Tiger Direct took back item, will not refund my money

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by buggirlx, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. buggirlx

    buggirlx Guest

    Never under any circumstances buy anything from Tiger Direct.

    I bought a memory card for a phone, that was stolen later in the week,
    at my doctor's office at Kaiser, and I called them and tried to
    cancelled, but it was already shipped. The UPS left it without any
    slip. I went to Fed Ex and returned the item, and Tiger Direct signed
    for the item on Monday, September 25, 2006 But, they refuse to give me
    a refund. I have called them and emailed them several times, and they
    claim they will refund my pal pay account, but that have not done so.

    045799338185888 this fed ex tracking number with delivery confirmation
    proves they have signed for the item. Each time I call them, they say,
    it will take a few days. They have the item, yet they refuse to refund
    my money. The item was never opened from it's package, and was very
    used, and is still in the plastic container, making it fully salable.

    22224792 return authorization code

    Order Number

    So, now I am trying to get Pay Pal to do something about, because
    sometimes Tiger Direct claims they will refund my Pay Pal account, and
    other times they say, they are giving me a store credit, but I already
    told them I would never buy anything from Tiger Direct under any
    circumstances, and I wanted a refund. I should have just gotten the
    refund, without having to pursuit them like this. My friend was telling
    me on the phone that the computer prices are really great, but they are
    not worth dealing with. The phone support was extremely rude, as well.
    The email support receives no replies what so ever.

    I can see from what other people have posted this happens all the time.
    They do not seem to care what people think of them either. Stick with
    New Egg, and you will get perfect service every time.
    buggirlx, Oct 3, 2006
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  2. buggirlx

    Robert Baer Guest

    Sue them in small claims court.
    Robert Baer, Oct 3, 2006
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  3. buggirlx

    Brian Guest

    My job is shipping returns at the company I work for. Considering the
    information you have and have provided to Tiger Direct, your refund should
    be forthcoming. I know that it does take some time for the refund to be
    processed from the time it is initially posted to the time it arrives at the
    customers account. I am not defending Tiger but I know from experience that
    it takes up to a month for refunds to get back to the customer...its a
    banking thing...I would give them at least that much time to make things
    right before demanding that something be done.
    It is also possible with the number of items that are shipped, that your
    package has not been processed yet. Not that I agree with that philosophy
    either, but it does happen sometimes (the reason I have this job is because
    the last guy had that philosophy) See if you can talk with their shipping
    department, directly with the person that signed for the package if
    possible. Most people want to do the right thing but sometimes get caught up
    in thier day to day job that they forget what the real job is..the
    You are more likely to get your desired result by treating the people with
    kindness than if you were derrogotory. Also check their policy on returns
    and make sure you have a leg to stand on. Some companies require an RMA or
    charge a restock fee etc. Check the policy, make sure you know what they
    expect to do not what you want them to do.
    After all is said and done. If they offer you a store credit and will not
    budge, take it and buy something you need or want and be done with it. Don't
    let this issue eat at you forever. I'm not sure how much the sale was but
    memory cards are not that expensive and the amount you will pay in the long
    run outweighs the satisfaction you will get from sueing a company like Tiger
    Direct. The only positive way to make a company like that come to their
    senses is to stop buying from them, eventually they will change their ways
    or be out of business for lack of customers. You are the consumer, you have
    the power and companies know that, otherwise advetising would not be such a
    big business
    I hope you get your desired result but be willing to bend some to get out of
    a bad situation before it gets worse. I pass on this information from
    experience. I have been there and the longer the fight the less likely you
    are to win or to come out ahead. Take the paypal route as a last resort,
    another difficult avenue to pursue and not likely to provide satisfaction.
    If you had paid with a credit card that would be the best option because
    they can reverse the charges until the dispute is resolved.
    In short (already too late for that)
    Be informed
    Be nice
    Take what you can get
    Move on and tell your story to prevent others from becoming victims
    and yes use NewEgg, they have the right attitude

    Brian, Oct 3, 2006
  4. buggirlx

    Ruth Guest

    <it takes up to a month for refunds to get back to the customer...its a
    banking thing...>

    It never ceases to amaze me that a company can transfer money out of my
    account instantaneously, but claim it takes 30-60 days to return those same
    funds. This is not a "banking" thing, it is inefficiency at best; greed and
    terrible customer service at worst. No offense meant to you, Brian, but
    this is BS.

