TCP/IP Quits working!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Zknb, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Zknb

    Zknb Guest

    I have the strangest problem yet...

    Celeron 1.2Ghz
    512MB RAM
    40G Hdd
    Lynksys 10/100 NIC
    ASUS GF3 Ti-200
    Windows XP-Pro with all the latest updates

    Seemingly randomly TCP/IP will just quit working.

    During this time:
    When I reboot the computer and restart IE a message pops up saying
    there is no network available
    I can not access the internet
    I can not ping my router
    I can not ping other PC's on my LAN
    I can see other PC's on the LAN in my Network Places.
    File and Printer sharing still work.
    I can transfer a file across the LAN through the router.
    I can print to a shared printer on another computer
    Other computers on the LAN can access the internet
    Other computers can ping the router
    Other computers can ping other computers on the LAN
    Other computers can NOT ping the computer in question.

    I have tried:
    replacing the router
    replacing the network cable
    replacing the NIC
    static and DHCP settings
    Norton AV with latest updates showed no virus
    Spybot S&D finds no spy ware

    I have noticed that with DHCP turned on the computer can not get its
    settings from the router/DHCP server but other computers on the LAN
    get their settings just fine from the router/ DHCP server

    This will go on for several minutes to hours then just as mysteriously
    as it stopped TCP/IP will start working perfectly again like nothing

    This is driving me NUTS!
    Zknb, Dec 23, 2003
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  2. Zknb

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Sounds like an intermittent wire! Replace the wire from
    PC to LinkSys and then access the LinkSys (i.e. via . - RM
    Rick Merrill, Dec 23, 2003
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