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    Each year on New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square in Manhattan,
    New York City, a Ball made of crystal and electric lights and that
    looks like a gleaming moon, descends at 11:59pm from atop the One
    Times Square building, shaped like a geometric 'h,' to mark the coming
    of the New Year. It is a event that grabs the human mind and is
    watched by people around the world on television. The New York Mayor
    accompanied with Special Guests press the button to commence the
    Ball's 77 feet descent in just a minute with them all touching the
    moon-like ball, expressing their over the moon look. After the descent
    The New Year billboard lights up and the confetti on top of buildings
    gets released, commencing other entertaining events to the joys of


    Time-ball descending on New Year's Eve is something borrowed from
    naval navigation and astronomy. In 1833 the first time-ball was
    installed in England for synchronizing the chronometers used in
    navigating on seas and oceans.

    * 1907 - The New Year's Eve Ball first descended from a
    at One Times Square, constructed with iron and wood materials with 100
    25-watt bulbs weighing 700 pounds and measuring 5 feet in diameter.

    * 1920 - The Ball was replaced with an iron material Ball and
    weighing less than the original, only 400 pounds.

    * 1942 -1943 - Due to World War II, the descending of the Ball
    was suspended.

    * 1955 - The Ball gets replaced with a lighter Ball weighing 150

    * 1981 - 1988 - Due to I Love New York campaign, there are red
    light bulbs and green stem in a design of an apple.

    * 1989 - The traditional white bulbs again get put on the Ball.

    * 1995 - The Ball gets computerized, aluminium coated,
    rhinestoned, and has strobe light system.

    * 1998 - The aluminium Ball gets replaced.

    * 2000 onwards - The Ball gets an overhaul for the new millenium
    celebrations with a design from Waterford Crystal and new technology.
    It weighs 1070 pounds, measures six feet in diameter and installed
    with 504 crystal triangles, illuminated externally with 168 Philips
    halogen light bulbs and internally with 432 Philips light bulbs of
    clear, red, blue, green and yellow colors. Each year there is a theme
    in the Waterford crystal concept with a particular chunk of designed
    crystals being called something, and in previous years there have been
    for example "Hope for Fellowship," "Hope for Wisdom," "Hope
    Unity," "Hope for Courage," "Hope for Healing," "Hope for
    etc. There are strobe lights and mirrors to create bursts of
    excitement and special effects for the audience.

    Sources & External Links

    * Times Square Alliance - New Year's Eve

    * New Year's Eve in Times Square

    * Pictures of One Times Square Building and Flag Pole

    * The New Year's Eve Schedule

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    http://groups.google.com/group/FOOLED MOON LANDING HOAX RELIGIOUS.
    People were fooled by higher authorities that were motivated by
    religion into believing the moon landing. This continues even to this

    Link this story here www.del.icio.us and here www.furl.net
    moonlandinghoaxreligious, Jan 4, 2006
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    I'm having a lttle trouble with the concept of a square ball
    Nosterill, Jan 4, 2006
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