TCP Ports Question ?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Robert11, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Robert11

    Robert11 Guest


    Have a question re the opening/allowing of Ports,
    and all the potential danger that this (might) entail.

    Have a program that uses a Port, No. TCP 21687, and therefore
    requires that my Firewall be set to Allow this.

    Am I correct that this Port, once I allow it, it would in truth only "exist"
    for the period
    that this program is running, and once the program is shut down, there is no
    more potential danger ?

    How does this actually work; really don't understand "Port" usage by a PC ?

    Robert11, Feb 5, 2005
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  2. Robert11

    why? Guest

    Yes. If there is no running application to connect into then no
    connection can be made.
    A bit paranoid? It's not really so much an open port that's an issue
    it's the code that has weaknesses in it, allowing vunerabilities.
    How is complex. Lots of TCP/IP tutorials, see although
    that's possibly too much info :)
    (2) In TCP/IP and UDP networks, an endpoint to a logical connection.
    The port number identifies what type of port it is. For example, port 80
    is used for HTTP traffic. Also see Well-Known TCP Port Numbers in the
    Quick Reference section of Webopedia.

    why?, Feb 5, 2005
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