Third World Gang Warfare Becomes Biggest Police Concern

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    "Divided by Diversity ???"
    Gun crime committed by Third World-origin immigrants and their
    children has become the Metropolitan Police’s biggest area of concern
    as this year marks the predicted minority status of white people in
    Britain’s capital city.

    A new report on crime in London shows that although the total number
    of offenses fell, gangland shootings have led to a big rise in gun

    Violent attacks were also up and senior officers said there were
    “grave concerns” over the rises.

    The number of offences involving guns, which also includes cases where
    criminals claimed to be armed, went up by 49 percent to 3,306 cases
    from 2,224 in 2008, the police said.

    Gangsters engaged in drug and turf wars are increasingly using
    firearms to settle scores, and often only the skill of paramedics
    prevented shootings becoming murders.

    According to the report, the number of incidents of “youth violence
    cases” fell by 3.5 percent to “only” 20,272, meaning that there were
    55 attacks every day, or over two per hour.

    There were also “only” 130 murders in London last year, a drop of 25
    from the previous year. Detectives ascribed the small decline to
    “massive rises in the number of stop and searches” on the streets.

    There were large increases in several other categories of crime.
    Residential burglaries rose by nearly six percent to 62,081.

    Violent crime also rose to a total of 175,000 offences. There was a 24
    percent increase in the number of rapes, up from 2,131 to 2,646.

    In 2007, the Third World-origin population of London was estimated to
    be more than two million, or about 30 percent of the total.

    That same year, an official study showed that white British-born
    children were already the minority in many London schools.

    A study made by Anthony Browne and published in The Guardian newspaper
    in September 2000, predicted that whites would be a minority in London
    by 2010.

    The article also predicted that whites would be a minority in all of
    Britain by 2100. Given immigration levels of the last decade, that
    figure is probably several decades too long.

    Only the British National Party is dedicated to keeping Britain
    British. This is the same right demanded by every other indigenous
    people on earth, and has nothing to do with hating anyone — only a
    desire to preserve one’s own.

    Will you accept the challenge of ensuring that Britain remains
    my, Jan 24, 2010
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