Thunderbird: read newsgroups?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Tinklemagoo, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Tinklemagoo

    Tinklemagoo Guest

    Does Thunderbird have the ability to read Newsgroups?

    Would be convenient to have a combined mail and newsgroup in Thunderbird.
    Tinklemagoo, Sep 15, 2003
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  2. Tinklemagoo

    Jacob Riis Guest

    yes it also has a newsreader. I don't think it is great for newsgroups. But
    check the programme for yourselves and see if you like it. The mail client
    part is pretty good.
    Jacob Riis, Sep 15, 2003
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  3. Mail is better then News, but I find News good enough for my needs.

    Leonidas Jones, Sep 15, 2003
  4. Tinklemagoo

    Axl Guest

    Same here...One thing I did like about Outlook Express as a news reader
    was the ability to flag headers so I could keep track of the discussions
    I wanted, but I found marking headers as 'important' so it highlights
    them red works fairly well.
    Axl, Sep 16, 2003
  5. I actually find the red "important" highlight works better for me. Its
    all in what you're used to I guess. I haven't used OE as a newsreader
    in 16 months, and I don't miss it a bit.

    Leonidas Jones, Sep 16, 2003
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