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    This week I have 11 new DVD reviews and on TV review, but before I begin I just
    want to congratulate the winners of the "Kiss Symphony: The DVD" sets who are
    Charles delaVergne in Metairie, Louisiana and Dave Burgess, in Toronto,
    Ontario. Thank you for participating! Tomorrow is the last day to enter the
    "High School Reunion Collection" contest and be won of three winners to get
    their own set so give it a shot. Here is the link:

    Universal Studios Home Video is also sponsoring a contest where a winner and
    one guest can attend the Galacticacon Convention. To enter click the link here:

    Now here are this week's new reviews:

    Star Trek: Enterprise Third Season Premiere: The Xindi:

    Star Blazers: The Bolar Wars: Season Three - The Lost Episodes: Part V:

    The Core:

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Complete Second Season On DVD:

    Sixteen Candles: High School Reunion Collection:

    The Breakfast Club: High School Reunion Collection:

    Weird Science: High School Reunion Collection:

    Leon: The Professional: Superbit:

    Lawrence Of Arabia: Superbit:

    Hook: Superbit:

    Kiss Symphony: The DVD:

    God, Sex And Apple Pie:

    Please drop by and visit... Thank you.

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    Mark A. Rivera

    Writer R5, Sep 12, 2003
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