Telstra / Paradise broadband price obscenities

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by dud_address, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. dud_address

    dud_address Guest

    A year or two ago they introduced attractive broadband options via
    cable, though the prices even then were not that hot.

    Incredibly since then, most of their prices have remained either
    static or increased! Everywhere else they have - well if not tumbled,
    then generally reduced significantly.

    I contacted TelstraClear 8 months ago re their pricing & packages.
    Got a reply back reassuring me that

    "Our marketing department are aware of this situation and we are
    currently investigating ways to reduce the pricing costs for highspeed
    internet and Telstraclear packages". "Marketing department" !!!

    Six months later, it was

    "We had placed the revising of our internet plans on the back
    burnerfor a short time while we have been launching our Digital TV
    service. Introducing a better competitive pricing for high speed
    internet is high on our agenda and we should have more information on
    this shortly."

    Yes shortly after that (days) the new digital TV service was announced
    - along with new package pricing that in effect INCREASED the cost of
    their cable plans

    The most obscene of all are their data charges - still up to $4.95 /
    100MB - yes that's $495 / 10GB.

    For the 5GB plan it is cheaper - $9.95 per 500MB, but that is still
    $199 / 10GB compared to $10 for the same now available elsewhere.
    Makes Telecom look angelic.

    Even the base charges are no longer competitive;

    eg; 5GB pm @ 2Mbs costs $70.90 + $10.95 (modem rent) !
    ($150.90 + 10.95 for their 10GB / 10Mbs plan !!!!). Have no option
    over the modem rental, so that is part of the fixed monthly cost -
    elsewhere you buy one for $100.

    vs say 3GB pm @ 2Mbs for $59.95 ($49.95 with tolls) at Slingshot, but
    an extra 10GB for $10. Similar pricing elsewhere, albeit bundled

    Recently Dr Freeth spoke of the value of their cable customers

    As a longterm cable customer, all I can say is they had better start
    taking care of them, or they will start loosing many of them. Despite
    Dr Freeth's pronouncements, at times I have begun to wonder if they
    really do want to retain the cable system.


    Posted to nz.comp
    cc. Dr Freeth
    dud_address, Oct 26, 2005
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  2. dud_address

    dud_address Guest

    Apologies, I mis-read a new page on the TC site. The $70.90 and
    $150.90 figures are inclusive of modem hire. In the past rates were
    always given excl modem hire.

    Does not much alter the conclusions - and has no effect on the current
    very high rates for excess data.

    Even in the new plans that are now rumoured, the "excess data" rate is
    still VERY high, if they are indeed correct; eg.

    $134.95 20gig 10mbps
    $79.95 10gig 10mbps

    Only difference between those plans is 10GB of traffic for an extra
    $55 (vs 10GB for $10 elsewhere). Still uncertain if the 1/10 loading
    for national traffic will continue, but in our case that is not
    significant as our national traffic averages only 10% of total.

    dud_address, Oct 27, 2005
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