Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Mike McGee, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Mike McGee

    Mike McGee Guest

    For a COMPLETE DVD review with detailed into, screen shots, etc.,
    please visit the direct link:

    Here is a list of some of our other recent DVD reviews:

    Barbarians (History Channel) DVD Review

    My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports DVD Review

    The Lion King 1 1/2 DVD Review

    Lost in Translation DVD Review

    Intolerable Cruelty DVD Review

    Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team DVD

    Open Range DVD Review

    In The Cut (Uncut/Unrated Director's Edition) DVD Review

    For this, other DVD reviews, and our message forum, please visit:

    Thanks, and enjoy.
    Mike McGee, Feb 18, 2004
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  2. Mike McGee

    Marc Guest

    [ snipped long list of DVDs ]

    Crossposted over 3 newsgroups. And every review with your
    Amazon-partner tag ("tdr-20" = thedigitalreview?), which apparently
    financially benefits you.

    How much money you make via Amazon each month?

    If you would be fair, you would be doing a price-comparison on your
    site, but you are only interested in leading visitors to Amazon, it

    I guess we shall be glad that ebay or amazon themselves haven't
    discovered Usenet yet for their product-announcements?

    Usenet will be going down the tubes this way. Yeah, I understand all
    your motives...still sucks. Imagine everybody acted like you.
    Marc, Feb 18, 2004
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  3. Mike McGee

    Mike McGee Guest

    Get your facts straight. This DVD review wasn't crossposted to OVER
    three newsgroups. It was properly cross posted to three EXACT
    newsgroups, all of which are specific to the Frasier DVD being
    reviewed. (,,
    Not enough to even cover the web hosting fees since every DVD review
    has screenshots which take up bandwidth. I'm not complaining, but hey,
    you asked.
    Again, do you even smell the b.s. you're shovelling? If you would
    actually read a review, rather than just spouting off, you'd see that
    right under the DVD cover art you will find an amazon icon AS WELL AS
    the price grabber comparison shopper link for each title. This searches
    supported sites like Amazon, Deep Discount,, Wal-Mart,
    DVDSoon, CD universe, DVD Empire, PlayCentric, etc to show the lowest
    available price for the DVD.

    No comparison shopper link is fully complete. None. But this at least
    samples a lot of popular sites like the ones I've listed above to see
    the lowest price.

    Oh but wait, since it has "thedigitalreview" in the domain title,
    meaning I get a whopping 5 cents or so per clickthrough, (not click,
    clickthrough) then you'll dismiss this as well, right? I can honestly
    say that I've never even been paid out from this comparision shopper
    link since you need over $20 in profits to get a payment. Thus, I've
    made NOTHING on it. Again, I'm not complaining because this link offers
    the best quick method of offering readers a way to price shop on a DVD.
    No system is perfect, but the systems provided by pricegrabber and offer the best alternatives. Since I've made nothing on
    it, if I was only interested in making money off the link, you'd think
    I'd remove it. I won't. is a great site as well, but
    they get a small kickback as well. That doesn't discredit their free
    service to you either.
    Imagine if everyone acted like YOU? You many think that my post was
    useless, but at least it offered actual content appropriate to the
    newsgroup. If someone wanted to know what the transfer was like for the
    Frasier season two DVD, they could read the review and get a better
    understanding of the content. There are no pop ups, annoying ads, or
    anything like that on my site. They can even see sample screenshots
    from the show as well as detailed info on the extras to help make a
    buying choice.

    Your post on the other hand offers none of that. You spent time
    criticizing a review you obviously didn't read. That's usually the
    first sign of someone acting like a Usenet cop for the rest of us. Some
    people like reviews, others don't. Don't act like you speak for

    And before you ask me to post any reviews here instead of links, be
    aware that these are formatted in vB code (smiliar to HTML) including
    screenshots and other formatting to make the reviews easy to read on
    the site. I'm not taking the time to strip code and remove content from
    the reviews (screenshots, links, etc,) just to please you when you can
    click the link and read the fully formatted review with screenshots,
    Mike McGee, Feb 18, 2004
  4. Mike McGee

    Justin Guest

    Mike McGee wrote on [Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:22:13 GMT]:
    And thanks for crossposting
    Justin, Feb 18, 2004
  5. Mike McGee

    Marc Guest

    That unwillingness was exactly my beef with this. (And take note that
    I have not called it "spam")

    You don't give anything back to the Usenet-community, you _only_ want
    to direct people from Usenet to your website. (And only then I find
    those amazon-partner-tags a bit tacky)

    And it seems indeed to be your prime motive to get people to "click
    over" to your site, at least you claimed so yourself, as the archives
    reveal:[email protected]

    Why not take an example in postings in the style as in (or other NGs like a.s.g., etc. also post full
    articles) and post the ascii-text of your review, so anyone can read
    it quick, and those who want _more_ infos (like pics, etc.) beyond the
    ascii visit your site?

    This way you would have made also a contribution to Usenet without
    forcing folks to pull up the browser and one to be stored in the
    eternal usenet-archives (also for when your site is perhaps long
    vanished from the Net), and still made your site more public?