    I have found in the past that talking mentioning the Federal Banking
    Commission often gets desired results, if the funds were transferred from a
    bank account. Don't know what to tell you about a paypal transaction,

    Ruth, Oct 3, 2006
  5. buggirlx

    Alex Clayton Guest

    The "moral" to this story is not who you deal with, it's how you pay. NEVER
    buy anything mail order or on line that you do not pay for with a Credit
    Card. If you do, and they try to screw you, the bank will just take the
    money back and give it to you, assuming you live in the USA. Now you don't
    say how long this has been going on. If it has been several weeks since they
    got it back, then that's too long. If it was me I would file a claim with
    the bank, and the next day you would have the money back.
    Interesting you mention New Egg. They are the last one I had to do a
    charge back on. I had not since the days of the old phone Co monopoly seen
    the kind of blatant "screw you we don't care" attitude towards a customer.
    Long story but that was what they "tried" to tell me. I gave up, called the
    Bank, and presto, I had my money back and they were left to do as they wish.
    I will never buy anything from them again.
    Alex Clayton, Oct 3, 2006
  6. buggirlx

    russell Guest

    I've never had any trouble with Tiger Direct. They seem to be a first class
    co. in Miami, Fl. I will admit tho', I never returned anything. I think
    there are similiar problems with most companies on returned items. They
    just don't give it the same priority as sales!
    russell, Oct 3, 2006
  7. buggirlx

    JTJersey Guest

    Man oh man! First NewEgg, now Tiger Direct. What is this,
    alt.computer.distributers.badmouth? I've been dealing with both those
    outfits for years and have never run into problems like I'm hearing. Shit
    happens. You had a $52.98 transaction that didn't go the way you
    hoped and you spend an hour writing a disertation like you were going to
    the Supreme Court. I'd also suggest not putting so much detail into
    things like this. You never who is reading it.
    JTJersey, Oct 4, 2006
  8. buggirlx

    grappletech Guest

    I am not defending Tiger but I know from experience that it takes up to a
    I used to work at this place. A salesman spent (wasted) 2 hours working
    with this guy to get him what he wanted. 2 days later, the idiot returns
    wanting to return everything he had bought 2 days earlier. So we process
    the return and put a FULL refund into our system for 100% of the monies he
    paid us (we didn't even charge a restocking fee) and told him it'd be a few
    days for corporate to cut him a refund check and then they'd mail it. This
    idiot blows a fuse, starts screaming obscenities at everybody. The manager
    told him to leave. He refused. 911 was called. Next day, he calls, says
    he talked to an attorney (yeah right) and demands that we pay the NSF fees
    that his bank will charge him due to his not having enough money in his
    account to cover 4 checks because we didn't refund his money the day
    before! So he spent money he didn't have on our products. He called every
    3 hours to check on the status of his refund. F___ing pyscho. We put a
    rush on his refund to get this bastard out of our hair.
    grappletech, Oct 4, 2006
  9. buggirlx

    Robert Baer Guest

    If one sues in small claims court and wins, the other party must pay
    court costs on top of the judgement. And if collection is necessary,
    then those costs are also added.
    Robert Baer, Oct 4, 2006
  10. buggirlx

    Robert Baer Guest

    It seems that "PayPal" acts just like a bank, but is not considered a
    bank, that it is outside all banking rules and regulations.
    They are greedy for money like e-bay and if they manage to "F" the
    customer in the collection, they are happy.
    Robert Baer, Oct 4, 2006
  11. buggirlx

    olfart Guest

    If the complaintant lives in a different State then FL where TigerDirect is
    then small claims court will be a hassle. Also this is an internet purchase
    which crosses state lines look for a bigger hassle. Take Brian's advise.
    olfart, Oct 4, 2006
  12. buggirlx

