Taskbar not loading on Desktop

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by patrick, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. patrick

    patrick Guest

    I'm running W2K with all the sp's. I am able to boot to the desktop, watch
    the taskbar icons load, watch the clock load and then watch the taskbar
    disappear. I'm left with the picture I have as my desktop background with no
    icons or taskbar.

    I can't use the Microsoft key to start Start or get to explorer. I've tried
    to put in my windows CD to reinstall and the drive isn't recognized. The
    bootable disk and windows 2000 setup disks both come up with something about
    how the file format isn't recognized. Re-setting BIOS to boot from CD
    doesn't work.

    I'm able to F8 on booting to safe mode command prompt. From there I've found
    the files on my slave drive where I'd begun to store i386 files, etc. with
    the idea to put together one of those CDs with all the updates. Is there
    anything in those files I can use to get W2K to fix itself?
    patrick, Aug 8, 2003
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  2. patrick

    Unk Guest

    Since XP and 2K are so similar, you might find some help here:
    (Copy and paste the entire link including "Sector:"
    http://www.webtree.ca/windowsxp/repair_xp.htm#How to Repair the Boot Sector:

    Also, since you have the i386 folder on the hard drive, try running
    "winnt.exe". The setup program should begin. You will see a reference
    asking if you need to load special drivers and another notice that if you
    wish to begin the ASR (Automatic Recovery Console) depress F2. Just let
    setup run past all of that. It will continue to load files and drivers.

    Then it will bring you to a screen. Eventually, you will come to a screen
    with the option to (1) setup Windows or (2) Repair Windows Installation
    using the Recovery console.

    The first option, to setup Windows is the one you want and requires you to
    press enter. When asked, press F8 to accept the end user agreement. Setup
    will then search for previous versions of Windows. Upon finding your
    version, it will ask if you wish to Repair your current installation or
    install fresh. Press R, that will run a repair installation. From there
    on, follow the screens.

    Unk, Aug 8, 2003
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