Discussion in 'Cisco' started by MEL, Dec 10, 2005.

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    Happy Holidays Everyone!
    If you have customers that are looking to add and/or replace voice/data
    services, and/or obtain higher efficiencies in their telecom bundle -
    we can help. Touchtone Technologies, Inc (TTI) is a NY-based
    telecommunications marketing-consulting company with offices in NY, NJ
    and Mexico. TTI is focusing on providing increased efficiencies for all
    telecommunications needs.
    We are also specializing in wholesale voice and data products and
    services, operator services, cause marketing and pre-paid calling
    cards. In last three years, TTI was named one of top MCI's business
    partners. Today, TTI continues to diversify and grow its revenue by
    expanding into new markets and developing future growth strategies to
    be called the Tier 1 Partner of MCI and for other carriers.
    TTI's independent agent program offers the highest earning potential
    available in today's market with the most aggressive product pricing on
    voice and data services. Today we are offering $1,000 signing bonus to
    new agents.
    For more information please visit our website at
    or send me an email .

    Michael E. Lakshin, MBA
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Touchtone Technologies, Inc.
    914-666-0300, ext. 14 (office)
    201-452-9331 (mobile)
    914-666-0373 (fax)
    MEL, Dec 10, 2005
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    X--Eliminator, Dec 11, 2005
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