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    The Adolescent RebelliHOWES Stage -

    HOWEDY People,

    As you've SEEN, The Amazing Puppy Wizard has
    every professional trainer and veterinary behaviorist
    in creation.

    While there's little The Amazing Puppy Wizard hasn't
    DISCUSSED in detail, the MYTH abHOWET the so
    called adolescent rebelliHOWES stage is WON such
    to COVER UP for their INABILITY to HOWEtwit the
    cunning of the domestic puppy dog which The Amazing
    Puppy Wizard cannot tolerate nodoGgamened longer.

    Dogs owned by "RESPONSIBLE dog lovers" are
    surgically MUTILATED or NEUTERED, therefore they
    NEVER GO THROUGH so called developmental stages
    as a NORMAL critter would.

    in an
    effort to take
    over his own pack leadership?


    The so called adolescent rebelliHOWES stages
    are A LIE. RebelliHOWESNESS is CAUSED BY

    If your dog is havin ADOLESCENT REBELLIHOWES
    PROBLEMS it's on accHOWENT of you're a dog abuser.

    The Amazing Puppy Wizard <{) ; ~ ) >
    I Am, Feb 14, 2005
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    This guy isn't annoying enough on rec.pets.dogs?
    He has to cross post to photo groups?
    GWB, Feb 14, 2005
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    Subject: Re: Discipline
    Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 02:43:46 -0500
    From: Amanda <
    On Wednesday 15 January 2003 01:54, "N wrote:

    i responded in katie's mail.. youll get it before this one :)
    i'm not the expert.. mr. howe is teaching me.. and im
    figuring alot out.. plus its just coming to me.. two months
    ago i would cry cuz i was soooo lost... and now i go ahead
    and live it... like he gave me just enough for my brain to fill
    in the rest?

    when i would swat in my early parent years.. up until i got
    crunchy this last year.. i swore spanking was great.. a lil
    bit of fear in yo' momma is what i would say.. and my family
    supported me.. you can spank and not be abusive.

    then i felt guilty... not because i knew better, but becuase
    you guys and others did it wihtout spanking.. better than
    me... but i would still say i just have bad kids.. then i
    started feeling guilty.. asked for help.. got some advice
    and it worked some.. but not much.. enought to make me
    think i did it.. then it wouldn't help..

    then i heard him tell someone on the news group
    "Do you think hitting babies is intelligent" and i was
    like whoa.. now i feel like cocka and pray every time
    i distract them that they can somehow grow up not
    to hate me.. and i pray i caugh myself in enough time.

    On Friday 27 December 2002 14:52, Amanda wrote:

    Ugh.. I feel so stupid. Now I see all of my mistakes.
    And I feel so retarded. I can write a writ of mandamus
    and and somehow understand property law.. but this
    is... well.. confusing. I read the manual.. I have a
    photographic memory and for the life of me cannot
    figure out why I still am mishandling my dog when
    I have the frigging manual!

    Although, lemme tell you.. your emails are much more ...
    easier to understand?

    Anywho.. Kelly shared water with moo today and let
    him eat.. she hates her food and likes his.. so i serve
    one bowl.. tonight she barked at our neighbors dog
    while he ate.. and then she ate. She growled at the
    lil girl she nipped.. Ayla.. the handicapped one. I had
    Sara (her mum) hold her on the floor with moo (kelly
    was nursing, ayla came close and kelly growled)
    while chris had kelly on a lead (no slack, but for safety
    reasons.. cuz if kelly nipped and someone found out
    she could be labeled aggressive).. and kelly did beautifully.

    She sat, downed and stayed.. and lemme tell ya..
    first time this dog ever stayed.. and when i got sick
    of the barking i stuck my head out the door and yelled
    good girl.. and she came right in....

    tomorrow we are going to petsmart to really work the
    praise with strangers and other dogs (screw the idiot
    who says i shouldn't use a retractable lead..

    i know my dog).. and we'll do the fplx somewhere on
    our way there.. perhaps an empty lot...

