Thunderbird -how to block this particular spam

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by tonyjeffs, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. tonyjeffs

    tonyjeffs Guest

    I'm fairly new to Thunderbird and am impressed with it.
    There is one specific form of spam that I can't filter:
    It comprises a 'picture of text' giving advice on the stockmarket,
    followed by random text. The sender title and headers are different
    every time, so there's nothing consistent that i can see to use in a
    Any ideas?

    tonyjeffs, Oct 25, 2006
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  2. tonyjeffs

    me Guest

    You and everyone else it seems.
    My ISP has a blocker and they did not catch these either. Looking at
    the headers these always come from outside the USA. I think my ISP
    finally found a way because these spams recently stopped. Prior to
    that, I blocked ALL attachments such as .GIF files, but i kept getting
    the random text portions which are nothing but words that mean nothing
    at all. Very annoying. At one point I asked them if there was a way to
    block all mail from outside the USA but they said they could not. I
    hope they finally solved this.
    me, Oct 27, 2006
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  3. Au contraire. Junk Mail Controls handles these type of spam quite easily.

    As I just proved for someone else on this group, my JMC is catching the
    spam he is having problems with. My JMC is running at about 99.8% catch
    ratio (i.e. for every 200 spam I get, one makes it to my inbox)

    If your JMC is not performing at that level, then its time to take a
    good look at it. What is the size of your training.dat file (its in your
    Mozilla Champion (Dan), Oct 27, 2006
  4. Couple JMC to pamassassin and you ought to get an order of magnitude
    improvement in your spam catching!
    John Thompson, Oct 29, 2006

  5. Really? How would you improve 99.8% by an order of magnitude?

    For every 200 spam sent to me, I see 1 in my inbox. I doubt if adding
    Spamassassin to the mix would improve that result at all.

    And since you, to get the benefit of both, have to go thru the
    spamassassin catch and mark them with JMC, it takes MORE time to boot!

    Whats the benefit of spamassassin if you have to go through and mark
    them as Junk anyway? Mark them as junk WITHOUT spamassassin, and in time
    you wont have to.

    Is YOUR combination of Spamassassin and JMC catching better than 99.8
    Mozilla Champion (Dan), Oct 29, 2006
  6. By getting 99.98% of the spam?
    Outy of more than 700 spams, I get only one false negative. Not quite
    "an order of magnitude" improvement, I guess, but pretty close.
    I run spamassassin on a separate machine, which serves mail to my home
    network. It is very seldom rebooted (runs FreeBSD) so boot time is not
    an issue.
    I don't strictly *have* to mark them as spam for the JMC, since
    spamassassin has already done so, but as long as I'm reviewing what went
    into the Junk folder, it's not a terrible burden to do so anyway.
    John Thompson, Oct 31, 2006
  7. Incorrect: an order of magnitude would see you catch 999% of spam, an
    inrease from 99.8 to 99.98 is not a 'order of magnitude', its a simple
    incremental increase.
    Okay, lets see, out of the last 2000 spams I havent had a false postive
    so what improvement do I need?
    Well, I dont run seperate machines and neither do most people.
    So what is your combination catching?
    Mozilla Champion (Dan), Oct 31, 2006
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