
    amazed & astonished, that everything is faster than their superDuper
    powerful gaming machines & this on more than 5y old MoBo (I have some
    old games installed for time to time relaxation playing them) ... (the
    oldest thing inside case is 9y old fan for chipset; the newest 3y old
    is an additional 128Mb Pc133 ram stick ...

    Yes, an average user is brainwashed by marketing, so they
    "uppgrade" their hardware & software, mostly w/o any real need, so
    than (LOL) they get a slower PC with more money invested like you
    said! ... & the wheel of fortune rides again (for IT companies) ...
    :) ...
    Spajky, Aug 10, 2005
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