Thunderbird and Eternal September

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Hugh - Was Invisible, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I understand that I am not the only one that is getting repeated
    requests to input my logon and password for Eternal September which is
    working intermittently with Thunderbird. Users of other newsreaders seem
    to be unaffected.

    Anyone know how to solve the problem.

    After years of using Thunderbird I am contemplating trying the new Opera
    Beta unless I can get Thunderbird sorted.

    I have also recently moved from Firefox to Chrome because of non/slow
    loading pages in Firefox after years of being happy with Firefox. Chrome
    is not so user friendly but is so fast.

    Windows 7 64 bit.

    TIA for any ideas

    Hugh - Was Invisible, Nov 25, 2011
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  2. Hugh - Was Invisible

    The Azz Man! Guest

    N$A Browser with Keylogger

    Sorry, I do use Eternal September but havent used Thunderbird in years. Try
    asking in


    President of alt.politics,, & talk.politics.misc
    Fanfiction Committee Chairman of
    The Azz Man!, Dec 2, 2011
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