    Are all of the people you help in this much need of
    hand holding? Cuz I still feel like a dolt despite my
    dog learning this stuff in miliseconds and succeeding
    far better than i.. despite the peepee on my floor last night.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Amanda
    [mailto: ]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 14,2003

    Subject: Re: Discipline On Tuesday 14 January
    2003 20:47, T__ wrote:

    funny you bring this up... i met the most wonderful couple..
    man and wife.. he's a dog trainer.. all his life who uses a
    technique that is ONLY praise and distraction with some
    family pack exercises.

    They spent the day with us sunday helping me on my two
    pits... one is a protective/aggressive 20 month old female
    who is my bubby :) and our 7 week male pup. anyway..
    not only did i nip any and all aggression issues in mere
    minutes... he and his wife helped me with my kids. I was
    and always have been a spanker. It is all i knew how.. i
    never, ever wanted to be.. but i was. my house/kids were
    out of control.. i was always stressed.

    Since he and his wife came down sunday we've had a
    HUGE change... for the first time the kids didn't destroy my
    house before i woke up... my 3yo was in my bed coloring
    waiting for us to wake up... this is the first time she ever
    used paper :) she usually does walls, furniture.

    Anyway.. he told me to use sound/praise..

    and it works.

    I have a 6 yo, 3.5 yo who is psycho child :) and a very
    bad-a$$ 19 month old. They are all smarter than I am
    and know it :) There has not been a temper tantrum
    in two days in my house.

    You guys have no idea how great this is.

    But best of all..

    this method does NOT use the evil eye or a tone of that is
    in any way short of absolute praise.. no shouting.. not
    even a quiet Chloe!.. nada..

    ONLY praise.

    They even taught my kids not to take candy unless i say so..
    (my oldest will literally let you pierce her ears for candy.. it's
    been done twice and i keep taking em out) and now the bag
    of blow pops i forget on the floor in my closet (where we
    keep the girl's dressed) is still there and NO ONE has
    eaten one!

    My 3 yo is even helping me pick up the house..
    the baby took my lingerie chest apart.. and she cleaned it
    up! first time! They don't even go out the open door
    without my offering it! they helped me sort laundry..
    clean the living room... im amazed.

    The 3 yo got some yogurt from the fridge andwalked
    to our kitchen table, sat down and ate it.. she REFUSES
    to sit at the table and eat!

    We also taught them and the dogs to sit pretty so when
    they're climbing on my couch.. i go Can you show me how
    you sit pretty?? and they ALL hop down and show me to sit
    pretty with their feet NOT on the cofee table.. hands
    friggin folded.. i almost fell over.. thanks for reminding
    me to share my joy! I'm not a spanker! I don't even yell!
    lol! here i picked names that shout well and i don't
    need em!!!
    Subject: Re: Possessiveness- toys/food w/ children
    Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 17:04:57 GMT

    Subject: Re Discipline. Also, SLEEP! Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003
    My learning is progressive. I email or call him with
    questions. But, i'm getting most of it myself. Something

    How would we do it with our families?

    that is kind of broad.. ask me specifics... or i'd still be
    typing when your kids are in college ;)
    Me too.. i was abused... my mom was psycho... and i had
    problems with anger.. i took it personally when my 6 yr old
    wouldn't clean her room... i would sometimes cry is was so
    strung out.. i didn't wanna spank but i didn't know what to do
    instead.. so i spanked.. and then spanking didn't work.. and
    then my dogs went nuts and i called this trainer and he showed
    me how to do it.

    pulling my hair, scratching me, slapping me, etc.

    Mine hit me on purpose alot.. scratching.. climbing on me..
    hurting me and then laughing.

