The Final Word: Following Up On The Installing Win3.1 Thing

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Pete Holland Jr., Feb 21, 2004.

  1. Hey, everybody!

    I told you I'd keep you posted about what I found out, so
    here I go.

    The external floppy drive arrived today. I plugged it in,
    set the boot-up to look for it, and left the CD drive in the
    Ultrabay. When I selected start with CD ROM support, it saw
    and read the CD drive. Now, I can simply use a CD version
    of Win95 or 98, I don't have to fool with DOS and 3.1!

    Unless I want to....

    Tomorrow, I'm going to be buying the full version of DR-DOS
    7 (complete with that big honking book), plus the Dummies
    book with Red Hat Fedora. My old ThinkPad has become a
    laboratory mouse. Since I already have a newer notebook
    that will run whatever I need (700MHZ) and my tower, the
    120MHZ ThinkPad is perfect for experimenting with. I can't
    wait to check out Linux for myself, and learning to work
    with DOS might still come in handy, especially for a retro
    gamer like myself.

    Thank you to everyone for the help in getting 3.1 loaded.
    It was an excellent learning experience, unlike the more
    numerous, painful ones when dealing with Microsoft products.

    Dobre utka,
    Pete Holland Jr.
    Pete Holland Jr., Feb 21, 2004
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    Misa Mirkovic, Feb 21, 2004
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