Tech DOH! Win 98 SE keeps reinstalling the same NIC

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by MF, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. MF

    MF Guest

    Anyone had this problem? Windows will not stop seeing the NIC card as
    a new one no matter how many times it has been installed.....

    The NIC is an SMC 1244TX. LATEST drivers. Network is a one segment
    five computers on a little Netgear autosensing 10/100 switch. Computer
    is a white box Celeron A 333 with a SIS chipset.
    MB is a cheapo combo AT-ATX board that a lot of the white box makers
    were using when ATX was first coming in. A real cheapo - doesn't have
    a mouse port or a dongle for a mouse port. Two ISA, four PCI slots,
    one shared. It's set up as an AT.

    Win 98 SE in a new, but not clean, installation. Installed it over
    the old cause it had a gatekeeping (literally- it monitors use of
    smart cards to enter a building) program from Checkpoint that I wanted
    to look at, but didn;t have the install files.

    First tried a Netgear ISA NIC that had been working well for years.
    Wouldn't work in any slot or any, including real mode, configuration.

    Put in the SMC following the recommended method - install driver first
    (actually, just installs the inf file).
    Did some settings, rebooted.

    Windows found a new PCI nic card. Cancelled. Working NIC no longer
    worked. Rebooted. Windows found a new NiC card. Let it install it.
    Worked. Settings. Reboot.

    Now there were two NICs with the same MAC address. Wouldn't work.
    Got rid of em. Reinstalled, rebooted, settings, rebooted, Windows
    found yet another new NIC .

    I let it go till it installed three of them. Then removed them all,
    removed all protocols, searched the registry for references to the
    NIC - all gone, unless it installs hidden ones (doubt it) and deleted
    the two driver .bin files windows maintains to keep track of PnP
    drivers. Searched the hard drive for .pol files. None. Took out the
    nic. Rebooted. Re installed.

    Worked. Copied some files over the network. Turned it off and went
    away. Came back later and turned it on. SCREAMING CURSING
    9&^%*%*%*%*. Windows found a new NIC and proceeded to put me on the
    same merry go round.

    MSfts suggestion is to delete the .bin files and re install. If no
    joy, contact mfgr. Mfgr's suggestion is to try the second method of
    installation, which is to install the card before installing the
    drivers and let windows find it and step thru the wizard. Other
    suggstion is that TCP/IP is corrupted, remove and reinstall protocol.
    Tried all, no joy. )

    Any suggestions?

    MF, Dec 6, 2003
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  2. MF

    MF Guest

    Thanks! but keep thinking - responses in line......

    Tried it but forgot to mention it. No effect.
    The ISA NIC was ISA PnP. PCI/ISA systems have a connecting bridge, as
    you know, that allows PCI IRQ steering to work on the ISA device if
    the device is built for it. It usually works in 98 - in my
    experience of about 250 win 98 installs, its PnP is pretty good, as
    opposed to 95,s which was sort of 50-50 hit or miss.

    This is wearing me out. I just went to install NT workstation on the
    computer - forgetting that I hadn't converted the first (win98)
    partion to FAT. tech DOH, indeed. I also ran Aida and Sandra Pro on
    it and they showed no problems, except, of course, when they tried to
    connect to the network.

    I'm starting to suspect a problem in the PCI bus. Will find out when
    a couple other OSs are installed.

    Thanks again and post if you think of anything else/

    MF, Dec 7, 2003
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  3. MF

    MF Guest

    Thanks for replying!
    I have sometimes had the same good results by removing the second
    one in device manager. Which I tried here, to no effect. Will try
    disabling one....

    MF, Dec 7, 2003
  4. Saw this once with a set of 25 3Com cards - not absolutely sure of the
    number 3c509 I think. Did get one machine up to 11 cards installed
    (none functioning) as a test.

    NEVER found the reason. Did find, with the vendor, that replacing

    - rev c of the card with rev d
    - windows 98 with any other OS

    made the problem go away. The vendor replaced all the cards, since
    neither he nor 3com had any idea of what was happenng.

    Bonne chance
    Gordon Findlay, Dec 7, 2003
  5. MF

    MF Guest

    That's funny; bonne chance is right. The same thing happened to me
    with the same 3Com cards. Same C revision. I had ten computers; six
    of them had the 3Com cards in 'em. They were for a class that would
    start with A+ and then go thru half of the MCSE track and the 3Coms
    were in the computers because they are PXE enabled and were to
    facilitate the demos of RIS installation from W2K server. Well, the
    class started with Win98 and you couldn't even demo the existence of
    the network with those cards and Win 98. After fiddling and fiddling
    with them, I announced to the class that they had just learned that
    some things won't work with some things, period, and have to be

    So wouldn't you know, one guy announced "Well, MINE works."

    He had sat there and installed it fifteen times, and it finally
    started working. He couldn't think of anything he had done
    differently. The rest never worked. We replaced them with C-Net Pro
    200's, that famous card, which worked fine, then put them back in for
    the Win2K part of the class. Win 2K had drivers for them and
    installed them in the blink of an eye.

    MF, Dec 7, 2003
  6. MF

    Jinkies Guest

    The computer and nic are worthless and you're wearing yourself out dicking
    around with them. Something is wrong with this picture.
    Jinkies, Dec 8, 2003
  7. MF

    MF Guest

    I thought about this four or five days ago. Some people spend a lot
    of time re-potting plants, doing crossword puzzles, or making
    unhelpful posts to newsgroups

    Have any other ideas?
    MF, Dec 9, 2003
  8. MF

    MF Guest

    Turned out to be a modem card, winmodem at that, with an intermittent
    MF, Dec 20, 2003
  9. MF

    MF Guest

    Yeah, winmodems suck. Makes it easy to do without - making it even
    easier, is that no modem in needed in the computer :) The big problem
    was the intermittency. Take it out, the nic works. Put it back in,
    the nic works. And works again. Then, doesn't work. Doesn't seem
    like the card is the culprit. The modem was never being used, so nic
    working and then not working when modem is in operation was not part
    of the pattern. Finally, I left it out for three days and had no
    probs. The only thing I can think of is that when the thing was being
    accessed at startup by windows and the drivers, sometimes it would
    malfunction and that malfunction would kill off recognition of the
    NIC. And, of course, sometimes it wouldn't malfunction, and
    everything would seem okay. As many have observed, intermittent
    errors are a constant pain in the ass.

    Happy Holidays!

    MF, Dec 22, 2003
  10. MF

    ganjamandog Guest

    Feel free to ignore. Hadn't read the whole listing.
    I just read your posting and thought I would stick in my tuppence
    Were all the PCI slots in use when you tried the nic? Did you leave
    the shared slot free? Have you tried closing all applications and
    checking system information utility in system tools? Have you the
    latest 98 se updates as you stated that they were the latest drivers?
    Have you tried rolling back the driver or installing older drivers?
    Have you tried the microsoft site to troubleshoot to see if there are
    any known conflicts? Did the driver come with a setup program which
    could be maintaining the previous settings? Are you trying to use the
    same IRQ settings? The old nic will have used DMA bypassing the cpu
    and using real mode drivers or is likely conflicting with another
    device like a modem so these settings would have to be different. Do
    you have a modem present? Is it using the same IRQ? Sorry if none of
    this helps.
    For this group's frequently asked questions, check out
    ganjamandog, Jan 21, 2004
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