tie trunk with voip multiservice platform network modules

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Damon, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Damon

    Damon Guest

    Seems like this question must have been asked a thousand times, but I
    can not find the information I need.

    I have a lucent definity PBX in the USA and a lucent partner PBX in
    Mexico, as well a IPSEC IP Link. Ihe IP link between the locations is
    pretty low latency/low jitter so it should support compressed voip via
    h.323 or SIP (or cisco).

    The router in the USA is a cisco 3620 with an open slot
    the router in mexico is a 1721, so it is not modular and not voice

    I am looking to do a voip tie between the two pbx's so that a user on
    either end could dial a trunk access code to connect via a voip link
    to the remote pbx

    what this would require is analog dial tone interface on both sides
    (on the VICs) with a nailed up dial pattern so as soon as the line
    goes off hook at either end the opposite end rings without any further
    dialing or signaling.

    The voip VICs would connect to an analog trunk port on the PBXs that
    expect dial tone.

    The right solution would be similar to a two-way "bat phone" or
    hotline where when one end goes off hook the other end rings, if you
    removed the pbx's from the equation and connected two analog phone
    sets the result would be the same -- when the local end went off hook
    the remote end would ring and vice-versa (two-way, either direction).

    Can this be done with cisco voip? is it PLAR? what about without
    upgrading the 1721 to a voice platform (such as with one of the ATA
    products at that end).

    I know I would need at least a NM-1V and VIC-?FX? at the 3620 end, but
    what about the 1721 end, and is there a sample config doc online

    I know I am asking for a spoon feeding, but I have searched for a
    couple of hours and am not confident I understand yet.

    Thanks to anyone that has the knowledge and a few minutes to post a

    Damon Estep
    SOHO Systems
    Damon, Aug 4, 2004
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