    Now as I post.. please don't think im trying to be a know it
    all.. i simply wanna relay what i have learned... as it is
    i've only been spank free for a week now and yell free for two
    days (my neighbors two streets over are happy :)

    Children, dogs, people.. they do thinks wrong because it
    elicits your ultimate attention. Does your 3 year old enjoy
    fingerpainting on walls? no... do they enjoy fighting the
    minute you pick up the phone?? No.

    They *know* they can command your attention.. and that's
    what they want. same reason your dogs fight.. they think it
    is controlling you.

    Your kids want you watching their every move.. making sure
    they eat.. dont talk to strangers.. because it means you are
    watching THEM and not them watching you as it should be. they
    should stay within x feet of you.. because they like mom and
    she's cool and she keeps em safe... they shouldn't run and
    expect you to chase them.. because you won't always be there
    to chase them... that's how kids die or get lost.

    When they learn to follow you.. it's all good.

    Now, take my 19 mo old. She had this habit of sipping 4 oz
    from her bottle and demanding more. if i didn't refill it..
    she threw a hgue fit. Now she hands me her bottle and says
    more.. and i tickle her... then i pick up her bottle and
    pretend im drinking it.. i offer her a drink and snatch it
    back saying MY Baba!! She wants that bottle.. so she takes it
    and drinks it.. even tho i didn't refill it. we had a huge
    problem with them taking things they cant have and when i
    wanted it they ran... now i give the baby (19mo) my finger..
    and she grabs it.. and i wiggle and shout My finger! that's
    mine! Gimme it back.. playfully.. and she resists.. and i go
    "Ooh.. can i have it please?" and she gives it to me and i
    gleefully say Thank you! and she says you're welcome.. and i
    give her the finger back... then i hand her say a lighter...
    and we wrestle for a minute.. and i say... can i have that???
    and she gives it over etc. Of course sometimes she'll have a
    cool! book! and ill ask can i have that.. and shell say No.
    and i say that's ok! and tickle her or snap my fingers and
    say good girl naya.. good job.. then ill start my game again
    and wrestle and try to take it gently... then.. can i have
    that??? she gives it over. this works with everything now.
    Yea... with the dog training you hide nothing.. no forced
    control. you set the dog up for fail.. so you can distract
    and praise and erase the thought.. same with the kids. Put
    some unimportant paper all over.. when he goes to touch it..
    make a sound and distract him.. then good boy, that's a nice
    baby!... then repeat.. the minute he goes for the paper and
    breaks the thgouth you throw him in the air and praise like
    Use your judgement.. if you have the distance/time to
    distract... do it.. if you don't... pick them up and away..
    but act like it's to throw em in the air.. so they don't know
    youre forcing control by phsycially removing them... cuz when
    you force control.. with the come command when you want your
    dog away from something... or when you pull a dirty shoe from
    your baby's mouth.. you put value on it.

    Like when your kid puts a penny in its mouth.. youll try to
    pry its mouth open to get it... and he'll clamp right down..
    you gave that penny VALUE! it's not just a piece of crap..
    mom WANTS IT!

    so.. instead you make a game.. say you want em to smit it
    out... walk somewhere else... attract their attention.. be
    kinda sneaky... odds are the thing in their mought will get
    annoying and they'll spit it out when they walk toward you...
    if all else fails.. pry it outta their smiling jaws... snatch
    em up away from falling down... but only when you have to..
    then work realy hard to overcome that forced control.

