thunderbird IMAP outgoing problem

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by mr, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. mr

    mr Guest

    Running most recent version of thunderbird OS X 10.3.5; using IMAP server.

    problem: messages take a long time to send and writing to "sent mail" is
    a problem. Thunderbird ends up sending the letter two or three times.

    any ideas how to solve this problem?
    mr, Aug 18, 2004
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  2. mr

    Moz Champion Guest

    What IMAP system are you running/using (the system on the server actually)
    Moz Champion, Aug 26, 2004
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  3. mr


    May 24, 2011
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    Hey im having the same problem with thunderbird on windows its really killing me.

    my email servers are Ubuntu using SSL auth on the port 993 with self signed certificates. i have over 40 different emails scattered on a few different servers.

    with other email clients such as zimbra or windows live mail i have no problem using my mail at all. but sadly these other clients have problems that make it impossible for me to use them, zimbra the zone where your emails are listed does not scroll, so when you have more than x emails in there youre screwed. windows live mail does not appear to have the option of permanently accepting a self signed certificate, so every time i start it i have to approve 40 certificates again and its long

    i also like to use an extension on thunderbird so it can go in the system tray when i close it so i can know when im doing something else and i receive a message.

    receiving mail on thunderbird does not pose a problem. but for some reason sending does not work about 75% of the time. when i try to send what happens is that is gets stuck at "looking for r*****" thats my outgoing mail server that i have to use with my ISP here at home. but i suspect that the problem is not that it cant find my outgoing mail server cos when i ping it it always works. i suspect that it gets stuck on whichever small steps happens after that but doesnt have a message so the message "looking for r*****" stays stuck there when it gets stuck on whatever little step it gets stuck at. thats when sending with my own emails in there. i also use gmail with imap and the problem happens too but with gmail it gets stuck at "sending" instead.

    also when that problem happens if you click "Cancel" and try again it wont work the only way to fix it is to shut down thunderbird, reopen it and then it may work, but sometimes you may need to restart a bunch of times before getting it to work.

    to make things worst, when this problem happens you cannot seem to save a draft of your email you were trying to send either, that too just hangs when you try it. these 2 problems seem to happen at the same time. so you have to rewrite your email again and again or copy and paste it or save it in a notepad... very annoying!!!!!

    now i would think probably something is wrong with my servers imap setup. but the thing is that this problem only happens in thunderbird. if i try on zimbra i never have a single problem, everything just always works, right away...
    barbur, May 24, 2011
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