The proper term for call collapsing is "TBCT"

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ramon F Herrera, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. In telephony there is a very desirable feature, that
    is sometimes called "hook-flash" or blind transfer.

    The above terms apply to analog calls; in ISDN PRI the basic
    behavior is the same, but the terms are things like "2-B Channel
    Call Transfer (TBCT)", "call deflection", "release line trunking
    (RLT)". I would like to apply this channel-saving feature to
    a Cisco AS-5300. There is plenty of information about the case
    in which the Cisco is in user-side mode but in my case the Cisco
    port is in NI network-side emulation mode. So the question is:
    can the Cisco be told to short-circuit a call and leave the
    requesting device (the NI user side, a Dialogic board) alone? How?

    Thanks for sharing your expertise...

    -Ramon F. Herrera
    Ramon F Herrera, Jun 25, 2003
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