    Also don't make a big deal about it.. or else theyll learn not
    only to command your attention, but also mom will always catch
    me so she is watching me.. not me watching her.
    those are my kids. I have had social workers with their
    degrees in child development stop offering me services cuz
    they couldn't handle my kids... my friends call mine the
    obstinate kids.
    if you catch it before it happens.. loud sound.. big
    distraction and PRAISE. if you catch it afterward... distract
    and say oh my goodness! and pay attention to the other kid...
    he wont get the attention... then explain how that hurts.
    odds are your kid won't hurt another kid if he truly
    understands its not nice.
    i have.. everyone does in my family... i did it a few times
    over 4 years... but that is because i didn't know how not to.
    i know now.. and i wanna tell everyone i can.. so someone else
    doesn't spank their kids due to a lack of knowledge.
    my kids, 6yo, 3yo and 19 month old, favorite game is chasing
    around the house (all 4 of us) with wooden spools yelling at
    the top of our lungs "I'm gonna beat your a$$.. HA HA HA... no
    IM gonna beat YOUR a$$ MU HA HA HA" my neighbors prolly
    think im nuts.. but the kids love it dog even plays too
    It gets worse... they all do it around that time.. they don't
    want to sleep.. andyou know what? they don't grow out of it
    until they're parents :) it's one of those times you have to
    use your patience and keep distracting and praising.
    he wants you upset.. he wants your undivided attention. you
    have to refuse it.. no evil eye.. no "conner" quiet or not..
    no anger.. complete nonchalance.. they have to have a total
    complete entire lack fo negative attention.. and all they'll
    be able to do is sit back and enjoy the positive!

    One shout.. one name call.. one No! and it takes awhile to
    work up to the positive only.
    try not to.. but if you have to ok
    when he goes to sit up.. when yous see the thought on his
    face.. distract with sound and follow with praise or a song or
    better than my method of plop em in the crib and let em cry.
    No anger.. stay calm.. meditate, pray.. breath.. try to
    remember they will not always be this small.. and youll never,
    ever for anything get it back. it's what im using
    He got you riled up.. what he wanted.. time to sleep.
    no way... crying isn't a release.. sometimes.. maybe for
    some people.. crying is frustration, pain, hunger,
    sadness... sometimes joy.. sometimes tension.. but not
    because of his life.. because he's insecure... their dealing
    with negative and positive.. and thats what makes em
    distraction and praise.. if all else fails get up and dance..
    fast for day.. slow rocking at night.
    cuzhe knows what you're doing. hold him instead.. or sit him
    in your lap on the bed and rock
    because it is forced control.
    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
    can be judged
    by the way its animals are treated."
    ~ Mohandas Gandhi -- Adapted with permission from
    his FREE copy of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
    Wits' End Dog Training Method manual. <} ; ~ ) >

    There are NO grey areas between RIGHT and WRONG.

    "If you talk with the animals, they will talk with you
    and you will know each other.
    If you do not talk to them, you will not know them,
    and what you do not know you will fear.

    What one fears, one destroys."
    Chief Dan George

    "Only the unenlightened speak of
    wisdom and right action
    as separate,
    not the wise.

    If any man knows one, he enjoys the fruit of both.

    The level which is reached by wisdom
    is attained
    through right action as well.

    He who perceives that the two are one knows the truth."

    "Even the wise man acts in character with his nature,
    indeed all creatures act according to their natures.

    What is the use of compulsion then?

    The love and hate which are aroused
    by the objects of sense
    arise from Nature,
    do not yield to them.

    They only obstruct the path." --
    Bhagavad Gita, adapted by
    Krishna with permission from
    His FREE copy of The Puppy
    Wizard's FREE Wits' End Dog
    Training Method manual <{) ; ~ ) >

    Force training JERRYIZES dogs and GETS THEM DEAD

    All truth passes through three stages.
    First, it is ridiculed.
    Second, it is violently opposed.
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    -Arthur Schopenhauer

    "Thank you for fighting the fine fight--
    even tho it's a hopeless task,
    in this system of things.
    As long as man is ruling man,
    there will be animals (and humans!)
    abused and neglected. :-(
    Your student," Juanita.

    "If you've got them by the balls their hearts
    and minds will follow,"
    John Wayne.

    (_o_) Have a great day!
    / V)
    (l l l) Your Puppy Wizard. <{}YPW; ~ } >

    I Am, Feb 15, 2005
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