Ten Great Uses for Your Camera Phone That you may not have considered

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ablang, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Ablang

    Ablang Guest

    Ten Great Uses for Your Camera Phone

    That you may not have considered

    A camera phone can be handier than you think. Here are some innovative
    ways in which you can put yours to use.


    * Capture a whiteboard after a meeting.
    How many times have you left a meeting wishing that you could
    capture all the great ideas on a whiteboard or easel board? Now you
    * Shoot before you scan.
    Use your digital camera to capture documents, photos or anything
    else that you want to capture. A scanner is nothing more than a
    digital imaging device. Today's high-resolution cameras can capture
    documents and photos quicker and easier than a desktop scanner


    * Be prepared for an accident.
    Carry your digital camera in the car with you. In the event of a
    fender bender you can take pictures of the accident for your insurance
    company or court date.
    * Give better directions.
    You have probably given directions to your home or office
    hundreds of times, but have you ever considered taking pictures of
    intersections, signs or landmarks to make it easier for the visual
    learners to find you?
    * Do I have mustard on my face?
    Heading off to a meeting or date after a meal but can't find a
    mirror? Take a quick self portrait to see if you have condiments on
    your face or lettuce between your teeth.
    * Digital breadcrumbs.
    Traveling in a new city or a foreign country and don't know your
    way around (or even how to pronounce street names)? Take a picture of
    the hotel, the street sign and the address on the building so that you
    can find your way back.
    * Find your car in a crowded lot.
    Take a picture of your space number, row or section.


    * Photograph your home and belongings.
    Photos are extremely useful in helping you remember your
    belongings in the event of a loss, plus they provide proof of
    ownership to your insurance company.
    * Take pictures of guests.
    You may ask overnight or out-of-town guests to sign a guest
    book, but how great would it be to have their picture accompany their
    * Create activities for the kids.
    With the increasing number of kid-friendly models on the market,
    why not use it as learning opportunity. Create games or activities
    that require using the camera, such as a scavenger hunt or a

    Ablang, Jan 25, 2010
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  2. Ablang

    Nervous Nick Guest

    One home use you might not have considered:

    Stuff your camera phone deep into your rectum and do a rigid
    sigmoidoscopy on yourself.
    Nervous Nick, Jan 27, 2010
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  3. (if you are simpleminded that is.)
    I think much handier than a camera phone.
    Sure, if you are in 1880 ...
    Never, and I've been doing that before there were camera phones.
    They also capture them unevenly lighted and anything but
    straight. A scanner does a much better job.
    Innovative, my hindside, we used to have one-time snapshot
    cameras in the car. They also weren't out of juice every
    time they were needed.
    Certainly not.
    Google Streetview.

    Go to the bathroom. There's a mirror.
    Use GPS and e.g. Google Maps is much easier and can lead you
    back straight, instead of retracing your footsteps. Your
    camera does have GPS, doesn't it?
    GPS helps you better on large open-air parking spaces, and
    any P&S will do the same job.
    Any camera will do that job, and if you loose your phone the
    thief or finder will know exactly what is worth burglary in
    your home.
    Especially a noise ridden one where their eyes are red and their
    faces pasty-white from the flash. Best used on Halloween.

    Most cameras will do the job more competently, if you insist
    on guest books (most people don't).
    Yep, give your childen the most expensive phones instead of a
    robust camera with twice the image quality for less than
    a tenth of the price.

    * Hang the mobile phone on your dog or cat and have it shoot
    automatically. Has already been done with custom, watertight
    containers and really cheap cameras for very good results,
    so use your $600 phone for it without any protection.

    * In-Flight pictures. Throw your camera phone up in the air and
    have it shoot while in flight. Also done with much cheaper,
    more robust cameras.

    * Put your camera phone in the freezer and let it see if the
    light really goes off.

    * Hang it over your bed and let it photograph you while you sleep.

    * Put it in the trash with auto-image taking every minute and see
    where your garbage lands. Put a sticker on it "Please return
    to ...".

    * Photograph your dishwasher inside while it's working.

    * Dissect it while it's filming itself with the help of a mirror.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jan 28, 2010
  4. Certainly not to anyone who's ever been allowed in any public office
    setting. Court-order you know.
    How's that scanner fitting in your troll's-pocket lately?
    What a pity that you don't know the first thing about rechargeables.
    Trolls who live in their mommy's basements have neither need for giving
    directions to their office nor their homes.
    Got your laptop and WiFi connected to the internet while standing on that
    street corner where there's not even cell-service, do you?
    At last, something it knows of, but knows nothing about using it to its own
    Troll troll troll your goat ...
    Outing Trolls is FUN!, Jan 29, 2010
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