That's it! (can't send inline images in T-bird 1.0)

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Emily, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Emily

    Emily Guest

    Okay, thanks to the friendly and helpful posters here, you helped me
    figure out my problem sending inline images! I guess T-bird must assume
    all domains are "text only" by default? I had the "When sending
    messages in html format when one or more recipients are not listed as
    being able to receive html" set to "convert the message to plain text".
    I set it this way b/c I am on several email lists that require plain
    text email. I see now that this was causing all emails with inline
    images to strip out the images before sending. Doh!

    So, I changed my setting for that to "ask me what to do". Then I
    tried creating an email with an inline image and sending it to myself,
    and it prompted me, saying that I was not listed as being able to
    receive html (huh?!? I receive html all the time!), so I selected "send
    in html", and the image went out and came back in loud and clear. :)

    So, this is the issue...Looks like I need to add the domain of everyone
    I email to the "HTML domains" list?? Or, I could check "Send the
    message in html anyway" permanently and try to remember to change
    messages to my text-only email lists to plain text (sort of a pain; I'm
    certain to forget!) I definitely prefer to compose messages in html
    whenever possible as a default, but I want the ability to switch back to
    text only format when needed.

    This seems a bit cumbersome in T-bird. In OE, it was very easy to
    select Format-> plain text or Format->rich text on a message by message
    basis, but I don't see any way to easily change this back and forth
    easily in T-bird. Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks guys!
    Emily, Jan 22, 2005
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  2. Emily

    Gunther Guest

    In article <>,
    > Okay, thanks to the friendly and helpful posters here, you helped me
    > figure out my problem sending inline images!

    Here's an idea: how about just always sending plain text messages?
    That way you never have to worry about it, and your email karma
    will build with every transmission you make.
    Repeat after me: HTML email is evil. Evil I say!
    Gunther, Jan 24, 2005
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