The Cleaner -- Update to 4.0 Professional

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by [email protected], Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Nor my clients either....<shaking head>

    @}-}-------Rosee, Dec 13, 2003
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  2. W@L

    Mara Guest

    And it's archived at google.

    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Oh, I think I've probably said enough. Heh. ;)

    Of course, if he's stupid enough to come back with the same delusional crap...

    I'll be back.
    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  4. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Well, hey, if he's gonna spread his bullshit all over usenet, someone has to
    call him on it, right?

    "I don't see a problem, in this instance. ;)"
    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  5. W@L

    Mara Guest

    On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 10:36:28 -0500, Thund3rstruck wrote:

    What makes this so damned funny is that I've actually SEEN this. Lots of times.
    In the case that I mentioned earlier, The Cleaner was RUNNING on a machine that
    was so badly infected that it wouldn't even boot into Windows. It had been
    running for some time, and so had the malware - and the Cleaner had been updated
    several times to boot. This was MONTHS after Nimda first hit the internet.

    It's a damned poor excuse to rip people off.
    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  6. Oh yes, I read your stinging, masterful reply.....heh. That's why you
    are the QoE....


    @}-}-------Rosee, Dec 13, 2003
  7. I didn't see a problem either, other than the part where I missed it and
    top posted all over usenet...;o\

    @}-}-------Rosee, Dec 13, 2003
  8. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Only stinging? I've just _got_ to get out and practice more. Why, people may
    actually think I have a heart or something.

    "Probably the "or something."

    Heh. ;)
    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  9. W@L

    Mara Guest

    If it'll make you feel better you may slap yourself on the hand now.

    "But please do it very lightly. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, after

    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  10. Are you having an "off day"?

    @}-}-------Rosee, Dec 13, 2003
  11. Done...dammit!...;o)

    @}-}-------Rosee, Dec 13, 2003
  12. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Cold/bronchitis. :( I didn't sleep worth a shit last night and can't seem to
    wake up, plus the pounding headache, cough, etc.

    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  13. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  14. I always use several anti-xxx Including a software controlling my firewall !
    Having been in a severe trouble VirusScan didn't even notice the cause, this
    was a lesson for me.
    Mainly I use scans on line.

    This means that "The cleaner" is resident. It does a bacground tasks and
    rings more than often when the registry, or ini files are modified.
    Around once a month I make scans on line for viruses and trojans. I've found
    viruses but never trojans The cleaner didn't evidence.

    On another hand, you mention RAV Antivirus in your bottom list.
    It's my favourite one with Trojan scan.
    Do you know RAV has been acquired by Microsoft ???

    Follows an abstract of RAV web page:
    " NOTE: Due to the aquisition of RAV's Intellectual Property Rights by
    Microsoft Corp., GeCAD Software SRL is currently engaged in a
    " strategic reorganisation of their operations, involving the scaling down
    and eventual discontinuance of the anti-virus related business.
    " As part of this process the direct sales (including the e-store) have been
    closed down.

    I'd be very pissed off it disappears.

    Gino Zantafio, Dec 13, 2003
  15. Mara Spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed in
    It didn't even catch Nimda? Wow. That's sad...

    Thund3rstruck, Dec 13, 2003
  16. W@L

    Mara Guest

    Yes, it is. And looking back through Daniel's replies, it's pretty easy to see

    "Jesus H. Christ."
    Mara, Dec 13, 2003
  17. W@L

    °Mike° Guest

    Thanks for the kind words, Antoined. It seems to me that
    Daniel's (and ultimately, his product's) problem, stems from
    the fact that he doesn't seem either willing, or able, to
    listen to outside influences. He appears to have built around
    him a fantasy world, where everything, especially his product,
    is perfect, and lives happily ever after. As somebody else said,
    competition is the thing that makes or breaks a product - it
    is the greatest innovator - a fact that he seems oblivious of.
    He should wake up to at least this global truth; ignore the
    competition, and eventually your product will fall into oblivion.
    °Mike°, Dec 13, 2003
  18. W@L

    °Mike° Guest

    Well, since I seem to have started it all, I think I'm covered.

    On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 09:32:53 -0600, in
    <[email protected]>
    @}-}-------Rosee scrawled:

    °Mike°, Dec 13, 2003
  19. W@L

    °Mike° Guest

    I was actually choking on the thought of me working for
    Daniel.... <Shudder>
    °Mike°, Dec 13, 2003

  20. Gee, thanks for rubbing it in. :D

    In my defence, I had been online for maybe 4 months when I kissed that
    money goodbye. I would bet good money that's the sort of niche where
    the Otis-Vigil boys (yes, there is another one), find most of their marks.
    Max Quordlepleen, Dec 13, 2003
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