TeraNews Failure

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Is anyone but me having problems accessing TeraNews Newsgroups? I keep
    getting the Logon box and the details say the system is "busy."

    The Logon box usually appears when your account has been terminated or
    suspended. I haven't been harassing anyone and I haven't been spamming
    so I wonder what the problem is. I will email them right now but you
    know it can take days to get an email response back from them.

    If anyone knows what's going on with TeraNews or if it's just me can
    you please tell me? Many thanks, Scott.
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
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  2. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    Wereo_SUPREME wrote:
    User-Agent: G2/1.0

    That would be a GG post. Falling back to GG from tera is weak/lame.
    There are tons of ways to have alternatives to tera besides GG. There
    are lots of free and nearly free newsservers. You have to pay $4 to
    tera to use their 'free' newsserver. You could have paid less than that
    for gigs of non-expiring block. Tera has some flaws. If you are going
    to mess with something free or cheap like tera, you should be aware of
    better free or nearly free deals and have alternatives besides GG.

    Tera puts an advertising trailer on your posts. Tera has problems
    sometimes. There are alternatives. Tera does provide access to some
    small amount of binaries per day and tera does allow free uploading.
    That's what happens with a newsserver which is 'busy'.

    Initiating server query ...
    Looking up IP address for domain: free.teranews.com
    The IP address for the domain is:
    Connecting to the server on remote port: 119
    [Connected] The server greeted our connection with this message:
    200 welcome to free.teranews.com NNRP email to (posting ok)
    Query complete.
    Why would a 'free' newsserver admin want to 'talk to' client email?
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
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  3. Wereo_SUPREME

    elaich Guest

    It's nothing new. Teranews has habitual meltdowns, which is why I never
    recommend it to anybody. I use it only to download headers these days.
    elaich, Jan 19, 2007
  4. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    Mike Easter wrote:

    Path: free.teranews.com! sam.nntpserver.com! be2.nntpserver.com!! nntpserver.com! zeus.nntpserver.com!
    news-out.octanews.net! indigo.octanews.net!
    authen.yellow.readfreenews.net.POSTED! not-for-mail
    Message-ID: <45b0445a$0$97225$>
    Xref: free.teranews.com 24hoursupport.helpdesk:1411261

    Those are the headerlines of my recent message
    here via readfreenews arriving on the teranews server.

    That means that I accessd the teranews server to copy those headers to
    post them here.

    Path bangs separated from wrapping.
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
  5. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    Posted via teranews.
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
  6. I appreciate this Mike and elaich. So what do you recoemmend I do now?
    Switch to another newsserver or just wait it out with TeraNews? In the
    meantime I'll send them an email anyway alerting them to my problem.
    I'll ask them is this just happening to my indiviual account or is it a
    systemwide outage?
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
  7. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    You could consider tera to be just one newsserver among your 'stable' of
    newsservers. When it is working properly, you use it for whatever you
    want to use it for. Personally, when tera started putting an ad trailer
    on their posts, I stopped using them for almost everything. They aren't
    even free, for goodness sakes.
    Get another newsserver, and keep your eye peeled for when additional
    newsservers come along which are free. Two of the free newsservers
    which I use currently are not presently available for registering to
    post with, ie RFN readfreenews and shared-secrets, but they were

    You paid $4 to hookup with tera. You would have spent your money more
    wisely with one of the non-expiring blocks such as octanews,
    usenet-news, or astraweb. I recommend octanews, but usenet-news has the
    absolute cheapest at $4/2G. Previously shared-secrets had a
    non-expiring block, but their webserver has been down a really long
    That might/likely be a waste of time.
    How to troubleshoot a news server can be done many ways. Your newsagent
    is configured to timeout and it is hard to see what is going on. You
    can use other tools such as telnet to try to hook up. You can use a
    port scanning tool to see if the newsserver's port 119 [or 120 or
    whatever] is open. IDServe that I posted shows a lot.
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
  8. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    Error. If I'm going to be shilling for the non-expiring block sellers,
    I should try to get it right.

    The cheapest usenet-news is $2/2G. The cheapest octanews is $8/8G.
    The cheapest astraweb is $10/25G.

    For a text-er, a very small number of Gs will last 'forever'.

    Another excellent text news provider is individual, but it is relatively
    'expensive' compared to the above at 10 euros/y

    Individual does a wonderful job of carrying text groups, no binaries,
    and in the past has done wonderfully at filtering hipcrime and spam.

    IMO the blocks are cheaper and if you want a binary you can get it.
    Plus octanews gives me free RFN.
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
  9. This is what it says, Mike. Port 119 etc etc....

    Outlook Express could not post your message. Subject 'What Port?',
    Account: 'free.teranews.com', Server: 'free.teranews.com', Protocol:
    NNTP, Server Response: '400 titian.nntpserver.com: Server too busy -
    please try later - ', Port: 119, Secure(SSL): No,
    Server Error: 400, Error Number: 0x800CCC17
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
  10. Wereo_SUPREME

    Mike Easter Guest

    I understand what you are seeing, but understand that I read a message
    on the teranews server and posted/pasted that message's headers here,
    and I posted a message on/to the teranews server which appeared here,
    and I otherwise/also transacted with the teranews server with the
    IDServe which I posted here.

    Newsservers act 'funky' and sometimes you can get hooked up and transact
    and sometimes you can't.
    Mike Easter, Jan 19, 2007
  11. I don't know what funky is going to do to my TeraNews privileges. How
    long do you think this TeraNews outage is going to last for me? And is
    it possibly a suspension of my account, even though I can't recall
    anything I've done that would warrant a suspension of my account. But
    you never know.

    Also I'm looking into the Octanews Server and it seems pretty good. I
    do occasionally download binaries but I like the idea of the
    non-expiring blocks. I don't download TONS of binaries, mostly pictures
    and stuff so do you think I'll be ok with a non-expiring Block? And how
    long should I wait to see if TeraNews comes back and works?

    I'm a simple guy. I don't know much about these things. Thanks so much
    for your help.
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
  12. If you can read this it seems to WORK now, Mike! Thanks for working your
    MAGIC buddy!

    You and that other nice fellow, his name escapes me right now, but if you
    can read this you both seemed to have fixed the Problem!
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
  13. That was Elaich. Thank yo so much, the both of you. And everyone.
    Wereo_SUPREME, Jan 19, 2007
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