    That was my point.

    And regarding your argument of "I'm not taking the time to strip the
    code": Don't be dishonest. The invention of c&p isn't that secret.
    Here is the intro of your review - took me exactly _2_ seconds. (Not
    that posting the full thing would have been more time-consuming).


    Paramount // 1994-95 // Region 1 // US/Canada // 553 Minutes // Not
    DVD Release Date: January 6th, 2004
    Stars: Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves,
    Peri Gilpin
    Created by: David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee
    Reviewed by Mike McGee // February 17th, 2004

    Memorable Quote
    "In case you haven't noticed dad, it does get a little damp around
    here. For God sakes, the state flower is mildew!"

    Series Review (A-)

    At first it was hard to believe that the one character who got the
    official spin-off from Cheers was Frasier Crane. I can remember when
    they first announced that Frasier would be the next collaboration from
    the Cheers team, and it seemed like a horrible idea at the time. Boy,
    was I wrong. No one could have imagined that not only would Frasier be
    a successful sitcom, but it would have a full run of eleven seasons,
    equaling that of its parent series Cheers.

    [.....long rest snipped....]
    Marc, Feb 18, 2004
  6. Mike McGee

    Mike Kohary Guest

    rofl...spoken like someone who has never been an Amazon affiliate. Yeah,
    these guys are just getting *rich* off their referrals. <rolling eyes>

    We're not going to start another "what is spam" thread, are we? If you are,
    I'll be right here to ridicule and make fun of you.

    Mike Kohary, Feb 18, 2004
  7. Mike McGee

    Justin Guest

    Mike Kohary wrote on [Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:01:06 -0800]:

    A trademark used for a canned meat product consisting primarily of
    chopped pork pressed into a loaf.
    Justin, Feb 18, 2004
  8. Mike McGee

    TSKO Guest

    I bet Writer R5 is sitting back saying to himself..."finally, someone else".
    Its amazing to me as to how much time and energy is spent on this newsgroup
    whining and complaining about basically stupid crap.
    Get over yourselves and learn to appreciate the time and energy that ppl
    like Writer R5 and Mike spend putting out well thought out reviews instead
    of whining about crossposting, spam or whatever annoys you for the day.
    TSKO, Feb 18, 2004
  9. Mike McGee

    Marc Guest

    Huh, no...but can be nice nonetheless.

    Friend of mine had a well-coded site up in the first 10 hits on google
    on certain words, made him 200-400$ each month for a while. (though
    that was well before amazon majorly lowered its percentages - and
    before those linkfarms swamped google. His was a real content-site,
    though one without updates - once written, no more work needed).
    Naaa, "spam" didn't come to mind. More something about the apparent
    illusion of a Usenet-culture contributing more than just a URL in a

    Though the prospect of a display of your humour-talent is quite
    tempting. So I'll bite. "What is spam?" A song by Monty Python
    Marc, Feb 18, 2004
  10. Mike McGee

    Mike McGee Guest

    Marc, I love how you used typical Usenet style, and didn't quote or
    reply to ANY of the references I made earlier in my post.

    1. You said I cross posted to more than three groups. Wrong.
    2. You said I didn't offer price comparison and only an amazon link.

    At least I had the courtesy to reply to each of your original points.
    I guess "Usenet is going down the tubes" as you say, so you didn't
    bother to apologize for your incorrect statements. Ah well, run for the
    hills, Usenet is going down in flames! ;)
    Your copy/paste example shows two things:

    1. That you had to open the review up in a web brower in order to make
    that example. So your beef that "This way you would have made also a
    contribution to Usenet without forcing folks to pull up the browser "
    can't be that bad if you were willing to open up your browser for that
    example. Plus searching the history of my posts on google....
    (Ummm...scary, too much free time?)

    2. The copy/paste example doesn't have the comparison shopper button
    that you insisted I included in your first reply. So which is it?!

    Again, you start a site and do it your way. I'll do mine my way.

    My reviews are made to be completely free, include screen shots (which
    many sites DO NOT do), and offer an experience where readers can
    evaluate the disc as much as possible without learning the hard way.
    (For example, my recent review of "Barbarians" from the History channel
    lists "anamorphic widescreen transfer" as a feature. it's NOT
    anamorphic.) This is the type of thing that hopefully readers can use
    in making buying decisions.

    Again, you start something your way, I'll do it my way. If you hate my
    posts, please don't speak for everyone in the group, and a killfile
    will work wonders.

    And to bring this back on the topic of Frasier for a second, your posts
    sound an awful like they are coming from Niles. ;)
    Mike McGee, Feb 18, 2004
  11. Mike McGee

    Mike McGee Guest

    Thanks! :)
    Mike McGee, Feb 18, 2004
  12. Mike McGee

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Believe it or not, it's considered by many to be proper Usenet etiquette to
    link to long articles rather than post them verbatim. Why? Because it
    saves on bandwidth.

