The Euro debate on this group/Freetalk and Sipgate

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. I have to say i am shocked by all the debate on this voip group about
    the euro and wether its legal tender or not,I for one wouldnt touch a
    service that wouldnt let me pay in my own currency which is the BRITISH
    pound sterling.

    I say lets keep out of the europen union altogether, they have already
    forced upon us many things which are blatantly rubbish and are already
    effecting the core of the BRITISH heartland, i say brussels keep ot of
    the uk, keep your grubby euro currency away from this country,keep all
    your euro rules away too and for what its worth stop hoisting your
    "immigrants" on the BRITISH public too.

    Now back to FREETALK,one of my mates bought the yearly offering and i
    have just come off a 1.5 hour call with him and i can honestly say it
    was perfect, absolutely no different in terms of quality compared to
    BT, i also tried Sipgate today, what a shower of crap that was, echos,
    people i called not being able to hear me, what a joke,im not surprised
    about the sipgate service either judging by what experiences a poster
    called dexter has had and who is this Ivor, if he is really an employee
    of sipgate as im lead to believe from reading this group i would like
    to ask him a few questions about why the service was complete and utter
    tosh for me and how they can claim to provide a good service for
    virtually pennies,you pay virtually nothing and you get a piss poor
    service.i suppose you get what you pay for dont you.

    Personally i WILL be signing up to FREETALK tomorrow,in fact ill be at
    the local Dixons as soon as the doors open.


, Oct 1, 2005
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    Ad C Guest

    I find this hard to believe that it was perfect.
    There have to be a delay, the quality can not be as good as normal phone

    I know someone who is using Sipgate, they got it last week and it works
    fine. Not perfect but it does the job.
    He phoned me today because he thinks his wife have broke their computer,
    and the quality was ok, but I have heard better.

    Are you going to save money by using Freetalk? Is it really worth the
    Ad C, Oct 1, 2005
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    Dexter Guest

    Who mentioned anything about saving money, money is meant to be spent
    money is totally worthless sat in a bank or in your pocket or wallet I
    am sitting in forty grand of clear profit now and starting looking for
    ways to free some of it up because I am not going and leaving it all
    for someone else to piss against the wall .Oh yes I forgot what hassle
    ! .
    Dexter, Oct 2, 2005
    Paul Westwell, Oct 2, 2005
  5. I take it he cleared the call down before the hour and redialled? If not I
    assume he would be charged 2ppm after 60 minutes?

    I'd be interested to know how you get on, looks like a good offering.
    Paul Westwell, Oct 2, 2005

    Tom Beard Guest

    Well said!
    Tom Beard, Oct 2, 2005

    Brian A Guest

    Not as cheap to run as using voipbuster.
    I don't see that there is any special magic in Freetalk. I am sure
    that there are other voip providers that are as good.
    There is no reason why voip shouldn't be as good if not better than
    POTS as far as quality of audio is concerned.
    I have only made one international call on voipbuster - a free call to
    Australia, and that was good. A very slight delay but no worse than
    when I call via the 0870 operators from my mobile.
    For someone, though, who wants an 'out of the box' solution Freetalk
    is OK. For those of us who are more technically apt it isn't the best
    solution. The same goes for landlines. You can put all your calls
    through BT or cable and pay through the nose for it - but it is easy
    and convenient. Alternatively, you can use 1899 or similar by dialling
    a prefix or using a dialler box. I would go for the dialler box - easy
    operation and cheaper - but that requires some technical knowledge -
    hence not an 'out of the box' solution.
    In summary: Horses for courses!
    Remove 'no_spam_' from email address.
    Brian A, Oct 2, 2005

    Dexter Guest

    Of course money is about has useless sat in a bank account for
    evermore has a sirloin stake is sat in the fridge for evermore you
    don't get any thanks for saving these days . I have just bought ten
    poundsworh of petrol you can bet had that tenner been left in the bank
    it would not buy the same amount of petrol in six months time
    Spend it and be damned I say .
    Dexter, Oct 2, 2005

    Ad C Guest

    What about if you are using the net and downloading a lot? A lot of the
    cheaper routers do not have QOS.

    I have used skype and I have also use MSN messenger to chat with people
    in the states, the quality is ok, but it is not great.
    I notice it on a normal phone line to the U.S, so over the net it is
    going to be worse,
    Ad C, Oct 2, 2005
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