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    This week I have an unusually short weekly update in part because of the
    Holiday weekend and because of the nature of the sets I reviewed, however there
    are a lot of DVD reviews and other media reviews coming soon and nearly every
    day. Expect a ton of TV on DVD and more Halloween horror titles than you can
    chatter your teeth at. Lest we forget the summer blockbusters coming this fall
    and more so please drop by the site often.

    I am running two contests in association with Universal Studios Home Video. You
    can access them by visiting the main page and enter a chance to win cool
    Battlestar Galactica prizes as well as one of three High School Reunion DVD Box
    Sets. Here are the direct links:

    Galactica Fly Away Sweepstakes:

    High School Reunion DVD Contest:

    You got to be in it to win it so please give it a shot. Now here are this
    week's new media reviews:

    X2: X-Men United: Widecreen: Two Disc Set:

    X-Men Evolution: The Complete First Season On DVD: Four Disc Set:

    ALIAS: The Complete First Season: Six-Disc Set:

    Justice League: Third Season Premiere: Tabula Rasa, Parts 1 & 2:

    Please drop by the website and visit. Thank you.


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    Mark A. Rivera

    Writer R5, Sep 5, 2003
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