    In fact, I recall several such instances where these folks would post
    reviews, only to be chided for not providing a link instead. It seems that
    they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    Just some food for thought.

    Mike Kohary, Feb 18, 2004
  13. Mike McGee

    Marc Guest

    I didn't followup on this, cause I had originally meant three groups,
    as in "across three groups". I was under the (apparently false)
    impression that "over" and "across" would imply the same in English.

    It ain't my native tongue. I try to do my best with my few years of
    school-english, but ultimately often fail.
    True. I should have mentioned that in my follow-up.
    I think you understood the point I wanted to make quite well.

    It is simply easier to read an article/review right there under the
    appropriate subject-line and it also "gives something back" instead of
    just dragging people off to websites and -forums. (And it wasn't just
    one URL, but a list of DVDs/URLs in one posting)
    Well, that took only another couple of seconds: Plugging in your
    e-mail addy together with the word "spam" brought me right to the
    'juicy stuff'.

    Looks like some others before me used even harsher language. ;-)
    I know. No gripes about your site itself (and you appear quite
    dedicated, which makes me even more sad about your stubbornness to my
    point of Usenet-culture), only in context with the style of your

    But I am willing to adopt to some sort of new insight upon browsing
    now through the other two crossposted groups (other than - you might wanna read my other f'up solely to
    My GF occasionally says the same.

    (Okay now, the promised cheque to me for this little controversy of
    ours to generate yet more interest in your site is in the mail? *g*)
    Marc, Feb 18, 2004
  14. Mike McGee

    Stan Brown Guest

    It seems "Mike McGee" wrote in
    It did not offer content, Mike. It offered a _promise_ of content
    elsewhere. That's not a trivial difference, as you seem to think it
    Straw man!

    As you have been told (and as you knew without being told), it's not
    an either-or. If you were interested in contributing to the
    newsgroup, you would post the text of your review here with a short
    note explaining that pictures and other content were available on
    <URL. Then everyone would be happy.

    The fact that you don't do that, that instead you merely post links,
    sometimes multiple times a day, indicates that you want to draw
    people away from this newsgroup to your site.
    Stan Brown, Feb 19, 2004
  15. Mike McGee

    Jer Guest

    My thoughts exactly, Mike. Some people would complain if you hung 'em
    with a new rope.
    Jer, Feb 19, 2004
  16. Mike McGee

    Scot Gardner Guest

    <<Thanks, and enjoy.>>
    Mike McGee
    Webmaster, The Digital Review

    Mike: I enjoy every post that you make and so do many others.

    PLEASE! Don't be bullied out of this newsgroup by a couple of wannabe
    critics who only wish that they possessed a small fraction of your
    talent, intelligence and ability.

    Your Home Theater Info website is an invaluable resource. And your
    downloadable DVD lists have no equal.

    I have read your rebuttals to the unfounded accusations of your critics.

    You have won the argument.

    VERY handily, I might add.
    Scot Gardner, Feb 20, 2004
  17. Mike McGee

    Justin Guest

    Scot Gardner wrote on [Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:24:21 -0800]:
    Of course, his trying to pull people away from here and to talk in his
    web forums is asinine.
    Justin, Feb 20, 2004
  18. Mike McGee

    Doug MacLean Guest


    Thank you for you continued support of my site and DVD database, but it's
    not on Mike's site. ;->

    Doug MacLean
    Home Theater Info
    home of the web's most complete and frequently updated downloadable list
    of all region one DVDs including out of print, future and current releases,
    DVD Reviews and Home Theater Advice
    Doug MacLean, Feb 20, 2004
  19. Mike McGee

    Scot Gardner Guest


    <<Thank you for you continued support of my site and DVD database, but
    it's not on Mike's site. ;-> >>


    Doug MacLean
    Home Theater Info
    home of the web's most complete and frequently updated downloadable list
    of all region one DVDs including out of print, future and current
    releases, DVD Reviews and Home Theater Advice



    My preemptive strike was a complete success, with minimal loss of life
    and dignity. I can assure you that this was not a vendetta and that it
    was never about oil.

    Now you're saying that your site never contained weapons of mass
    destruction and that you were never affiliated with Al Qaeda.

    At least we know that you won't be intimidated if someone finds fault
    with your site.
    Scot Gardner, Feb 20, 2004
  20. Mike McGee

    TSKO Guest

    His site pulls me away for dvd reviews. I happen to like the amount of
    information he gives on each dvd the site reviews. As far as pulling ppl
    away to talk in his forums, I have never been to his forums but I bet at
    least they talk dvd's on there (unlike a number of ppl in this group). Its
    funny to me how a number of ppl who complain about crossposting, spam or
    whatever...only post when someone does something they dont think is proper
    newsgroup behavior (Stan Brown comes to mind). Heaven forbid they discuss

    I say it again, Mike..thanx for your webpage. I will most certainly
    continue to use it as an invaluable dvd resource. To all those ppl who
    complain about it...I have one thing to say..............WAHHHHHHHHH!!!
    TSKO, Feb 20, 2004
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