test,for memory, motherboard, how,where download? thanks

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by i_ver, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. i_ver

    i_ver Guest

    I have incurred some problems, maybe self inflected, or a virus, I'm
    not sure. But, I think I need to ''test'' the performace of my
    computer's modem, memory and or mother board.
    Events are as follows. I started to have powersupply problems, fan
    stuck. I would 'kick it over', and it would run ok, until the next
    time I rebooted. 50% of the time it would stick again. The machine
    run like this of a week or so. Then the system stopped. (monitor went
    black) I would reboot, and the machine would work for a while, than
    same problem.
    I bought a new power supply, (a little bigger, power wise and fan
    wise) Since installation, I have been haveing THIS problem,,,,,,,,
    unit comes on, works, will connect to the internet, tho, it is slower
    in all aspects. (later) When 'connected', and downloading a website ( I
    have slow dialup) and the mouse is moved,,,,,, the computer freezes,
    totally. It does 'this' over and over. I am writing this 'post' on a
    different computer. With it I have "checked" for several solutions, to
    no avail. I downloaded a program (on floppy) that would check memory,
    but when I try, the second machine freezes. It will not input
    info/data from the floppy.
    As a result this is what I have checked so far. I took the machine
    back to the computer store where I bought the power supply, it check
    out ok. I had a 'tech' examin the machine for several hours, (he
    thought it was a vius) With that info, I reinstalled Windows XP,
    (reformat, like a new install) NO JOY. Unit still has the same
    problem, freezes if it is called on to do more than just download a
    webpage. Example, download, and movement of cursor= freeze.
    I am thinking, after the new installation of Windows Xp, that I have
    a ''hardware problem". Is there a way to TEST a mother board, under
    these condiitons? I don't think it is memory, but not TOTALLY sure. I
    was told by one tech,(at location of purchase of power supply) that
    "it" maybe a virus or modem problem. After "reinstallation" I am
    thinking, modem or mother board.
    Would appreciate your input. Question again is, how do you check a
    mohterboard and modem for freezes and disconnects.????? thank in
    advance. cl
    i_ver, Dec 14, 2005
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  2. i_ver

    Fakename Guest

    Well, my first quess wouldn't have been that it's a hardware problem.
    But I suppose it could be.

    You should find out if the guy at the hardware store used a testing card
    on the motherboard. (They put it in a pci slot and it tests the mobo).

    I'm not an expert on electronics but I remember a friend of mine, Ian,
    had some comp problems he couldn't figure out. Another tech, Dwayne,
    who had electrical engineering training took one look at the motherboard
    and spotted the problem immediately. I can't remember Dwayne's
    explanaiton of what it was. All I remember was that some of those
    little rubber caps were swollen.

    After the motherboard was replaced everything was fine.
    Fakename, Dec 15, 2005
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  3. i_ver

    mark mandel Guest

    Bulging and/or leaking capacitors. Will do in a motherboard every time.
    mark mandel, Dec 15, 2005
  4. i_ver

    yootzee Guest

    There really is no ideal way to check, it usually is a combination of a lot
    of checking.

    Someone mentioned swollen caps...that's a good place to start. Open the
    case, and look for any physical problems like...well, swollen capacitors, or
    burnt chips, solder joints etc. on the mobo or expansion cards. Also check
    for any burnt smell.

    How dirty is the inside of your case? Check the CPU heatsink/fan and see if
    there is a lot of dust/dirt build up. I see a lot of systems that have
    performance and shutdown issues because the cpu is overheating due to crap
    clogging up the cpu heastink.

    A good free utility to test memory (RAM, and cache) is Memtest +86
    Also, if you suspect it might be RAM, and you have more than one RAM stick,
    pull all but one. Run the system, and if it runs ok, pull that stick, and
    try another, and so on.

    Also, pull any unnecessary expansion cards and see if that makes a
    difference. Also, reseat all of your cards and cables. I see a lot of
    problems resolved by this as well.

    If your only having these issues when dialing out the net, then I would look
    at the modem. Perhaps try another modem. If that takes care of it, then
    you know its the modem.

    As far as a application for testing, there are a few decent ones, but none
    that I now of for free (I see some free ones around, but none good). UltraX
    makes one, QuickTech http://uxd.com but it ain't cheap.

    Hope some of this helps. good luck.
    yootzee, Dec 18, 2005
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