Thunderbird email retention policy question

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Timo Salmi, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Timo Salmi

    Timo Salmi Guest

    Thunderbird Windows XP SP3, connecting to an IMAP mail server.
    Setting mail folder's Properties | Retention Policy | Delete messages
    older than to X days. If I set the that for the Junk folder the older
    than X days messages will be sent to th Trash folder (which is how I
    prefer it). However, for the folders I have created, and set similarly
    the older than X days messages are deleted outright without the
    intermediate step through the Trash folder. My question, is there a way
    to control that behavior? Through about:config or something else. I've
    done the usual searches without finding the answer.

    All the best, Timo
    Timo Salmi, Mar 31, 2009
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