The RaRa Economic Bailout Package

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by RaRa Telecom Supply, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Many of our customers depend on RaRa Telecom Supply for their critical
    last minute and hard-to-find parts or for our custom fiber and copper
    cables, but are you aware of all the products and services we have to
    offer? If you buy refurbished and surplus communications equipment,
    this email will give you a small glimpse of some of the equipment we
    have in stock and available. Please inquire with us if you have a need
    for any of the following steals and deals.

    Need a DACS or Mux?

    We currently have for sale:
    • Alcatel 1630-GSX DACS qty 2 fully configured
    • Tellabs Titan 5500 loaded - to be decommissioned
    • Tellabs 532 DACS
    • Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 Multiplexers
    • ALCATEL 1603 SMX Optical DACS - 3 in stock
    • Nortel Metro 3500 5 units - fully loaded
    Need a switch?

    We currently have for sale:
    • Complete NORTEL DMS-500 switch
    • Complete NORTEL DMS-250 qty 2
    • Complete Nortel DMS-300 ( early 2009 )
    • Complete Lucent 5ESS switch

    Lucent ANYMEDIA cards & cables

    LPA419 SLC2JM0 $865
    LPA380 E5ISFB0 $545
    LPA380C SLC4CC $565
    COM101 SLC1CGM $549
    FAC100 SLC1EJ0 $235

    ADC DSX-4L Modules

    We currently are running some specials on some of ADC's latest and
    greatest DSX-3 Modules:

    DSX4L-02R ( T3PQAGXCAA ) $125 each
    DSX4L-03R ( T3PQAFTCAA ) $135 each
    DSX4L-04R ( T3PQAMSCAA ) $128 each

    Ask us about any other ADC and Telect items you are looking for.


    Let us know what kind of data equipment you are looking for. We sell
    anything from a 7960 phone up to a Cisco 12000 switch. Here are some
    Juniper parts we are trying to move right now:
    (60+) M320-FPC3 NEW List price $80,000 $9,850 each
    (60+) XENPAK-1XGE-ZR List price $20,000 $1,698 each

    We have several voice mail systems for sale in a variety of sizes:

    • COMVERSE Trilogue Infinity System 8 bay line up
    • MITEL Centigram System Model 640
    • Large Octel Voicemail System
    • ADC/S8 Networks Voicemail system

    We currently have for sale:
    • EC6-50 1-1/4" Foam Di-electric Coaxial Cable spools NEW
    • SC 9014 REV2 wireless antennas by Swedcom NEW

    We are starting the process of liquidating a 100,000 sq ft warehouse
    of surplus equipment by the following manufacturers; ADC, Fujitsu,
    Newton, Tellabs, Panduit, T & B, Avaya, Kentrox, Burndy, Hubbell,
    Lucent, B-Line, Telect, Tyco, Corning,Siecor

    Send an email to if you would like to look at the
    inventory list.

    This is but a small fraction of the equipment we are currently trying
    to move. Please let us know what you are looking for by contacting us
    through the email addresses and phone numbers listed below. With the
    current economic climate you cannot afford NOT to look at our
    secondary market gear. So, to alleviate any budget crunches you might
    be experiencing we trade, barter and buy used equipment too. Let us
    know what idle assets you have available.

    Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!


    RaRa Telecom Supply
    Unique Solutions, Hard to find parts, Extraordinary Customer Service


    Jay Dumoulin Sales ext 233

    Donovan Dixon Sales ext 234

    Julie Koontz Service ext 236

    Chris Shook Service ext 235

    Please send an email with "remove" in the subject line to
    if you would no longer like to receive email
    specials from us.
    RaRa Telecom Supply, Oct 27, 2008
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