The New PS3 V.S The New XBOX

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by guidinglightworld, May 10, 2005.

  1. I will say this though. Microsoft has been losing what little ground
    it's standing on since the dawn of it's release. I believe that the
    Japanese and UK markets may be causing a vast amount of that. This
    however I dont feel will carry over into the release of Xbox 2,
    Microsoft will show that it is more established in the console race and
    this will bring alot more attention then it did in the previous couple
    of years. My concern though, is that we will continue to see MS pump
    useless amounts of money into they're gaming rig and again come out
    empty handed losing quantities of money. There wont be any clear winner
    from the start of the next generation system race though, this is what
    some of you seem to be putting faith in. Im sorry but that just wont
    happen, despite how MS prevails most of us know that Sony will have an
    outstanding run...there are no worries there. The fanbase is well
    established and I dont see that running off anywhere. MS has reached
    beyond the Windows OS geeks and grabbed a handfull more people onto
    it's bandwagon but they still have alot of growing to do in that
    particullar area. What I mean here, most of the people that buy an Xbox
    today are primarly going to be casual gamers who in turn problly have a
    Gamecube and who in turn problly have a PS2. Now you would problly say
    this isnt exactly a casual gamer but it is if they show no clear cut
    dedication to a system or to playing games, people that just kinda play
    whats there but enjoy what everyone has to offer. MS needs to pick up
    more dedicated Xbox goofs this year to promise themselves a much
    tighter run in the future. Xbox 2 will have an established brand image
    as well as an established console and undoubtedly will do better based
    in that regard. I think microsoft have done a fair job of getting some
    good games onto the Xbox, just look at HALO and Project Gotham Racing,
    although Sony have so many titles to their name, I think Sony win that
    one. (Sorry if that sounds opinionated). At the end of the day like I
    said before I am looking forward to seeing what happens come 2005/6.
    Its gonna be a close one. But just take this into account. Who
    seriously thought Bill Gates would have managed to do as well as he did
    entering into an already hugely fierce console market. Having
    Microsoft's funds helped no doubt. I fully understand you on that
    position. My only gripe is that there will always be those one or two
    people that dont even attempt to make a stance but spout out a quirky
    comment. I am a Playstation nut all the way, no need to debate me on
    that issue but that one guy that generates what little information he
    knows towards his position is better than the one that doesnt give
    ground. (Ex: Playstation2 is better just because I said it is!) People
    need to take a look at the facts and the major concerning issues and
    then give they're best opiniated view they can. No Im not talking an
    essay or report, a few lines is always good and it helps people respect
    what is being said. For a newbie I'd hate to raise alot of unessecary
    controversy so Im real sorry if I upset anyone. I just feel it makes
    the community look better as a whole if you take what Im saying into
    consideration. Let me just get one more thing straight before anyone
    jumps to conclusions. To type well thought out opinions you dont have
    to be some English major or tech geek, just say what you really feel
    and your perspective on things. Im in my Sr. year of highschool and for
    the past 4 years I've just barely skimmed by but I sure hope in your
    eyes I was able to offer a broad scope on things. Really all Im saying
    is think before you speak. Morpheus, your whole regard on the PS3/Xbox2
    issue was perfect and is what Im talking about. Nothing long, just well
    written and opiniated. RPG Dreamer also took a good glance at things.
    Again, I hope not to stir up trouble seeing as Im new here and lets
    just continue to talk about what we all have in common. PS3 Nintendo's
    next console? Just wondering what there planing. I think don't think
    they will be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft, on the mass
    market. They'll have to taget a Niche market to make money, probably
    through pure games and functionality again. but has anyone heard
    anything about Nintendo's next console? Just wondering what there
    planing. I think don't think they will be able to compete with Sony and
    Microsoft, on the mass market. They'll have to taget a Niche market to
    make money, probably through pure games and functionality again.
    Nintendo will continue on in the console market. They have more than
    enough cash flow in their handhelds as it is for the moment. I cant
    remember what magazine it was in but they did make a statement that
    they had no plans to exit the market and become some kind of third
    party developer like Sega. Thats really all we know about Nintendo's
    position right now though. There has been many rumours going round
    about the specs of the Xbox2 - PS3's greatest competitor at the moment.
    It has all been speculation and hearsay until now. Team Xbox have
    confirmed information about the CPU which will run Microsoft's next-gen
    console. "It'll be built on a 65-nanometer process," confirms the
    source. "IBM has already taped out experimental samples at its East
    Fishkill lab, but it will take between 12 to 18 months for them to
    deliver commercial parts. Anyway, they're way ahead of Intel." This
    is an interesting twist to the story, as PS3's CPU - \"The Cell\", will
    also run on a 65 nanometer chip. We now know that Xbox2 has the strong
    potential to be able to match Sony's machine in terms of power, making
    for interesting viewing to see who will in fact come out on top. but
    who knows what the game line up will be for PS3 and Xbox2. I mean
    Microsoft could come out on the better end this time with a superb
    gaming line up. Im just like you, as long as the power of the system is
    adequate enough to today's standards then Im focused more towards
    gameplay and the amount of good games. What your saying though is that
    PS3 will already have a better gaming line up just because PS2 did.
    We'll have to see what the second party developers come up with.
    guidinglightworld, May 10, 2005
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  2. guidinglightworld

    Mark B. Guest

    Sorry, I guess I don't see the connection to digital photography.
    Mark B., May 10, 2005
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