Telecom XT Mobile Prepaid Broadband

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by peterwn, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. peterwn

    peterwn Guest

    A few queries / comments.
    1. For the $99 purchase you get (AFAIK) 500MB for that calendar month
    to get you going. However it 'stopped' after 250MB but was OK after a
    top-up even though the topup amount did not appear to be utilised. I
    wonder if there is a 'glitch' in the metering system.

    2. It seems when you run out of 'prepay' the thing will connect but
    refuses to download - you cannot even get the Telecom site. There is
    no indication that you have to run out of 'prepay' which could cause
    the user a diagnostic wild goose chase (as it did me).

    3. To access usage meter, you need a password. You can get a
    'temporary' password given the 027 number and a 'catcha'. You can
    allegedly make it 'permanent' via 'Manage Password' but I am damned if
    I can find this feature on Telecom's site.

    4. There is no indication how one selects casual ($1/day for 10MB and
    $1/MB thereafter) or monthly use. I am wondering if at the start of
    each calendar month it charges at the casual rate then caps at the
    $29.95 monthly payment until 500MB is exceeded.

    5. Anyone knows whether congestion results in a 'no signal' situation
    (as distinct from cell site 'down' or fringe coverage variations).

    6. Relaying via is not permitted (unlike Telecom CDMA
    broadband). Any workarounds other than using web mail?

    Any other comments on these points?
    peterwn, Dec 27, 2009
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