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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by breadguy, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. breadguy

    breadguy Guest

    hey here is my list of tapes i have converted to dvd and no longer need

    if interested please send me your trading list
    i am interested in alittle of everything
    will take dvds vcds vhs tapes comic books in trade
    interested in all types of tv shows including britcoms,animes,
    comedy, drama, crime . sci fic,and others

    my list for trade

    twin peaks 4 tapes
    tru calling 6 tapes
    dark angel 10 tapes
    burkes law 2 tapes
    nash bridges 18 tapes
    life of riley-starring jackie gleason 1 store bought tape
    6 million dollar man 21 tapes
    allo allo 24 tapes
    defenders of the earth cartoon series 7 tapes
    man from uncle 9 tapes
    hogans heroes 16 tapes
    threat matrix 3 tapes
    flash gorden cartoon 70's 6 tapes
    mist of avalon 1
    danger man 60's show 7 tapes
    secret agent 2 tapes
    sherlock holmes series starring jeremy brett 7 tapes
    covington cross 4 tapes
    the protectors starred robert vaughn 5 tapes
    school house rock cartoon 3 tapes
    roswell conspiracies cartoon series 7 tapes
    mi 5 aka spooks 8 tapes
    the saint- roger moore as the saint 7 tapes
    brisco county jr. 4
    new docter who season 2--2 tapes
    monarch on the glen 6 tapes
    kolchak the night stalker 2 tapes
    son on the beach 3 tapes

    more to come later

    thanks john
    breadguy, Dec 17, 2006
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