    Alex Clayton Guest

    This being Usenet you never know. There are always people who are impossible
    to please. When I had my run in with New Egg I got several replies like
    yours. "I have bought from them many times, they were great". What all the
    people defending them did not seem to have is experience with a defective
    item. That is what tells you what a Co is made of. I buy a lot on line, love
    it. I buy almost everything except food on line. If you never got a
    defective item, then of course the Co seems fine. Now and then a bad item
    gets out, then is when you find out if they care. This is also why you
    should only pay with a credit card. If I had paid New Egg any other way I
    would have been out the $125.00 while they laughed. As it turned out I got
    my money back no problem, but they refused to work with me. The bank is a
    last resort, but if someone refuses to work with you, the bank will. This is
    the same with PayPal as long as you fund the transfer with a credit card,
    and you are in the US they can't rip you off.
    Alex Clayton, Oct 4, 2006
  13. buggirlx

    Brian Guest

    I have seen it where it shows that the transaction was refunded on our end
    but the customer says their bank does not show a payment yet..that is what I
    was implying and why I said it was a banking thing. Even in my own refund
    experience it usually takes a few days for the money to return to my
    creditcard, bank account etc...If the bank is telling you something
    different then check the internet for information on bank clearing
    houses...this is where the money gets funneled to so they can make the
    interest on it. Banks don't work for free (even for free checking) and they
    always seem to find ways to keep your money as long as possible, it's not
    always a problem on the retail end (not saying that doesn't happen) is what
    I'm saying.
    Brian, Oct 5, 2006
  14. buggirlx

    Brian Guest

    Sometimes...it is up to the judge in that case to determmine what the
    settlement will be and may not include the court costs even if you file for
    them. Plus they only work M-F 9-5 so guess who has to take off work to go to
    court?..and not get paid for that either
    Brian, Oct 5, 2006
  15. buggirlx

    Dan Jones Guest

    If you want service go to Radio Shack, If you want cheap products from a
    large e-tailer, go to Tiger, or New Egg, or many of the others. I have spent
    a few thousand dollars at Tiger and have not had any problems. I don't buy
    the rebate items, mainly because I forget to send them in within the 30 day
    limit. Although the last case I bought got me back a refund in about 40
    days. I have taken ads from them to Best Buy and Sears for price matching on
    a few occasions and have had very good luck (camera and flash memory). Seems
    to me you have to get better at playing the game and quit bitching.
    especially for a $50 item. If you would have checked the BBB you would have
    found out they are not great at customer service. So don't expect it and you
    won't be disappointed.
    Danno ( 4 laptops in 2 years from them)
    Dan Jones, Oct 5, 2006
  16. This is
    paypal have the entire "resolution centre" type thing.
    basically (if they find the seller to have ripped you off) they charge
    them the difference and put it into your account...in 180 days.
    even so i use paypal simply because its convenient. shrugs.
    David Fairbrother, Oct 5, 2006
  17. buggirlx

    Alex Clayton Guest

    I don't know if someone told you that, or you really "think" that's how it
    works, but in either case your way off. PayPal will freeze the funds in the
    sellers account if you file a claim. If the seller sends you a rock with a
    Delivery Confirmation, they (PayPal) will let the money go and tell you it's
    over. If the seller has no money in the account, PayPal will tell you "sorry
    we tried, you're out of luck". Now if you are in the USA and fund the
    payment through PayPal with a credit card, then all you have to do is file
    with the bank the credit card is on and they will yank the money back from
    PayPal. PayPal will not like it, but there is nothing they can do. I use
    PayPal all the time for Ebay purchases, it's a great tool. I always fund it
    with a credit card though just in case.
    Alex Clayton, Oct 5, 2006
  18. ....i found out from sellers who had been ripped off by buyers abusing
    the Resolution Centre.
    yep, they can't do much other then that.
    by doing that you're technically ripping off paypal. i wouldn't be
    suprised if they *suspended* your account, but that's probably not how
    it works either.
    yep, i use it as my main payment method
    good idea ;p
    David Fairbrother, Oct 5, 2006
  19. buggirlx

    Alex Clayton Guest

    No you are not "ripping" PayPal. They agree to terms set by the banks to
    accept credit cards, just like any other business does. They know how it
    works and agree to it. If they have to eat a charge because one of their
    customers was a crook, that's life, they let the crook have an account, so
    they are responsible, not you.
    No they will not suspend your account, as long as you follow the rules. If
    they did, they would soon have only scammers using them. They are part of
    Ebay now, and are trying to get rid of the bad and keep the good, not the
    other way around.
    Alex Clayton, Oct 5, 2006
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