The Nature Of Life As Seen From Earth - Life Energy Particles - Perception At A Distance {HRI 200108

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  1. The Nature Of Life As Seen From Earth - Life Energy Particles
    - Perception At A Distance

    29 August 2001
    {HRI 20010829-pi9-V2.0}

    (part issue 9
    Version 2.0
    on 21 Aug 2005)


    (Continued from {HRI 20010829-pi8-V1.2}
    'Life Energy Particles - Perception And Motion')


    Life Energy Particles - Perception At A Distance


    Life Energy Particles can remain at rest, can be projected slowly,
    or they can have the speed of thought.

    For light, it takes eight and a half minutes to get here from
    the sun, and

    that is a very slow crawl compared to the instantaneous
    speed of Life Energy Particles across any, also
    interplanetary or interstellar, distance.

    Thus you may conclude, that the completely false
    idea, that "nothing goes faster than light," was
    indeed introduced by an individual severely lacking
    in sanity

    - should you care to define that correctly,
    which I suggest you do, in this case
    regarding someone -

    who is still considered by those of lesser
    intelligence than he, a most famous physicist, which
    he made others think of him, because

    HE liked to think of himself as "being the ONLY
    one capable of understanding the nature of life,
    yes, of the whole Creation even," for which HE
    wanted to "find the formula,"


    How completely un-scientific can you get?


    It is however not uncommon amongst those,
    who compete

    (in all fairness, they are 'peer-
    reviewed' by those equally limited
    in knowledge about life and about
    cultural history,

    apparently to ensure a fair
    competition between participants)

    to be periodically awarded a large amount
    of money from a Trust Fund endowed by
    the late Alfred Nobel,

    who desired, that at least after
    his death people would say he wants
    to advance peace, as well as the



    Interestingly enough, all those
    who won prizes, forcefully denied
    or simply ignored the existence and
    function of the most basic and
    vital thing - in particular for
    peace and for the sciences - there
    is to understand about life:

    Life Energy Particles.

    Indeed, you perceive the
    intentions of others, by
    your use of Life Energy, as
    we will further see.

    Those however, who do not like you
    to perceive their actual
    intentions, do preach

    (they want to establish the
    belief system that "SCIENCE

    that "Life Energy does not exist,"
    or "does not what it does."

    And they want to have THAT
    called "science," by you, and

    the simple and vital, well-
    known facts, the existence of
    Life Energy, they want THAT
    called "a belief."

    How insane can they get?




    Life Energy Particles can penetrate matter like walls etc., if one
    intends these to go through the wall. Walls and other objects are no
    obstacle to Life Energy Particles.

    But Life Energy Particles themselves can be used as
    obstacles - to block other Life Energy Particles, such as
    those for perception for instance.

    One uses Life Energy Particles to perceive, to feel or sense
    something and someone, also at a distance, no matter how far.


    And when this very simple subject,

    which is maliciously PREVENTED from being understood,
    as we saw earlier - thus, where individuals intend,
    that it

    is not understood, you then find a great amount of very
    strange terms,

    some of which contain the French word 'clair' which
    means 'clear' or 'clearly,'

    and then they stick some Latin word behind it,
    to mean seeing, or feeling, and so on:

    'Clearly seeing,' 'clearly hearing,' etc.


    But there are terms that you are much more familiar

    that seem difficult to decipher if you do not
    understand the simplicity of Life Energy, in

    that all describe perception at a distance by means
    of Life Energy Particles,

    like 'hunches,' 'intuition,' and such - and even
    'being in Love' is based on that.


    Other terms are invented words for normal, regular
    perception at a distance,

    that anybody and everybody does

    - at any age, and even during sleep -

    with Life Energy Particles, continuously.


    Someone invented 'synchronicity' for that,

    which is intended to deny the existence
    of Life Energy, but still to acknowledge
    a quality of it:

    Unless it is the perception of the
    past, which is called memory if it
    concerns your past, but otherwise,

    of course any perception of someone or of

    by definition IS synchronous, it is
    observing what happens.



