Tardis News Web Server inside Server Defies Laws of Nature

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by reid, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Monday March,03/2008 (Tardis-News) Tardis Launches Server Inside
    server Rack
    Well Tardis is infinitely bigger inside than out as is defys the
    natural laws of the space time continuum, which is good for its
    readership. The Tardis data tower is only 18" x 9" x 144" Tall however
    inside their are rows and rows of datacenters that amount to some
    2,378,382,939 gigs of information and changing daily. If your worried
    about the data that the Tardis Collects , don't worry about it they
    don't share your information with anyone, they promise, (unless they
    pay well). Obviously the Tardis Database sells to the highest bidder,
    after all thats the nature of the e-commerce world we live in.

    What does the Tardis Database do exactly? Well unlike some more
    parasitic data sets the Tardis applies fundamental math to calculate
    the pathways you might be surfing on the net and predicts your next
    web hop. The reason they are predicting future evens online is simple,
    Tardis would like to deploy the best user experience to each webpage.
    But the Tardis is only one part of a Mult-Million dollar project!
    Another Project is the Tardis Blog.

    The best price in data delivery, with low cost servers, Tardis passes
    the savings onto you in exchange for your information. What does the
    infinitely large Tardis collect? Well if you visit a Tardis web page
    the following information is collected:

    * Browser Type
    * Male or Female
    * Age
    * Shoe Size
    * Computer Brand
    * Laptop or Desktop
    * Last Meal
    * What you made last year

    This might seem like allot of information but its not really if you
    think about it. Why should only your ISP know these details when
    Tardis likes to share! The more the merrier and at Tardis they believe
    in complete transparency. Tardis Systems
    Tardis Server Inside


    Tardis Datacenters
    14788 Memorial Drive
    Houston, TX

    Reid Tardis email:
    reid, Mar 3, 2008
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