Test format for MCITP (SqlServer2005): 70 - 444

Discussion in 'MCITP' started by Uday, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Uday

    Uday Guest


    Is MCITP: 70-444 a combination of 'multiple choice' and "Case Study" or just
    'Case Study'?

    Cuz, when I took my 70-443 test, couple of days ago, I was surprised to see
    all "Case Study" type questions. I thought, it would be a combination of
    'multiple choice' and "Case Study" questions. And any time that I save from
    one case study didn't carry forward to my next testlet.

    Any MCITP folks, please shed some light....
    Uday, Jun 27, 2008
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  2. Unfortunately your questions are covered by the exam NDA and cannot be
    disclosed. Yes, I know it seems silly but that's life. Also, I would be
    careful exactly what you disclose publically about your past and future
    exams - especially in a public newsgroup.

    Michael D. Alligood, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCDST, A+
    The I.T. Classroom Blog - http://www.theitclassroom.com

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    Michael D. Alligood, Jun 27, 2008
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