    All it is, is just perceiving or feeling things at a distance,
    which anybody does all the time,

    so that pretending, that children "do not sense what adults
    do or think" is a bit of a strange statement, to say the
    least, and it is very debilitating and insulting to
    children too.

    The most basic and the most vital quality that any
    child can have - to be able to get along in life
    and to safeguard himself (and to safeguard you) - is
    to perceive precisely and unhindered by means of his
    own Life Energy.



    Animals use perception at a distance by means
    of Life Energy all the time too, as I am sure
    you can find numerous examples of.

    Should you care to check the results of the
    research on plants in this respect, that for
    instance Mr. Baxter has done, then you will
    find, that also plants, even at a distance, use
    Life Energy to sense things.


    The brains of "scientists," strangely
    enough, are the only exception to this,
    because their brains do not work on Life
    Energy, but on 'neurons,'

    and so they, very regrettably, can not
    perceive at a distance - as, indeed,
    their work shows clearly.


    They know the chemical transmission
    speed of neurons, and also the
    amount of information a neuron can
    transmit per second.

    So they do not think very fast, nor
    very much, and they lose data all
    the time, of course, as cells die

    And they will (have to) admit, that their
    data regarding neurons are identical for
    a human body and for an Orang-outang (for
    a large ape),

    which would explain the quality of
    their thinking too.



    Some people can use Life Energy Particles to lift or move objects

    Again, a host of terms are used, to "explain" this, rather
    than simply understanding and stating what is happening,

    which is, that Nina Kulagina for instance, creates Life
    Energy Particles that she places at an object and pushes
    against that object, so much so, that it will and does

    Very "mysterious," I suppose, if you do not know what
    is happening.

    In that way, a radio would also be a
    "mysterious object," if you do not know
    how it works.

    Some people can influence the Life Energy Particles in an object
    itself - which is equally understandable. Objects, as we saw
    earlier, are made up of super-condensed Life Energy Particles.



    By far the most important use of Life Energy - and how you use it
    all the time - is for looking at people, at their feelings, at
    their intentions:

    You radiate Life Energy Particles that you create and
    use, in daily life, to look at people, to feel their soul.

    Do NOT EVER ask for a person's permission to
    look at him or her

    - no matter who it is, no matter what his
    or her condition is, no matter what (or
    how violently or forcefully) he or she
    may be hiding or pretending.

    It is your right, to know, AT ALL TIMES, what
    is going on, it is VITAL for your life, and for
    executing your desire to protect and to enhance
    the lives of others too.


    And the more you do that,

    the more you like and appreciate people who are
    likeable, and

    the more, people who are likeable, do like and
    appreciate you.


    (Continued in {HRI 20010829-pi10-V1.1}
    'Content Of Life Energy Particles - Mechanics of Deception')


    Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
    human rights philosopher and poet

    'God gave Solomon wisdom
    and very great insight,
    and a breadth of understanding
    as measureless
    as the sand on the seashore.'

    1 Kings 4:29

    From: 'The Nature Of The Cosmos As Seen From Earth' (Version 1.0)
    (29 August 2001 - Issued 4 Oct 2002)


    Copyright 2001, 2005 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
    and poet
    This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
    anyone who learns from it, and (even if he can not learn from it)
    who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
    to others who might be able to learn from it.
    None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
    or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
    encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
    about any organizations or individuals.
    Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
    PlatoWorld at
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    - replace ' at ' with the '@' symbol)
    Koos Nolst Trenite, Aug 28, 2005
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  2. Re: The Nature Of Life As Seen From Earth - Life Energy Particles- Perception At A Distance {HRI 20010829-pi9-V2.0} - (part issue 9 Version2.0 on 21 Aug 2005)

    Either this "spiel" is a bad joke, alcohol was involved, or it was
    composed in a mental institution.

    Dale Houstman, Aug 28, 2005
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