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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Mark, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Please accept my apologies if you think this is unsuitable traffic for
    this group.

    I'm looking for a someone who wants a UK Master's degree to
    take part in an unusual research project- full details below. The
    candidate will have to be an EU national unless you can pay your own
    tuition fees (sorry!).

    It'll be at Cranfield University which is 1 hour north of London. The
    topic is 'how well can a train/car driver see signs and signals in bad
    weather or bad light', or 'how well can someone in a burning building
    see the signs that point their escape route'. We'd like to make our
    roads and buildings safer.

    This is a fully funded MSc by Research supervised jointly by the
    Optical Diagnostics Group and the Human Factors Group within the
    School of Engineering of Cranfield University. A bursary of £8,000
    plus full tuition fees will be paid.

    The project will involve adapting an existing software tool to
    simulate the propagation of light in visually sub-optimal conditions.
    For example, these include conditions of fog and rain, smoke from
    fire, poor artificial lighting, or when the sun is low on the horizon.
    Once the code has been modified, additional work will be required to
    simulate and model human perception in such conditions, considering
    the responses and limitations of the visual system. The tool will then
    need to be validated in a range of scenarios, such as the design of
    fire escape signage and routes, and the placement of road and railway
    signals for optimal visibility.

    To apply, you should have experience of programming (in any language),
    and an interest in applying basic physics to real-world human factors
    problems. Experience in human factors is desirable but not necessary,
    as the successful candidate will be given the opportunity to attend
    postgraduate human factors modules relevant to the research project.

    On successful completion of the degree, there may be the possibility
    of further study or employment at Cranfield University. For further
    information, please contact Dr Mark Jermy on +44 (0)1234 754680 or
    Mark, Oct 31, 2003
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