Thunderbird doesn't allow cross posting?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Tim Howard, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Tim Howard

    Tim Howard Guest

    I just recently set up Thunderbird. When responding to a post on a
    newsgroup, I got an error message saying that I could only post to one
    newsgroup at a time. If I am wrong to blame Thunderbird, let me say
    that my ISP and newsserver do allow multiple posts because I have been
    with them for awhile. Is this Thunderbird's doing and is there any way
    around it? I tried posting this now to more than one group and it is
    not working.
    Tim Howard, Feb 3, 2007
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  2. Tim Howard

    Ralph Fox Guest

    Thunderbird certainly allows cross-posting. See this message for an example.

    Do you know how many groups was your message being posted to?
    And does your ISP's news server carry all of these groups?
    Now I am confused. Are you multi-posting, or are you cross-posting?
    Multiple posts are where you post the message multiple times, each time
    to one group. Each post will have only one newsgroup in the header.
    Cross-posts are where you post the message once, with multiple
    newsgroups in the header.

    I don't believe that it is Thunderbird's doing.
    This message is cross-posted with Thunderbird.
    Ralph Fox, Feb 3, 2007
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  3. I wish Thunderbird had that feature, but alas it doesnt.

    That is a function of the news server you were on, not Thunderbird

    Please do not Crosspost
    Moz Champion (Dan), Feb 3, 2007
  4. Tim Howard

    Makhno Guest

    Makhno, Feb 3, 2007

  5. I would not have as much of a problem with crossposting as I do if
    people would, 1) make note of the crosspost in the body of the message,
    and 2) set a followup for the desired newsgroup in which discussion is
    to take place. If everyone did this, it would not be such an issue.

    Leonidas Jones, Feb 4, 2007
  6. Tim Howard

    sticks Guest

    His opinion. Definitely not the consensus here.
    No, problem is usenet does not work like most people would have liked.
    If you crosspost, you bring together people who quite often don't like
    each other or play nice together. Flame wars erupt. Insults are
    common. Threads go more topical in one group than the other, often for
    eons. Spamming has gotten so bad, a large percentage of people mark
    threads read if there is a comma in groups header.

    The only one crossposting helps is the OP. Easier for him/her.
    Crossposting sucks.
    sticks, Feb 4, 2007
  7. Crossposting (posting a message in multiple groups with the same
    Message-ID) to a limited number of pertinent groups is acceptable, as
    once read. properly designed newsreader software will mark the message
    as "read" in all groups to which it was crossposted. What is
    objectionable is *multiposting* -- posting identical messages in
    multiple groups but with a different Message-ID in each group. This
    breaks proper newsreader functionality and requires the user to
    individually mark each instance of the message as "read" in each group
    in which it appears. Spammers like to do this to increase exposure to
    their messages, so don't do it unless you want to be identified with
    John Thompson, Feb 4, 2007
  8. Crossposting to a limited number of pertinent groups is appropriate.
    Filter on multiple commas instead; e.g. dump anything with more than,
    say, 5 commas in the Newsgroups: header line.
    John Thompson, Feb 4, 2007
  9. Tim Howard

    elaich Guest

    Not any more. Crossposting is almost exclusively used these days by trolls
    trying to start multi-group flame wars. Things have changed.
    elaich, Feb 6, 2007
  10. Tim Howard

    Timo Salmi Guest

    Wrong interpretation and impression. It is primarily about why one
    should not multi-post when posting to several newsgroups is for some
    reason necessary. A comparison of two techniques, not a recommendation.

    All the best, Timo
    Timo Salmi, Feb 6, 2007
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