Terracotta army

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Alfred Molon, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Alfred Molon

    Alfred Molon Guest

    Are photography and tripods allowed (or won't you need a tripod)?
    Alfred Molon, Aug 25, 2005
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  2. Alfred Molon

    Arthur Small Guest

    Photography is allowed. For most a tripod is not needed. If you carry one
    there is a chance that for a few shots it would come in handy.

    I do not have any such photos on display but others from all over the world.

    Arthur Small, Aug 25, 2005
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  3. Alfred Molon

    Colin D Guest

    Perhaps a monopod?

    Colin D.
    Colin D, Aug 26, 2005
  4. Alfred Molon

    Ed Mullikin Guest

    Photography is definitely allowed. When I was there the farmer who
    discovered the place (while digging a well) was autographing books. They
    would not let him be photographed by flash. The explanation was that there
    would be too many flashes of him. (Makes sense.)
    Ed Mullikin, Aug 26, 2005
  5. Alfred Molon

    birdman Guest

    Photography, even flash, allowed. Like most places in China it is very
    crowded and the crowds will be a limiting factor in getting the images you
    Tripods not allowed but enforcement is very lax. A monopod or table top
    tripod would likely not be noticed. Again the sheer volume of the crowds
    makes patience necessary.
    There are railings all around that you can balance a camera on but with
    flash that may not be necessary.
    The way the archeological site is presented to the public is really a very
    wise decision by the Chinese authorities. I salute their judgment. However
    you will see that photo vantage points are somewhat limited by always being
    on the periphery.
    I was very pleased with the technical quality of images obtained using a D70
    and the on camera flash or bracing the camera on the railing, although a
    shoe mount flash might have been better. You will want the 35mm equivalent
    of at least a 200mm lens, longer wil be even better, as well as very wide
    angle lens if you want to try to encompass the scene inside each shed.
    birdman, Aug 26, 2005
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