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    For a COMPLETE review with detailed into, screen shots, etc., please
    visit the direct link:

    Here is a list of some of our other recent DVD reviews:

    The Honeymooners - Classic 39 Episodes - DVD Review

    Mail Call - The Best of Season One - DVD Review

    The Eye - DVD Review

    Primary - DVD Review

    Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights - DVD Review

    Hulk - DVD Review

    Sleepless In Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition) - DVD Review

    Whale Rider - DVD Review

    Cronos - DVD Review

    Black Sunday - DVD Review

    Charlie's Angels Full Throttle - DVD Review

    The Adventures Of Indiana Jones Trilogy - Dvd Review
    (Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Temple Of Doom, The Last Crusade)

    Once Upon Atari - DVD Review

    For this, other DVD reviews, and our message forum, please visit:

    Thanks, and enjoy.
    Mike McGee, Nov 16, 2003
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