TB 2 "junk" doesn't work properly?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by mineola, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. mineola

    mineola Guest

    I just migrated from TB 1.5 to TB 2.0.

    Now, however, when I select a message in my inbox and click on TB 2's
    new fancy "junk" icon (with flames). the message doesn't go away into
    my "junk" folder, but remains in the inbox.

    The only change I see is that now my view pane for the message has a
    label bar across it reading, "Thunderbird thinks this message is junk"
    and a mouse click box labeled, "This message isn't junk". I am
    confused! What do I do to make the damned message hop over into my
    "junk" folder?
    mineola, Apr 26, 2007
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  2. JMC settings are now in:

    Tools>>Account Settings>>(accountname)>>Junk Settings

    Check the box for Move new junk messages to, and select your desired

    Leonidas Jones, Apr 26, 2007
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  3. mineola

    mineola Guest

    I did review those settings, but all looks okay there to me.I even
    unchecked the bypass box. Still, flagging an inbox message as "junk"
    leaves it there with no change other than a modification of my message
    display with a, "Thunderbird thinks this message is junk" bar on top
    of the message's text in my display pane. This is sounding like it
    cannot be easily resolved. Are you running TB 2?

    I am considering returning to 1.5 because of this.
    mineola, Apr 27, 2007
  4. How else could I point you to the setiings?

    I've been running 2.0 since alpha 1, and the JMC have been behaving fine.

    You can roll back if you want to, but I would ager you will find the
    same problem exists.

    What happens with incoming messages that the JSC dertermines to be junk?
    Are they moved to the Junk Folder? Is it only messages that you amrk
    manually that are not being moved?

    Leonidas Jones, Apr 27, 2007
  5. mineola

    mineola Guest

    Messages that were flagged as junk under 1.5 go into my junk folder,
    but messages I flag as junk in my inbox under 2.0 remain there. I got
    impatient with this and see few advantages of 2.0 over 1.5, so I just
    went back. It is good I still have my old 1.5 install file and that TB
    will install and older release over a newer one. I was reviewing my
    old TB install files and still have the one for TB 0.9. I have been
    using TB since their old beta release under XP.

    I went back to 1.5. Under 1.5, the problem goes away and junk works
    perfectly with it.
    mineola, Apr 27, 2007
  6. Yet, had you waited a moment, I could have explained it to you. I will
    anyway, as you will eventually need to upgrade, once 1.5 reaches end of
    life in October.

    I pointed you to the setting where you decide to move messages that the
    JMC catches. Here is where you set the preference for moving messaghes
    that you mark manually:


    Its a global setting, with the box checked ,messages that you mark
    manually will moved to the appropriate Junk folder for all accounts.

    Before you ask why these two similar prefs are set in two different
    places, as I was commenting to Ed in another thread, it doesn't make
    real sense to me, but that is what they did.

    That being said, I find 2.0 to be one of the poorer releases in the
    development of Thunderbird. It has features that do make it a big
    improvement over 1.5, but it is very buggy. The developers had a lot of
    trouble with this one, and I think felt a lot of pressure to get a
    release out. Right now it seems more like a beta version then a final.
    Its a good beta, but it needs a lot of smoothing out.

    Give it another look as they start releasing security updates.

    Leonidas Jones, Apr 27, 2007
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