The DVD I would have liked to be included in the "Gone With the Wind" set

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Film Buff, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Film Buff

    Film Buff Guest

    This set is exceptional!!!
    Beautiful picture and sound and finally "The Making of a Legend" is included
    BUT what would have made this set the TRUE COLLECTOR'S EDITION - and this is my own opinion -
    it should have included a 5th DVD - "Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War" (1980) 98 mins.
    This was a Warners Production so maybe Warners will release it seperately (some day)!
    I wish I could find my VHS copy - Man I would love to see this one again
    I realize that the "Making of a Legend" is the same plot, but still, I would have like to had this to make it complete.
    Anyone else agree or not?
    Film Buff, Nov 10, 2004
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  2. the clarity of the picture is simply astonishing. i can discern
    vivien leigh's individual strands of hair.

    warner really outdid itself with this package. congratulations to
    everyone involved.

    and sound and finally "The Making of a Legend" is included
    Marty Feldman, Nov 11, 2004
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