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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Keiran Haley, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Keiran Haley

    Keiran Haley Guest

    I am currently training at a Microsoft Academy, the first of it's kind in
    South East England. I have read with frustration the posts regarding the
    worthlessness of the MCSE accreditation. I am using this course to get a
    foot in the door of the IT industry, I neither expect it to get me a
    top-dollar job or a top-shelf one at that. I do intend to follow up this
    course with maybe a Cisco networking cert and/or a Novell cert. Frankly, I
    have had a love of computing since a very early age and my first ZX
    spectrum, and now I'm sick of the building trade and need a change of

    Surely these certifications provide a sound knowledge base from which to
    START? All of the naysayers comments seem to revolve around one thing,
    experience. Well I seem to remember after having passed my driving test it
    took me a little while to get used to driving on my own, with no instructor
    to point out or correct my mistakes. That my friends, is the way it is.
    Unfortunately no, experience cannot be bought, and no matter how many certs
    you have they will never be a substitute for knowledge gained from years in
    the field.... BUT, everyone has to start somewhere.

    Spare a thought for the people just starting out, regardless of what you may
    think of the MCSE, we have still paid for the course as that is where our
    interest lies. We are still studying hard to achieve the recognition, and
    then we have to spend the first four years or so of our employment proving
    ourselves still!

    There may be a slump in the IT industry of late, but we all know that after
    slumps there is generally a boom and when there is, there will be more than
    enough work to go around. Less of the bickering ladies and gentlemen please.
    Keiran Haley, Jul 31, 2003
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  2. Keiran Haley

    billyw Guest

    the thing you are picking up on is the fact that people are frustrated with
    the state of the industry and the fact that the cert has been devalued to an
    extent due to the brain dumpers etc.
    as long as you study the subject and get to know it in a more general
    setting.. home lab not just the school u should be ok.
    i was in your position a few years back and i started my own thing because,
    well basically no one was daft enuff to give me a job.
    only recently got mcse because a few clients asked if i was.
    billyw, Jul 31, 2003
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  3. Keiran Haley

    booby orr Guest

    Keiran, IT industry trends are differend from place to place. people on
    this NG are from all over the world.

    IMHO, the IT industry isn't that bleak. what you may be seeing is a
    overall change in the "nature" of how the job is being "required" to be

    1) number of users and server responsibility per admin is increasing.
    the "grunt work" is slowly being phased out of the job requirement.
    compared with a couple of years ago, i hardly do any hardware
    troubleshooting anymore. if it's hardware related, it goes right back to
    vendor, they send a new one with the same config same or next day. you
    pay extra for that service but you don't waste your time trying to fix
    something that can be done by someone else 10 times faster.

    2) IT departmes are shrinking because technology is advancing. that's
    your Active Directory, NDS, RIS, ghost cast servers, remote desktop
    mgtm. and all those nifty new things that allow you to "macro" manage
    your network (servers, users, computers, e.t.c...) by sitting on your
    "ass". (yes, it is officially "ASS" week!).

    3) and yes, IT departments are getting smaller and management is getting
    smarter & in some cases tech savvy. the days of blatantly bullshitting
    management that it takes 4 hours to do a 15 minute job so you can sit
    around and play quake on the dummy test network while everyone else is
    "really" working are over. i used to work in a 5 man department in the
    mid 90's. now is't just 2 guys - so at least one guy can go on holidays
    while the other covers for him.

    but back to MCSE & training value. it's the same as anything else in
    life, it's what you know, how well you do it and who you blow.

    good luck
    booby orr, Jul 31, 2003
  4. Keiran Haley

    Consultant Guest

    logical thinker.

    not bleak at all. i see many opportunities for folks with my years of
    experience and vast skillset. now if you are in IT manufacturing, you're
    pretty screwed.
    Consultant, Jul 31, 2003
  5. Keiran Haley

    Consultant Guest

    and like working for 3 dollars a day

    Consultant, Jul 31, 2003
  6. Keiran Haley

    booby orr Guest

    not even. try $1.00 to $1.50 -that's, if you are lucky.
    booby orr, Jul 31, 2003
  7. Keiran Haley

    znakomi Guest

    IMHO, don't waste a moment for the negative. You'll never
    know what it's worth until after you have your first MCSE.
    Then you'll know to a better degree what you were capable
    of doing, and there's a lot of value in that. Also as you
    say, "if it gets you in the door", well then, it was worth
    everything. And if nothing else, learning cuts down on
    alzheimers. Networking is the greatest computer game!
    znakomi, Jul 31, 2003
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