Thunderbird: puzzling behaviour

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Stefano, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Stefano

    Stefano Guest

    Hi, I have this strange problem. Running on XP SP2, latest thunderbird
    version. Nod32 as antivirus.

    So, in the last days thunderbird gave me some trouble. It started to
    take forever to process the msgbase at startup. I could see the progress
    bar sluggishly moving forward. Then ok, checks email and works ok 1st
    time, then after a while as I tried to look again in incoming mail
    folder, it wouldn't show mail in the windows on the right, which was
    blank. The prog bar moved on but very slowly and ended up on hanging the
    program which needed to be terminated.

    Ok, so first I try to delete ALL MAIL to see if i could "fix" the
    msgbase by purging the culprit mail. No use. I uninstalled and
    reinstalled, configured accounts from scratches and it was ok. So I
    figured it was a DLL problem or something, and I copied in the backup I
    formerly made.

    Now, it's SLIGHTLY better. It's sluggish on startup but then works fine
    and doesn't hang. The problem is, it doesn't do self-check of email
    anymore on the set interval. Neither does it when I click on the get
    mail button.
    BUT it does check email if i click on the right of the button, open
    menu, and select "get all mail" (sorry dont' know exact entry name in

    Mi opinion is still that the msgbase has been someway corrupt. Yours?
    In case you agree, are there tools to purge or fix thunderbird msgbase,
    or maybe just rebuild it... Maybe something that'd let me export and
    reimport all mails in a brand new msgbase...?

    THANKS and sorry for lengthy post, I've tried to be specific.


    P.S. BTW I'm also running freepops, a demon to check web-only mails tru
    POP3, but it's completely stand-alone and anyway the problem remains if
    I shut it down.
    Stefano, Jun 9, 2006
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  2. Stefano

    gwtc Guest

    Close TB. Then using your file manager, locate the mail section
    within your profile. Once found, delete all the *.msf files.

    To locate your profile you can read this:

    but if you're using windows, then you must read this first:
    gwtc, Jun 9, 2006
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